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Event Tickets Printing In Delhi, India

Well, if you are an event organizer company and thinking about the event to take place coming to months, you are the right place. you just need an Event Tickets Printing and Sell to your audiences and it’s promotion, it may be online or offline advertising media. 

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Execution of the event is not easy work as from booking the event venue, invite the audience, hire an event host, event ticket printing, event printing materials, and sale ticket for an event organizer.

Usually, events in a College Carnival, Sports Event, Live Intertainment Performance, Trade Show, New Year Party, Music Concert, Exhibition, Community Play, Stadium, Parties, Promotional Event, Theater Play, etc.,

For online event promotion, there are some platform like Eventbrite and ticket printing, you can make your web page and promote across the globe

Event ticket printing is a process of a variable ticket number printing with Bar code or QR code etc that made it easy to track the event organizers. Event ticket is also known as Entry Ticket, Gate Pass, at the point of security check purpose at the venue, in another way you can say event ticket printing is proof of your audience presence and made payment.

Paid and Non-Paid Event Ticket

A non paid event ticket is made for Brand Promotion purpose and for VIP Passes. Excluding VIP Pass and Staff all tickets are paid. A sequential number printing on event tickets is better for the accountability of funds and better facilitate the audience in terms of entertainment, seating, and all other types of hospitality services at the venue.

You need to be a print the number of the ticket depends on the expected audience going to attend the event.

The price paid for each ticket depends on the total expenses and the total number of the audience participating in the event. 

There are some events that go for a time period of a day, two days, or a week and more long-running to keep track of point view of safety and security to their audience, the event organizer provides a temporary wristband, identity card, with a lanyard that visitor wore in their neck for event attendees.

Also, make a t-shirt for their own team.

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Event Ticket Printing Quality

Event ticket printing usually is done Digital Printing Process as it is no additional setup cost and print setup time required for likewise Screen Printing and Offset Printing Process.

Now, most event organizers get printing multicolor both side event tickets, It also needs to generate a Barcode or QR point of view of security reasons. These barcodes information is known by only the event organizer security checking teams except no one.

There is another way to promote your event and sell your ticket online such as an event leap all the process is based on a web page from the promotion of the event to the sale of tickets online.

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Anti Fraud Event Ticket Printing

Sale your event ticket hassle-free through printed Bar code on your ticket and so easy to scan at the security checkpoint at the venue. To make more secure your event ticket gets print hologram stickers at nominal prices to prevent unauthorized entry. It makes your event ticket more attractive, enhances your brand, and no chance to make a duplicate ticket copy

Shivani Enterprises assure event organizers without missing and guaranteed unique event ticket printing. 

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Event Ticket Sizes

There is no hard & fast rule of event tickets size, but the most popular ticket sizes are being printed is 2.25″x5.5″ and 3.75″x 8.25″, more than 90% of event organizers prefer both of them. Depending on your content to be readable, the branding space of sponsors, and event organizers for the audience’s perspective it can be customized. 

Event Ticket Design

Event ticket design plays a major role point of view Brand Promotion of Event Sponsors, Event Organizers, and Related Event Contents. If you are not a professional designer, we have a Professional Designing Team that will help as a familiar behavior to make an eye-catchy design just you have to need a call.   

An event ticket design is made for a single side and both side printing purposes. having a perforation to make a separate copy for the event organizer and audiences at the point of security check.

Sequential numbering is very important for the accountability of funds and other related services for betterment.

You can design your event ticket on canva the way you wish, it’s an open-source design tool, there are thousands of thousand template you can just select the design according to your industry standard and drag & drop options, if you are not professional, you can design an eye-catchy template based on various industries parameter. It’s a free designing tool. 

Event Ticket Paper Stock

Mostly event tickets are printed on the thicker paper as well as 170 gsm onward up to 350 gsm thickness and glossy/matte coated paper, a coated paper helps to print info-graphics and text at a high resolution and best quality event ticket printing. For the best quality image printing need a high coated paper.

When it comes to cheap event ticket printing you may select low gsm paper 130 gsm paper stock, coated and non coated. 

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The Best Quality Event Ticket Printing Machines

All the event ticket printing is done through a variable DATA printing machine and needs to generate bar code from the software and merging to the event ticket design soft copy and get printed.

Canon 10000 Digital Printing Press is the best for back to back, event ticket printing. you can print up to 400 gsm art card.

Content must have to be print on the event tickets 

An event ticket must have the following content on it as the first impression is the last impression so need to add given below the content may lead to more sale.

  1. Name of the event
  2. Date
  3. Venue
  4. Time
  5. Informative and attendee mind grabbing Info-graphic of the chief host person. 
  6. Terms & conditions in order to participate in the event.
  7. Sponsors Branding and Event Organizers brand name and logo etc.

As an audience get the ticket at first glance to want to see the date, event location, and time as well as price also matter a lot. An eye-catchy info-graphic helps to sell more tickets.

Note: Double-check the date of the event date, time, spelling and grammatical error, etc. as Shivani Enterprises do not responsible for it.    

Tips to make your event ticket printing extraordinary

If you wish to extraordinary event ticket printing, you can opt for Digital Hot Foiling and Velvet Feel Coating that give an extra dose to your event ticket that helps to grow your brand big in Your Marketing Space and Branding. Your audience and you remember coming to over the years. 

Event Ticket Bound Types

You can choose according to your sales team convenience for sale point in the booklet of 50 pcs or 100 tickets of the bunch.

Mostly these events are single Micro-Perforated to take apart into 2 parts, one for security check and another for the audience.

You can choose to separate as well as you required. if you are planning to personalize you can send them in a sealed envelope with attendee’s names and addresses.

An eye-catchy event ticket gives your first impression in front of the audience as a quality concern. Infographics printed impression both sides with the specification of the organizer, sponsors with terms of uses. in a rectangle shape with sequential numbered made easy to get calculate how many people are going to gathering in an upcoming event for raising funds and better management on specific event place as well as unauthorized visitors may cause inconvenient and commercial loss.


Each and every event is special for event organizer for their audience, sponsor member, and commercial activity so on the event, the ticket must be kept equivalent space for sponsor advertising, program date, and rule regulation, so event ticket must be attractive, memorable, unique quality paper, with multicolor with a small bunch of so that easily can sell out without any damage having serial no with micro-perforation Easily could apart from counter and security check highly security place sticker have hologram imprinted such like as a celebrity performance. We provide various types of services know more click here

Our Specialties

Event tickets printing is a very easy method. The event organizer can get print hassle-free event ticket print online custom affordable event tickets, dedicated delivery free of cost in Munirka Delhi and NCR. Customized event ticket made easy at following link paper 200 gsm art card matte, glossy paper standard size 2.5”x5.5’’and 3.75”x8.25” multicolor, applying UV, hot stamping printing, lamination, a barcode with sequential numbers that help in accounting. You can get a memorable event ticket that you keep holding for the future that you had ever attended, there is a high-quality checking parameter even human and machine error to prevent forge. It offers minimum turnaround 2-3 days after approval of artwork. Also, you can get special for the security of being wet and not tea able material also. Uploading file you can place your order. Don’t have to worry there is a team of well professional designers and give 100% guarantee at every aspect of designing, printing, and delivering a solution. website to buy tickets one-stop solution at an Online event ticket printing  well known in Munirka Delhi NCR India, To know more click here

Pros and Cons of General Event Tickets Prining

Pros 1. The general event ticket printing price per pcs goes very low.

2. It gets shorter time to print.

Cons 1. Organizers may get a lot of loss due to fraud entry in the event. Fraudsters made a duplicate event ticket and get enter into event halls without the paid.

2. It can create a problem for your loyal audience point of view hospitality services.

3. Security and safety are a major factor in insecure event ticket printing. 

How important an event ticket in someone’s life?

Participation in any event for an organizer and audience who might have changed the way of life, the event that lived an impact a turning point in life. People keep event tickets over the years to make their memories live forever

Where can I find same-day event ticket printing?

When it comes to event printing in Delhi, Shivani Enterprises is a leading company one of them, There are so many online event ticket printers they can print the same day and you can pick up from their factory.


Usually, they provide turnaround 2-3 days, need same-day event ticket you may have to pay urgent charges, place your order before save the urgent charges.    

How much does an event ticket printing cost go?

Usually, event ticket printing costs go per pcs INR 3-4 each. It also depends on the quantity, quality of printing, and additional application point of view security reasons like hologram sticker printing, barcode printing, and UV printing.

A few event organizers campaign gift coupons and rewards for random attendees and get printed a scratch-off event tickets printing.  

A cheap event ticket printing may be a case of inconvenience in security points if you are organizing hi-profile events. 

What is the turnaround of event ticket printing?

Usually, it gets 4-5 business days, if any urgency you can contact our team, place your order on time, and save urgent printing charges.

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