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Custom Printed Gift & Award

Looking for the best custom printed gift and award items for personalized gifting, event promotion, business promotion materials, or academic event ceremonies accessories then you are right place. There is a big list of gift items that can add value to your business and personal relationship. Let’s categorize this gift item list for the best and most meaningful gift collections according to the recipient and donor’s first choice according to the right occasions.

There are various gift-giving occasions that run around the year in India, and the most popular events in India are 1. Wedding Events, 2. Deepawali Festivals, 3 Christmas Day, 4. Graduation Ceremony, 5. Farewell Occasions, 5. Anniversaries, 6. Reward & Business Promotion Programmes. 7. Valentine’s Day, 8. Friendship Day, 9. Baby Shower etc.

Your gift searches could be for corporate business gifting, gifts for friends’ birthdays, gifts for couples, gifts for mom & dad, gifts for teachers and doctors, or many more.

Best gift ideas that add memorable value

Different people’s choices could be different, as a layman I am trying to sort out in my own way but you need to select the right one according to your recipient’s first choice as you know personally better.

Personalized Exclusive Pen, Personalized Diary and Calendar, Academic Sashes and Gowns, Personalized Gifting T-shirts, Waterbottles, and Coffee Mugs.

5 Different Categories of Gifts & Awards

We have categorized gifts and awards into 5 categories according to your uses. Choose the best fit for you.

  1. Office Essentials Gift
  2. Marketing Collaterals
  3. Wearable Apparels
  4. Drinkware
  5. Event & Trade Show Materials

1. Office Essentials Gift

Gifting Office accessories on auspicious occasions is the right way to remember/recall your prestigious customers and prospects like Holi, Deepawali, and New Year when you can gift your business promotional materials. I am sharing an office essential gift list that can fit your budget to reach out to more clientele and increase your recurring income.

A. Custom Printed Mouse Pad

A mouse pad could be the right source to recall your regular customer if you plan strategically to gift your prestigious customer. Nowadays most offices have a computer/laptop device used today, you can reach out hassle-free and by gifting customized mouse pads, you can put your brand name and the services in front of customers’ tables. Do not forget to add your call to action while customizing mouse pads. It is an affordable customized gift, you can reach among huge audience.

B. A Cheap Promotional Notepad

A Cheap notepad is a type of promotional notepad that could be more effective for FMCG, Electrical, and Electronic Component Manufacturing Companies. Commonly, these notepads are used to make a rough copy/estimate at retail counters for short-term use. Your brand name is printed on each page in black & white with ruled paper promotional notepad paper is pocket-friendly, to make notepad cost cheaper get printed offset printing technology.

Companies distribute promotional notepads in bulk to their wholesaler and retailers at the lowest price and long-term business advertising investments.

Due to the bulk quantity, budget-friendly paper, and cheap binding type, these promotional cheap note pads’ manufacturing costs are very low, you can customize them according to your advertising budget.

C. Exclusive Notebook

These exclusive notepads are made of exclusive quality paper, the best printing applications and types of bound make your exclusive notepad long-lasting. Corporate businesses get printed exclusive nook books, especially for their sales teams, business executives, and project executors such as construction project executives. Technically, these papers are thick, luxurious, and easy to write on, cover finish with leather/rexine bound with a bookmark. Sometimes customers ask for branding on notepad covers Foil Printing/Embossing/Debossing etc.

D. Exclusive Pens

Who is the executive person who does not like an exclusive personalized pen? Personalized pens a ornaments of literate persons (Doctors, Teachers, Hon. Judges, Business Class Personalities, etc.). Right way to show your gratitude to these types of personalities who have had a deep impact on your life.

These respected personalities are ideal in our society, students and associates respect their seniors and teachers by gifting a customized ball pen. gel pens. We have a wide range of exclusive pens and best-customized applications on exclusive pens using laser engraving and digital printing both types of technologies.

Available in golden and silver plated metal pens with matte and glossy finish. These exclusive personalized pens help to build strong relationships for years to come in life.

E. Table Calendars

Grabe the space of your customers /prospects’ office table before starting the new year. People started decorating their tables before starting the New Year. As I have described previously any gift items placed in front of the customers always create a high impact on your brands. First names come, personalized table calendar.

Everyone likes to place the best quality printed product and daily use on the tables. Easy to read, eye catchy, and comfortable standing on the table reserve table for entire the year. You can buy personalized table calendars online in minimal turnarounds.

F. Pen Stands

Except for branding, a pen stand helps to organize pencils, sharpeners, business cards, and markers in the right way and manage to finish work faster. It makes your own impression on your clients sitting in front of you. Pen stands are available in wooden and metal-made materials with a high-end finish.

G. Business Card Holder

The first impression is the last impression when you meet new business prospects. Business card holders are available in metallic gold and silver finish looks on leatherette materials. To print your brand name or logo, we use laser marking and deboss technologies.

H. Personalized Photo Frame

Just need to upload a digital photo and choose the required size and frame style, and you will receive a photo frame at your doorstep in the given destination. Photo frame standard sizes as A4, A3 and A2 size. We have a high-quality digital photo printer able to print 2880 DPI, roll-to-roll, and sheet form. We have a talented and experienced team able to create club photos on a variety of photo materials, canvas, glossy, and matte photo papers.

Wearable & Apparels Gift

Wearable gift for your loved ones men, women, and kids for various occasions like farewell parties, corporate events, birthdays return gifts, baby showers, and sports accessories. Available in brands and non-brands t-shirts (round neck and polo t-shirts). We customize fabric sublimation printing, DTF printing, DTG printing, and embroidery as well.

A. Hoodies

High-quality hoodies for college students or casual wearing are available 24×7 hrs. in regular gray color, black color, and red color woolen mixed fabrics. We provide the best quality printing application on all types of fabric-made clothes. We provide hoodies with zipper and non-zipper-wearing styles.

B. Wrist Band

We make wristbands, especially for high ticket events and parties for identification purposes such as concerts, and seminars, Wristbands help to identify groups of persons and also for security checks. You can add your event organizer/event promotion logo for brand awareness and individual variable numbers. It is made of rubber and non-treatable paper materials. Making your someone’s day special, a wristband can make your relationship strong.

C. Print Sashes

Whether it is sashes for a birthday party, baby shower party, graduation party, or pageant sashes you can buy customized sashes online at affordable prices. Our sashes are made of high-quality polyester materials in single layers and double layers. We customize from scratch to high-end finished sashes. Available in more than 20 (light & dark) color collections. We have a variety of customization applications on sashes from crafting, printing, and embroidery.

D. T-shirts

Promotional T-shirts, T-shirts are the topmost item for wearable gifts from kids to aged persons. Available Cotton, Polyester, Dry Fit, and Nylon material-made products. For customization, we use digital and traditional methods, We have a product collection for all-size pocket customers.

E. Cushion Covers

Send personalized cushion gifts to your loved ones, you can place high-quality images and personalized content on the cushion, and the right time to show your blessing gifting to couples gift for boyfriends. Customizable cushion cover blanks in 12″x12″ and 16″x16″ in different shapes and styles (heart & rectangular).

Custom Drinkware

Buy customized glassware, steelware bottles, ceramicware, and plasticware mugs whether it is a bulk requirement for gift promotion or a single piece for your loved ones. Available in small and big-sized mugs for hot and cold beverages in different styles and looks. For any occasions like wedding parties or birthday parties, we contract for live event gifting.

A. Ceramic Mugs

We have a wide range of ceramic products in different sizes and different styles (cylindrical mug and conical mug) and a variety of mugs (white mug, black mug, patch mug, magic mug). this store is open 24 hours, you can get custom-printed mugs within 2 hours in Delhi & NCR. Ceramic mug sizes 325 ml and 450 available.

B. Insulated Metallic Water Bottles

Stockists of 250 ml, 500 ml, and 1000 ml, branded and unbranded water bottles, we personalized metallic water bottles through UV printing and laser engraving services. Milton and Borocil are the top bottleware brands you can gift your employees and vendors for hot and cold beverages.

C. Custom Printed Glassware

Promote your brand name at the event party, and get a custom printed glass /frosted mug capacity of 325ml and 450ml, we print the best suitable around screen printing, and sublimation printing on frosted glass for wine and beer bottles for a permanent print. we customize glassware using a screen that ink does not wash away more than 1000 washes. Best way to promote hotel and restaurant business brand names.

Gift For Event & Trade Show

Meaningful gift items for event attendees are available in a wide collection at Shivani Enterprises. You can choose for an employee recognition award, appreciation certification of a sports team & business promotional team. We create memorable custom trophies, and awards made of plastic, acrylic, crystal, and wood materials on a theme basis (music, sports, achievements, beauty pageants, etc.).

Top most industries standard award certificates and medals (school, sports, corporate business, cinema, music,) available 24x7hrs.

If you are an event organization company or academic institution, Shivani Enterprises might be a great problem solver for your event promotional materials and award accessories at affordable prices. It has a physical retail store and an online gift store.

Note: Customized award and trophies order book 10 days prior to event days.

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