Sublimation Printing

  • It’s a completely digital printing process, primarily t-shirt done by traditional screen print process took long time, result with inaccuracy and inferior quality. In this process easily can print photographic any stuff fabric and rigid stuff like wood, plastic, paper, cloth etc. Known as dye sublimation after complete can’t wash out even multiple wash, neither scratch, nor peel out, 100% fade proof any polymer material based product can be print, brand promotion as t-shirt, cap, mug printing, magnet stickers, pillow cover, cushion and sports give good scope of sublimation printing industry.

  • 1.First step is that you have to make high quality info graphics on paper with high quality sublimation ink on transferable paper.
    2. Keep quality sublimation printed paper between polymer and object you require and keep equal pressure up to 350 -400 Fahrenheit simultaneously heat and transfer paper ink to the object you require print there after remove heat and peel out paper and it leaves a permanent print on the object, so your product is ready to execute

    There are different kind of heat attachment process as cap, t-shirt, mug, plate according application heat press are differently some media such as curved edge as plate, smart phone over, 3d vacuum heat press ever green to get services

    These applications are versatile to grow your business by sublimation printing.