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Payment Option

Payment Option


  • We have used Shivani Enterprises several times now, and I am very impressed by the level of service we get no matter how big or small our order. And the quality of printing is excellent. Thank you!

  • Wow! you guys are amazing ! best printing experience i have ever had! keep up the good work! we will tell the whole world about you....

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  • You kept me Business card, Standee constantly about the status of my order. you answered my Questions and you did great work.

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  • I have used many companies to print Business Cards, Standee and noe of them are as professional as you.

                     -Dinesh Kumar
  • It just want to thank you for the wonderful Job you did.

                     -Deepak Mehta
  • I Just got my Business Cards , Book Mark , Hang Tags and Table Tent Cards today and they Look Great ! with Great Quality

                     -Rahul Singh
  • Just recevied an order today for some single page posters and was very happy with how they turned out.have to say... great customer service , well packed (everything was intact) and prompt delivery. Thanks


Cash Voucher

To withdraw cash from petty cash fund (emergency fund), required to fill a form with sequential numbered leaf mentioned named person who received cash, date, disbursed amount, with reason and initials and approved from front desk manager, is known as a CASH VOUCHER, its mean a cashier do not allow payment without filling CASH VOUCHER. To reimbursement of payment required cash voucher, what they have already expensed (tangible items) their own money with original receipt or relevant document arranged in bunch for internal audit as per company policy time to time these cash voucher are kept proper date wise in file for accounting in future references sometimes it may be used for legal purpose also to prevent from miss management from petty cash, in another way you can say transaction of cash from petty cash used document is a cash voucher, all expense and cash in hand must be equal to cash voucher from the petty cash fund. If cash and vouchers comprised get difference its mean the voucher made is incorrect. With sequential numbered voucher easy to account whether may be miss some leaf to account. Where there is guideline to expend not more than xyz amount from petty cash funds. There are three types of voucher Petty Cash Voucher, Credit Voucher and Debit Voucher all of them are used for internal use as point of sale product is a credit voucher, payment made to purchase something else for company expanse are called as debit vouchers. Obviously it is a stationary used in account department in accounting reconciling accounts either monthly or quarterly. Standard size A5 customized (printed name of the firm) printed that is used internal accounts printed company named. So get print from professional printer. It will provide you in bunch at least 50 or 100 leaf with top or left portion glued easily can be tear out, often it is glued from left side. We print online Cash Voucher, Debit Voucher and Credit Voucher in Delhi NCR (India.) standard size 5.5”x8.5”, single color printer, with 70 gsm, side glued each pad contain 100 leaf.

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