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Embroidery Maker In Munirka, Delhi NCR India

Embroidery T-shirt
Embroidery T-shirt

There are various types of Branding Method and Decoration on the garment, one of them is the Embroidery Process is permanent that long-lasting solutions that end with the fabric life, no chance to remove or fade from the T-Shirt, Coats, School Uniform, Pillow Covers, Aprons, Jackets or Cap related stuff.

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It was a time when an Embroidery Artist used to embroider by hand crafting. But today embroidery is a developed industry and get it done Computerised Technologies with High-Quality Automated Machines.

There are different other menthods of customized banding on t-shirts such as Sublimation Printing, Rubber Print Cut & Heat Press, Screen Printing, DTG Printing, DTF Printing and Heat Transfer Paper, etc. each of the branding application has its own Pros and Cons.

All above mention branding method are not fit for all types of fabric quality and colors, These branding methods are the best performing for specific quality of fabrics in the terms of longevity and feasibility etc.

“Embroidery Application Performs The Best-Fabric Made of Cotton, Polyester – Cotton, Rexine, Woolen, Canvas and Leatherette Products, etc.”

Types of Embroidery Needle

There is a major role of the needle, so it’s variety is too long and it’s quality, etc.

  1. Needle for Leather
  2. Canvas
  3. Cotton
  4. Rexine
  5. Fine Cotton
  6. Wool

These are needle categories if you select according to your product fabric quality, embroidery gives you an extra delight. Even though each needle is its special needs.

The best needle suit your embroidery project is eye size of your needle should be 40% thicker of threads.

Product That Highly Done Embroidery

T-shirt, Cap, Jersey, Hoodies, Jacket, School Uniform, Ladies Purse, etc. These products are on high demand customization.

It is a direct thread stitching process on the garments based on fully computerized technologies, as per defines artwork or design to be embroidered.

Overall the brand, logos, and name of the organization get done embroidery on it.

Embroidery vs DTG

Both the process is digitally used for high-quality branding on the fabric, content in the embroidery comes in the way of fabric and raised.

DTG here a content printed in the form of ink with fully digitally with gradient colors.

Each process is unique even though embroidery is raised you can feel and touch.

The ink is properly merged into the fabric you can’t feel the ink by touching fabric surfaces. Printing quality can be printed up to 1200 DPI.

Pros & Cons

  • Embroidery branding is not a term of the ink printing method, its a colored thread stitching where it is a Permanent Branding Solution, there a Gradient Color can not be embroidered.
  • During embroidery sometimes cloth gets to stretch out after stitching, it happens either low GSM cloth or not embroider feasible fabrics.  it depends on the quality of cloth
  • It may be a color variation of embroidery as well as the original color of brand or logo

Where gradient color logo or brand, any text process of a thread according to color logo these embroideries are done the fully computerized process.

The embroidery machines come in multi-head with 15 colors that make multiple t-shirts at a time. Each machine has 15 needles with different color threads and 15 head for placing a t-shirt.

Logo having a gradient color cannot be made in this process. Embroideries on stuff can be made as canvas, leather, cotton t-shirt and cap, polyester cotton, and much more fabric.

Due to computerized embroidery, there is a huge demand in the market.

Tips for effective embroidery

  1. Always use a bigger font
  2. Fabric thickness chooses thicker to get the best result.
  3. 100% cotton is ideal for embroidery
  4. Using a small point needle for low gsm and bigger for a thicker fabric.

The capacity of embroidery machines

Overall an embroidery machine production capacity comes 500-1000 stitches per minute, each of design production times differs. Also, the price is subjected to design sizes and colors

Each head completes a single piece at a time. if we need more production we should apply on more head at a time.

Single head computerized embroidery is the best to start up a small shop business.

What is the basic quality of stitching threads

Here two-ply threads used in computerized embroidery machines. Mostly theses threads are made of  Cotton, Polyester, Ryan, Silk are used highly. To get the output better keep in mind stitching thread must be matched to the fabric to be embroidery.

  1. Ryan
  2. Cotton
  3. Silk
  4. Polyester

When it comes to measuring an embroidery, threads considered weight that comes from 11 wt to 80 wt. Higher weight shows you thinner and fine quality, and the lower weight shows thicker threads.

There is available 10 wt to 80 wt stitching threads available.

What about Embroidery Is

It is a process to decorate the fabric you want to see as any design, monogram, and name of the organization, etc, to put on the fabric is based on the stitching threads on the intended fabric. These embroidery designs feel upside to the remaining fabric.

Usually, earlier it was done from year 3000 BC, hand-making.

But now embroidery has been an advanced process on various types of fabric to decorate and branding purposes.

There are two types of Embroidery Machines

  1. Embroidery head fixed and fabric attached with hoop moves on.
  2. Flatbed embroidery, here an embroidery machines head moves over the intended fabric till it finished.

Now it’s a very Advance Technology terms of Branding that is being done fully computerized design and high-quality embroidery,

How does embroidery works know step by step?

Though the embroidery is a digital process it takes a time extra setup file process called digitization.

  1. Digitization
  2. Hooping
  3. Feeding Threads
  4. Appropriate Needle
  5. Stitching Process
  6. Unwanted Threads Cutting

These are the basic step followed, let’s come and understand in details

Digitization, it’s the primary and first step work of this process, you must need to specific knowledge in terms of digitization software and most popular embroidery fonts.

It’s not easy work, here a file is converted able to read embroidery needle where to start stitching and finished last stitches, etc.

Hooping is the second step here a fabric is placed on the frame tightly and then place into area needle stitches. no of hooping frames depends on the embroidery machine heads move on at a time.

Feeding Threads is the third major step here you place a needle into the embroidery best matched according to the fabric quality likewise canvas, leather, and cotton, etc.

Placement of Appropriate Needle is a part of making excellent embroidery and work hassle-free. There is a big relation between the needle and the thickness of the thread, and materials to be embroidered to be stitched.

Stitching Process after setting all parameters of the process stitching is done keeping the speed as per required and following terms of threads work seamlessly.

Unwanted Threads Cutting, this is final and last step, here given a final touch your product in this process unwanted (excessed) threads are cut down to get well finished.

What is Digitization?

To make design enable embroidery read, even your file is .jpg, .png file, .pdf to convert to a computer-readable format the embroidery Process Called Digitization.

Each file or artwork conversion as a vector file so that the computer could read it. The needle head moves over the fabric to be customized and complete the embroidery process. Making readable to a computer called digitization. Basic cost no required only digitized is major work to process.


Embroidery required the thicker fabric as while stitching cloth it stretched out. Cloth for embroidery cotton is the best clothing. it required heavy thickness to get the result best help, not to stretches surrounded areas.

Why does the cotton fabric is considered ideal for embroidery done?

There are various materials done it but the cotton fabric is the best suit for it. The logic is cotton fabric threads do not stretch out.

When it comes to branding, there is a various way of logo brandings such as a Screen Print, Rubber Print, Sublimation, and UV Print

Each process has some pros and cons point of view color adaptability, adhesion, quality may have a little bit inaccuracy as well as color fade, miss print and remove, etc.

But Embroidery is the permanent solution for fabric branding to end with the life of the fabric. In this branding process no additional cost.

Avoid stretcher clothes as 100% polyester and dry fit textile material for embroidery as it squeezes the fabric.


Is Embroidery Possible For Each Type Fabric?

  1. Polyester, Synthetic, Polyester Cotton Mixed Fabrics are not feasible for Embroidery as it stretched in ultimately looks ugly.
  2. Get the best result of Embroidery on cotton-based fabric.
  3. Thicker Fabric gets a result better embroidery
  4. Leather and rexine are popular materials to do on it.

Is Embroidery possible on leather or Rexine?

Yes, easily embroidery can be made on the leather of rexine up to 15 different colors. 100% of leather is better than rexine stuff.

Which one brand of embroidery machine is the best?

  • USHA

These are fast-moving brands you can get a single head to 15 head machine. These machines have a large customer service center based in India.

What is the pricing factor of making an embroidery product?

Embroidery per pcs cost depends on per 1000 stitching that comes Rs.40-50/- where a machine standard speed comes 650 stitches per minute, Where another major factor depends on the color your design deserves.

What kinds of files required to do embroidery?

Only vector artwork, individual color, separate can be made embroidery.

What is the basic need to start an embroidery business?

There are a few materials you need to start a business

  1. Hoop is a fabric holder where it is stretched tightly it comes in various sizes from palm-size to over a fit.
  2. Scissor, there is a major role to cut the excess threads it should be enough sharper and smaller for best result.
  3. Stitching Threads, to produce multicolor embroidery you need to a large range of color thread stocks
  4. Marking Pen you will have a need of pen during embroidery so use a water-soluble marking pen so that it can remove easily.
  5. Computer and computer embroidery Designer the best designer can visualize the perfect color of the threads.
  6. Needle, we need a bunch of needles according to various quality rage like for cotton, rexine, leather, canvas for a good suit, etc.

How to select a perfect needle for your Project?

There are several tips to find a perfect needle to your project

  1. In terms to select a higher no. the needle goes to the physically smaller size and sharper, and the lower needle no indicates a bigger shape.
  2. Choosing embroidery on heavy fabric like thick leather and canvas you should select 24 No. needle is the best and bigger no like 60 break out.
  3. Never use a smaller No. needle for fine work as it produces a big hole that looks your product ugly.

Is Embroidery Softwares Expensive?

Mostly this software is free with purchasing machines, Except this, there are lots of embroidery fonts that are paid, rich embroidery fonts are money you do not need to expend more time to create a new design.

Embroidery software is costly it may cost 20,000 to 30,000/-

What does a t-shirt embroidery cost in Delhi?

Well, you need branding on the left side pocket would cost approx Rs. 30/- but make sure it depends on the embroidery color etc. Sampling costs may charge up to Rs. 1000 for making embroidery design etc.

How much does an embroidery machine cost?

Embroidery machines cost depends on the printing head works at a time, there is a huge range of machine sizes. it starts from a single head to 15 heads work at a time. A single head computerized embroidery machines cost  INR 3.5-4.0 lakh depends on the brand.

15 Head embroidery machines cost 7-10 lakh.

Is an embroidery business profitable

Absolutely profitable industries, you just need to be an expert to produce the best design that market demands. branding and commercial textile industries’ huge requirements. There is a competition in all industries you have to come over providing a quality product and timely production.

Best Embroidery Maker in Delhi

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