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Eco-Solvent Printing in Munirka, Delhi NCR India

Eco-Solvent Printing

Eco-Solvent Printing is a fully digital process technology. It is used for large format printing methods. It can be print up to 5fit in wide, ink is the Mild Bio-Degradable Solvent Resolution of ink is too high.

Low Smell and Very Low Quantity Ink as it sprays ink drop size having 10 power 12 litre/dots.

Due to this quality spray ink come out very sharp and accurate without the smell.

Overall each unit cost comes higher compared to solvent print but quality wise produce Very Sharp and High Resolution required coated media which cost a little higher.”

Basically used in indoor branding and supporting large format printer is not comes in more than 5 ft in wide,

Inside branding point of sale printing method used as the text may be small can get print sharp as it is close viewing from eyesight distance within the meter, so no required to laminated this is permanent ink no chance to remove it. It’s not required for lamination but if you want to see glossy or matte you can do it. sometimes wash or remove dust from print.

Eco-solvent print
Eco-solvent print

We provide this sublimation printer in numerous specifications.

Why we use eco-solvent printing?

Eco-solvent is a spot of ink applied on print media such as flex & vinyl. Each type of ink has some advantages and disadvantage lets we see the advantage

1. Long lasting fade proof ink.

2. High-resolution printing option can be read up to 1 mm letter easily readable.

3. No harm full ingredient, smell and non-soluble ink.

4. It’s single pass printing.

5. Print quality awesome

6. Inflammable ink

7. Dry it very fast

8. The coated or not coated area can be printed.

Some Disadvantage of eco-solvent printing

1. Completion of work slower

2. Per unit, the cost goes high.

3. Printing size limitation max 5 fit wide.

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