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Black & White and Coloured Photocopy Maker in Munirka Delhi NCR India

24×7 Black & White and Coloured Photocopy

A Black & White and Colored photocopy is the need of any person even that is Official or Personal, you can see a lot of uses of Educational Institutions form making photocopy they make their own book as they get more costly to print & publish. to get limited copy they do photo state and temporarily make book on the economic rate to distribute the student.

There is a huge consumption of photocopy in the office they keep on rent as well as they required the company to keep on the rent basis without spending more money you can operate a hassle-free business.

Photocopy machine owner free maintenance service of it in the cause of machine breaks down.

Where can I get a photocopy printed 24×7 hrs?

Any size required photocopy either colour or black & white just click here

It may be day or night you can get your photocopy on economical price and instant service.

Cheapest black & white and coloured photocopy

I was very inspired to open 24×7 photocopy when a person, very needy photocopy asked to make a copy nonetheless he may lose the opportunity to go abroad. I woke up and did.

So I decided to run a 24×7 shop to serve better being a human. We have the latest photocopy machine that produces a copy per minute more than 100 copy, accessibility through email or using USV cable with accurate printing content.

Is it possible to get perfect bound, even quantity is 1 pcs?

As well as the perfect binding process is fully automated. it may cause to waste cover one or two. So per unit cost goes higher but it can be done.

How much time and money it takes to get spiral bookbinding?

Usually, a book of 100-150 leaf get not more than 15 minutes and it would cost INR 50/- each.

Photo Copy Color & Black & White, Lamination, Binding (Perfect, Spiral, Wiro, Hard, Soft Etc.)

How much a black & white photo copy cost each pcs?

Usually, a photocopy A4 size single side cost INR Rs. 2, depending on the size and quantity rate. A4 size may be INR  0.50/- on high quantity.

How many photocopies does it make per minute?

There are several photocopy machine having a high duty capacity you can get up to 60 copy per minute.

Any query regarding this

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