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Exhibition and Trade Fair Materials

If you are planning to participate in the Exhibition or Trade Fair, where you have to face various competitive businesses and a large mass of audience. Then you are on the right page because this article looks at how your Exhibition and Trade Fair Materials can set you apart from your competitors and deliver you those all-important sales leads.

You stand out among competition need to eye catchy and get noticed to the auidence need to some thing amazing like Scratch Card Promotion.

What is the Exhibition and Trade Fair?


An exhibition, in very common language, is an organized presentation and display of a selection of items. In practice, exhibitions usually occur within a cultural or educational setting such as a museum, art gallery, park, library, exhibition hall, or World’s fairs. Exhibitions can include many things such as art in both major museums and smaller galleries, interpretive exhibitions, natural history museums, and history museums. And also varieties such as more commercially focused exhibitions and trade fairs.

Trade Fair

trade fair (trade showtrade exhibition, or expo) is an exhibition organized so that companies in a specific industry can showcase and demonstrate their latest products and services, meet with industry partners and customers, study activities of rivals, and examine recent market trends and opportunities.

Trade shows are classified as either “public” or “trade only”.

  • Public- Open to the public which means a large mass of customers for your Brand,
  • Trade Only- While only company representatives and members of the press can attend the Trade Fair.
  • Hybrids- A few fairs are hybrids of the two; one example is the Frankfurt Book Fair, which is trade only for its first three days and open to the general public on its final two days.

In order to stand out in the Exhibition and Trade Fair, your company requires huge quantity of Exhibition Materials such as display banner, pen, note pad, flyer, and brochure, etc.

What is the purpose of the Exhibition and Trade Fair?

While many exhibitions are shown in just one venue, some exhibitions are shown in multiple locations and are called traveling exhibitions, and some are online exhibitions. Where your company would require High-Quality Images for your e-catalog and e-brochures, etc.

Writers and editors are sometimes needed to write text, labels and accompanying printed material such as catalogs and books. Architects, exhibition designers, graphic designers, etc. Organizing and holding exhibitions also require effective event planning, management, and logistics.

Trade fairs play important roles in marketing as well as business networking in market sectors that use them. People will seek to meet people and companies as well as potential suppliers and potential buyers.

Generally, there will be a central trade show floor with booths where people exhibit their goods or services. And throughout the day matters relevant to the industry. For example- best practices, trends, and regulation. Booths range from simple tables to elaborate constructions.

Trade fairs require investment in time and money by participating companies. The planning includes arranging meetings and resources to follow up on opportunities that are created at the fair. Costs include space rental, booth design, and construction of trade show displays, telecommunications, travel, accommodations, and promotional literature. And the utmost important, items to give to attendees and various Exhibition and Trade Fair Materials.

It leads cities to promote trade shows as a means of local economic development. It also provides opportunities for local businesses to grow, and attract new businesses to come.

Differences between Exhibition and Trade Fair

  • The exhibition is a public showing of works, art or items while trade fair is a gathering of people for various entertainment or commercial activities.
  • Exhibitions may display the work of one artist whereas trade fairs
  • Exhibitions often do not have a commercial aspect whereas trade fairs have booths that sell different items such as accessories, and product brands.
  • have a variety of products and services.
  • Trade fair is more business-to-client (not only consumer!) type of Usually exhibitions cover one industry at a time and are geared towards building a general image of a company/brand.
  • While most fairs contain exhibitions, not all exhibitions are fairs.

Importance of Exhibition and Trade Fair Materials

 Today, just producing qualified products and releasing them to the market is not enough for success or sales. Because in today’s conditions, consumers may encounter the same product with different prices and shapes and also have the opportunity to select from a few alternatives to the product or service they need.

Important for the participant companies

At this point, the marketing and advertising activities carried out by the companies have an important role because of exhibitions and trade fair materials provides important advantages and supports.

Also, the visitors have the opportunity to compare the participant firms in the exhibition area. There is an important opportunity to highlight the product in terms of quality, service and exhibition and trade fair materials.

The companies attending exhibition organizations lease booths in order to promote their products and services, and organize all of their activities and studies from here. The participant companies decorate their booths according to their demands and create a layout for the booth.

Other promotional exhibition and trade fair materials such as decoration materials, colors, posters, flex banners, brochures, catalogs used in this layout contribute to the advertisement of the company.

Exhibition and Trade Fair Materials can create important results for the companies:

  • Supporting sales activities
  • Identifying new customer groups
  • Increasing profitability
  • Expanding distribution
  • Creating business networks
  • Carrying out effective advertising
  • Recognizing the market
  • New representatives
  • Finding dealers
  • Developing research and sales activities by information share.
  • Evaluating the acceptability of the products thought to be presented to the market, developing media relations

It is Important as a Mass Medium

The Exhibitions and Trade Fair Materials make the world countries know each other in terms of:

  • Commercial
  • Economic
  • Socio-cultural ways and provide benefits for them to practicing the cooperation in the highest level and has an importance

The exhibitions and trade fair materials are important for bringing people from:

The Exhibitions and Trade Fair Materials make the Company Brand eye catchy for the people from worldwide and to know each other in terms of:

  • Different regions
  • Countries
  • Cultures together and helping to create communication between these people and performing cultural sharing among them.

Its importance in terms of marketing

The Exhibitions and Trade Fair are the most important elements that increase the efficiency of the integrated marketing communication process and will be one of the most used communication ways by the companies in the future.

The companies get to benefit from the advertisement works; publish their ads about their attendance to the exhibition on flyers in newspapers, flex banner, posters for drawing current and potential customers’ attention first of all. Again in order to reach professional visitors, they benefit from direct mailing such as Newsletters of their Company for promoting their attendance to the exhibition, as the activities that the company performed on the exhibition organization take place in the press the public relations works are supported this way, the reinforcement of the company’s visual identity is made through elements such as the booth prepared in the exhibition area the personal sales process is supported by customer interviews made in the exhibition.

Exhibition and Trade fair Material

Exhibition and Trade Fair material such as promotional displays or exhibition booths are customized advertising tools used in trade fairs and exhibitions. They help attract attention to featured products and services offered by your business.

There are many benefits of using personalized Exhibition and Trade Fair material. They promote and give information about your products and services. They also allow you to tell the identity of your business brand and support your sales team in selling your products. Aside from that, they help attract curious customers from different regions and categories and incline them to learn and buy from your business.

Product displays and lead generation are important exhibition stand attributes. These cheap exhibition materials help in the promotion of your products and services. Product displays come in the form of brochure holders and stand, also even as tables to put your product on.

Lead generation usually comes in the form of flyers, brochures, catalogs, booklets, and win-a-game vouchers. Product displays help facilitate the introduction of your product while lead generation materials supplement the information that is not relayed through the display. Though they have different roles to play in the exhibition booth, they both help in getting potential customers to learn and buy from your business.

How to choose the right Exhibition and Trade Fair Materials for your company.

There are numerous materials for exhibition stands out there, so how do you choose which are right for you? Here are seven considerations to bear in mind.

What is your budget?

Finding the right balance between the money you have available to spend and the materials for exhibition stands is vital: you don’t want to overspend, but you don’t want your Booth to look cheap either.

What is the exhibition?

Your choice of Exhibition and Trade Fair materials should align with the type of event at which you’re exhibiting. The right choice of materials will ensure that it looks like it’s supposed to be there—but the build, colors, and branding can give it the personality (which we’ll talk about later) that you want to convey.

Where is the exhibition?

If your booth is inside, you’ll have a lot more flexibility when it comes to your choice of materials. If it’s outdoors, you’ll need to think more carefully about the build.

Choose materials designed for outdoor usage—not just waterproof materials, but those that can withstand strong gusts of wind, too. And if you’re having artwork printed directly onto your stand, ensure you use a UV safe printing process, which will protect it from fading in the sunlight.

How many exhibitions do you need it for?

If you’re planning on reusing your displays at multiple events, you’ll want to choose materials that are renowned for their durability. With constant taking down and rebuilding, not to mention the risk of your stand being damaged in transit, you need to consider sturdy materials.

You also need to think about weight, too. As solid wood may be durable, but will it be easy enough for your team to transport and manipulate. And cheap enough to ship overseas if exhibiting abroad?

That’s not to say that a stand for a one-off exhibition shouldn’t be designed with the same care. If you’re planning something eye-catching to wow delegates. Maybe for a product launch—you may want to consider using more expensive Exhibition and Trade Fair Materials to make the impact you really want.

What are your event goals?

Booking space at an exhibition without a goal in mind is a waste of time. Your Booth design—including the Exhibition and Trade Fair Materials you use—can help you to achieve these goals.

If you want to encourage networking, your booth should feature comfortable spaces. If you’re looking for positive PR, you might consider using Exhibition and Trade Fair Materials that are unique to you or a combination of materials, and sustainable option, depending on your PR goal. Just remember: your choice of Exhibition and Trade Fair Materials should fit in with your brand values.

What is your brand personality?

Brand consistency is vital, and designing your Booth around your brand’s personality can help visitors to understand who you are from the very first glance.

Or if you’re a fresh and modern brand you should make the right choices for your brand’s personality.

What country are you exhibiting in?

Exhibiting rules and regulations vary significantly from country to country. So bear compliance in mind when designing, particularly if you’re planning on taking a single booth to multiple countries.

Choosing the right Exhibition and Trade Fair Materials for booths isn’t simply. It should fit within your budget. The decision is a complex one, driven by the type of exhibition, location, using durability, purpose, brand personality and the country (or countries) where the booth will be used.

A well-designed booth will do much of your hard work for you on the day—whether it’s for a single, small exhibition or a booth that you’re planning on using for the next few years, it’s vital that you put the same amount of thought into its creation as you would with any other marketing spend.

 7 Essential Exhibition and Trade fair Materials

 Showcasing your business in an Exhibition or Trade fair is one of the best ways to get potential customers. More than that, it is also a chance for you to increase your network of people in related industries and examine the market trends and business opportunities.

This huge opportunity does not come without a cost though. You should invest in marketing and other materials in order to stand out.

So you’re having your first trade show and you’re not sure what to do. Here are 7 essential Exhibition or Trade fair materials you need to prepare to survive your next business fair.

A set of business cards –

I think it’s pretty obvious what this is for? But from the time and effort, we invest in preparing for something, we might forget the little things. If you’re going to an Exhibition and Trade Fair with the purpose of increasing your network. Then you should not forget to actually bring your business card to distribute.

Here are a few quick reminders. Your business card is your first impression and the first impression is the last. Be sure to have a properly designed business card that fits the nature and aesthetic of your business. Don’t forget to include your contact details such as your phone number or email address on the card. Finally, bring a small container to put the business cards that you’ll receive.

Chargers, power banks –

For sure, you would need to bring your essential gadgets like phones to contact your colleagues and laptops to capture some leads via email addresses or to show your e-commerce sites. Low batteries can be a huge problem and is a costly missed opportunity.

UV print
UV print

Business expo organizers will provide you electrical outlets but sometimes, it can be limited to just three or less. Don’t get caught unprepared. Those nifty power banks have saved me countless times from losing potential leads and are a must-have material for trade shows.

A well-designed booth –

Whether it is Exhibition or Trade Fair it is still one of the essentials to have an attractive booth. Most, if not all attendees of trade shows base their decision on which booths to check out largely on design. Eye-catching is the word. You have to make your booth catch their attention enough to say “I have to check that out.”

While the participant companies decorate the booths they should combine and use:

  • Company logo
  • The colors in the logo
  • The other color and visual components representing the company for the purpose of the company in a proper way. They can make important progress for introducing company identity to the target customer group and reinforcing this visual identity.
  • The size
  • Decoration
  • The features of materials and furniture used in the booth
  • The features of the products promoted in the exhibition area

There are two guidelines you should follow for booth design:-

First, it has to be informative. At first glance, the potential customer should know what kind of industry you are in. Your products should be at the centerpiece of your booth in order to emphasize them. You can even use your raw materials as design elements. Banners such as vinyl banners and x-stands should be mandatory if you want to put some more details on what you do. Feather flags can also do the trick especially if you don’t want people to read a literal wall of text.

X Banner Standee
X Banner Standee
Multi Color Flag
Multi Color Flag

Second, it has to be pleasing, both for the eyes and for the body. What do I mean? Invest in your booth furnishings. Extra lighting can be noticeable especially from afar. Also, a lot of people will be walking into your booth tired from standing up. Make your booth comfy to visit. A few treats that your exhibit visitors can eat. Every little thing can mean a lot.

Treats and giveaways –

You must be thinking that the Exhibition and Trade Fair Materials must be business-related, but hear me out. Think of the trade fair as one big Halloween Trick-or-Treat party. It may sound childish but it actually works. Having treats or giveaways can attract a lot of people. When that word of mouth kicks in, your booth will probably fill up with people in no time.

pen printing
Pen Printing in Munirka, Delhi NCR India Promotional Pen, Metal Pen ,Gifting Pen

If you are selling products, samples are one of the best product giveaways such as promotional pens, etc.

It is one of the best opportunities for them to try your products before buying them.

Moving further, you can even customize your treats to include your business info.






Flyers, Brochures, or Catalogs –

Of course, people will go to your exhibit because they want to know more about your business. That’s why you have to be ready to give them reading materials so they could know more about your business in great detail.

Ideally, your reading materials should be consistent with your banner design and expound on their content.

Flex banner
Flex banner

Give flyers to those who pass by on your booth and brochures for those who show initial interest. Flyers can be more of a summary of what you do as a business, while brochures can give more details because of their size and folds.

2 Fold Brochure
Flyer Printing Munirka
Flyer Printing in Munirka, Pamphlet Printing, Flyer Printing

3 fit x 2 fit Scroller

A concrete call-to-action –

Probably the most important Exhibition and Trade Fair Materials you need to bring is your objective. What do you want to get from this? If you’re selling a product, you may want to increase awareness on your product line or conduct a trial on your new releases. If you’re an e-commerce site, you may want people to sign up on your website for newsletters. You can even use the fair to increase your social media followers. These things should be clear all throughout your trade fair campaign, from the booth design to your giveaways.

“More Exhibition, More Crowd, More Business”

“Exhibition means more business”.

So your company’s booth presentation must be “Eye Catchy”. Keep it in mind to make your event successful requires a various types of advertisement material such as backdrop, side panel banner, business card, brochure, catalogue, flyer, promotional pen, tent card, notepad, booth, sun board, face cutout, poster, large format print, billboard, poster, Advertising on sun board banner, identity card, lanyard, carry bag and many more items for distribution in exhibition center.

Even we make different kinds of media such as backdrops is made of cloth or plastic fiber we have complete solutions even indoor or outdoor promotions.

It requires 2-3 days before the event date with relevant supporting materials. We cover all major exhibitions and events happen in India to provide Exhibition and Trade Fair Materials as well as World Book Fair, Aahaar, World Trade Fair, Print Pack, each and every item related to the exhibition we Design Provide at the destination.

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