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  • We have used Shivani Enterprises several times now, and I am very impressed by the level of service we get no matter how big or small our order. And the quality of printing is excellent. Thank you!

  • Wow! you guys are amazing ! best printing experience i have ever had! keep up the good work! we will tell the whole world about you....

                     -Divya Verma
  • Your process is almost unbelievable in terms of both quality and speed you will be getting a lot of Business From Delhi in the Future .... and I'll be referring your services to many others.

                     -Sanaya Garg
  • You kept me Business card, Standee constantly about the status of my order. you answered my Questions and you did great work.

                     -Anil Tokas
  • I have used many companies to print Business Cards, Standee and noe of them are as professional as you.

                     -Dinesh Kumar
  • It just want to thank you for the wonderful Job you did.

                     -Deepak Mehta
  • I Just got my Business Cards , Book Mark , Hang Tags and Table Tent Cards today and they Look Great ! with Great Quality

                     -Rahul Singh
  • Just recevied an order today for some single page posters and was very happy with how they turned out.have to say... great customer service , well packed (everything was intact) and prompt delivery. Thanks


Paper Sticker


Now a day’s word sticker became very familiar to everyone, and no one is untouched with it. It is a small sticky paper level used in very daily used products called “stickers”. Commercially Paper stickers are versatile promotional, low cost high return product. This sticky label is used even personnel as well. Commercially more and many way to draw attention to audience either their more sale or brand awareness with additional information, as over all logistic company used it to identify their brand, each packet they send out with stickers. The FMCG sector generate more sale using various promotional sticker by way of launching various scheme like “buy one get one free” as it is a common tendency of people to get something free. The consumers are attracted by sticker pasted on a product of any brand. The service providing company adhere sticker on product for information as date of service /next due date etc. mentioned on it. While I was in school in 3rd class fond of stickers to stick on note book or text book for marking name, class, roll no. subject etc. Bulk use of sticker can be seen in promotional use, as on news paper’s advertisement, educational institutions and political parties campaigning, car parking stickers, bar code stickers, etc. The shape of stickers can be (custom) rectangle, round corner, one colour, two colour multi-colour, even cartoon shape, usually rectangle stickers are easy to make in short time. But additional time and costing is required for specific area stickers custom shape like oval, circle, stickers etc. Stickers are normally made in spot colour or process colour multicolour as per requirement of client. So, there is no question of compromise to designs. Exclusive customized shape stickers, applying UV and lamination is the best option for branding logo or product image even sheet form or roll form that for long life years to come. Usually used 90 gsm. Paper self-adhesive to paste..

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Shivani enterprises offers a full range of vinyl banners and designing for all buisness, as well as indivisuals.
Shivani enterprises offers a full range of vinyl banners and designing for all buisness, as well as indivisuals.
Shivani enterprises offers a full range of web design/development and Web based software solutions for all businesses, as well as individuals. We are dedicated to

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