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What is a Hologram Sticker?

A hologram sticker is a flat adhesive material that gives the enhanced hologram of containing a 3D picture. They are regularly utilized for security purposes.

A hologram sticker printing is a troublesome procedure that must be repeated utilizing the first master hologram. To do this, expert equipment is required, so subsequently numerous forgers are detected when they see a hologram sticker.

A hologram is made on a glass plate that has been recently treated with iron oxide before being covered with photoresist. The material at that point makes a chemical response with the set lightwaves that are utilized to make the Hologram. Business Hologram makers regularly utilize an assortment of laser types, including ruby, helium-cadmium and krypton-argon particle.

The specialized part…

The brightening of a physical item reflects light onto the photoresist surface. Simultaneously, the light is anticipated onto the surface. The gathering of these two light emissions brings about a response with the photo-sensitive surface, making a picture of the item. This introduction can take as little as a second, and anyplace as long as a minute. Indeed, even the slightest movement can bring about an obscured image, so everything must be painstakingly controlled all through the hologram creation process.

What is the purpose of hologram stickers?

Hologram stickers have a wide range of employment and are most normally utilized for security reasons. They can likewise be utilized on legitimate documentation to help individuals rapidly validate them, just as on enrollment cards, blessing vouchers, and any items that require security from forging.

In addition to the fact that holograms provide included security, they can likewise include an eye-getting highlight that rapidly loans apparent incentive to an item. They can be utilized to add the completing touch to finish bundling just as improving an organization’s picture and including another element for rack claim.

What is the process of Hologram Printing?

A holographic print is an interpretation of a hologram on a level surface, delivering 3-D (three-dimensional) impacts when seen. A holographic print varies from a conventional Hologram in that the paint doesn’t require any extraordinary lighting courses of action to yield the 3-D impact. The watcher needn’t bother with any assignment explicit eyewear to see the picture.

Holographic prints are broadly utilized for recognizable proof and security purposes. Visas, driver licenses, international IDs, and security identifications ordinarily have little holographic prints installed on their surfaces. Holographic prints work particularly well in these applications because the picture can’t be copied with a scanner or printer, and duplicating such a picture has demonstrated uncommonly troublesome and costly. Specialists and designers utilize enormous holographic prints to exhibit or advance their undertakings in a more upgraded manner than ordinary photos can do. In certain circumstances, holographic prints can replace lumbering video exhibits.

Is it possible to do Hologram Printing on standard paper?

Holographic printing is impossible on standard paper. To encourage the procedure, the paper or another printing surface must be covered with a layer of metal (typically aluminum or steel) or intelligent plastic. The hologram sticker is decorated into the gleaming metal or plastic, framing a confounded, incredibly point by point, pixelated picture in alleviation. When seen under a magnifying instrument, the metal or plastic surface appears to have slopes, gorges, edges, and valleys. These abnormalities produce the 3-D impact by dissipating reflected light and diffracting it into its constituent shading wavelengths. The reflected waves meddle with one another to give a clear, sensible 3-D depiction of point of view and parallax.

Little holographic prints, for example, those found on recognizable proof records and Visas, can be created at a moderate expense. Enormous holographic prints, for example, designers may utilize, can extend upwards of $3000 each.

Holographic printing ought not to be mistaken for lenticular printing, which includes an alternate arrangement and should be possible with less complex hardware.

Why Hologram sticker is Important for your Business?

Forgers just assault an effective brand. Thusly, a brand’s prosperity can now and again be estimated by the number of fakes accessible in the commercial center. We, Shivani Enterprises utilize the most recent holographic procedures to give the best enemy of fake assurance. Hologram stickers are generally utilized in practically all divisions to avert trickery and impersonation of the first brand. Holograms are diffractive optical gadgets made with laser innovation that can’t be replicated, or electronically examined or copied by any known printing strategy. Throughout the years they have demonstrated to be the best protection against forging that is the reason more than 90 nations use Holograms on their monetary forms.

At, Shivani Enterprises, offers a wide scope of confirmation items to battle forging that secures brands and reports. Being a pioneer and driving maker, we have created numerous answers for battle forging, duplication, item preoccupation, and so forth. The hologram stickers offered by us guarantee total security and an eye-getting advance to the clients. Our Hologram additionally has one of a kind optical properties that make them difficult to duplicate or sweep.

We have a wide scope of Hologram sticker to offer like:

  1. 2D/3D Hologram Sticker

  2. Tamper Proof Hologram Sticker

  3.  Hologram Warranty Sticker

  4.  Promotional Hologram Sticker

  5.  Self Adhesive Hologram Sticker

  6.  Customized Hologram Sticker

Hologram Sticker offered by us can be tweaked by the particulars and necessity.

2D/3D Hologram Stickers

2D/3D Holograms are comprised of numerous two-dimensional layers with Hologram pictures outwardly put one behind another with visual profundity to create an impact of three-dimensional Hologram structure. It has a generally excellent visual profundity between various layers and gloss on the principal layer. Such Images, for the most part, comprise of meager lines that can be seen everywhere edges of diffraction. Any current plan or logo can be made into a 2D/Hologram with profundity and parallax.

Shivani Enterprises utilize most recent advancements like “Rainbow Transmission” and “Denisyuk” for assembling 2D/3D Hologram image stickers. Our 2D/Hologram stickers offer ongoing answers for makers to stop guile. Two-dimensional layers with pictures are utilized in our 2D/Hologram stickers. Our 2D/3D Hologram image stickers increase the value of your items and ensure the brand personality at all levels. This additionally helps in expanding the dependence on the items that they are authentic and sets up an organization’s name in the market. We give the best quality and dependable line of 2D/3D holographic stickers that fill every one of your needs and aids in verifying the items. Shivani Enterprises fabricate Holograms in any shape and size. We can likewise work with you to make redid 2D/3D.


To give other companies a competition a good design brochure is very important. Therefore, to make a difference you can make assure your clients that your company is safer by using Hologram Sticker.  A Brochure Printing is a piece of single paper printing used for commercial, social information of products and services it could be of 1/2-fold, 2-fold, etc.

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Sealed Hologram Stickers

Sealed Hologram Stickers, the ones which abandon an imprint like a logo, or a picture, or some other writings like “OPENED” or “VOID” and “CHECKERBOARD PATTERNS” when anybody attempts to evacuate it. They comprise of delicate face stock and solid glue which leaves an imprint as proof of altering.

Shivani Enterprises offers these Holograms with a one of a kind element that once appended to the necessary spot, any endeavor to expel it will prompt its pulverization. A portion of these Hologram image stickers are exceptionally weak and are fall to pieces when altered. Now and again, it deserts a buildup or clingy substance after they are stripped away.

The Tamper-Proof Holograms are appropriate for special and item ID applications. Propelled quality materials and cement are being used in structuring these Holograms by us. Our collection of Hologram images is profoundly verified as it can’t be debased or expelled and if any individual attempts to evacuate it, these outcomes in the partition of the highest layer of the film. To meet different mechanical wellbeing and recognizable proof prerequisites, we can alter these Hologram images in recognized sizes, shapes, plan and shading blends. Likewise, can be provided in Roll Form or Sheet Form with 24/36 micron thickness.


Id card in itself tells that it is used for security purpose but one can easily copy it. Therefore, the Hologram sticker makes an Id card unique in itself. A Corporate Identity Card tells much more about you and your organization without telling a single word it keeps full information of employer brand name, logo, and employee personal information such as name, designation, age, blood group with user terms and conditions, etc.

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Hologram Warranty Stickers

The guarantee is a composed articulation that is legitimately connected with the deal and acquisition of the item. Each purchaser of a particular item will look on the guaranteed name to see if the item is given the guarantee by the producer. On the off chance that you purchase any item without the guarantee sticker, it implies that that guarantee has been fashioned or that item producer isn’t offering any guarantee. This is valid on account of neighborhood items that are made and sold with no sort of guarantee marks. In the ongoing occasions, there have been numerous cases where the affiliate of a specific item has attempted to alter the guarantee sticker and supplanted it with a copy sticker.

Shivani Enterprises offer a wide scope of Warranty Hologram Stickers, which can be utilized in different enterprises for security and marking purposes. Simple to apply, these Hologram image stickers are self-cement and alter obviously. They can be utilized on different substrates to help ensure, verify and confirm various things. Any altering endeavor can be distinguished effectively as the stickers can’t be evacuated without devastating. We utilize the most recent innovation and for all intents and purposes difficult to copy or duplicate. We likewise specially craft these Hologram stickers in various sizes with the organization’s name and logo.


An event an be open to all and also can be selective but depends who all are carrying your event tickets. Therefore, a hologram sticker on event ticket decides who are originally invited. Event tickets printing is a unique process. known as entry,  pass ticket, at the point of security purpose, in another way you can say it is a proof of presence/payment, of your audience as event ticket is for promotion.

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Promotional Hologram Stickers

Promotional Holograms can be utilized for publicizing and deals or brand advancement. They can likewise be utilized as part within exchange fairs, as keepsake, souvenirs, tokens and on magazines, pamphlets covers, welcoming cards. Limited time Holograms can have extremely appealing visual components and realistic plans along these lines making them exceptionally compelling for a special reason also.

Shivani Enterprises altered limited time Hologram stickers offer full-shading printing (CMYK) with an unpretentious, metallic, intelligent holographic foundation, giving fresh picture quality and an exceptional look. Covered with a defensive clear film for included solidness, your stickers can bite the dust cut any custom size or shape. The limited-time Hologram image sticker is a new and inventive holographic sticker. Shivani Enterprises find a way to keep up excellent quality models. We utilize the most recent innovation to guarantee the conveyance of limited time holographic stickers. Likewise, can be provided in Roll Form or Sheet Form with 24/36 micron thickness.


To make your material to be original you can use hologram stickers to be your identifier in the exhibition. An exhibition, in very common language, is an organized presentation and display of a selection of items. In practice, exhibitions usually occur within a cultural or educational setting such as a museum, art gallery, park, library, exhibition hall, or World’s fairs.

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Self-Adhesive Hologram Stickers

In self-glue marks with Hologram images, the Hologram strip is moved on the stickers to give uniqueness complete security. These security stickers can likewise be coordinated with security inks like UV inks, sequential numbering and so forth. Self Adhesive Authentication Marking, this is the exemplary sticker perfect for broadly useful use. Additionally utilized in a wide scope of utilizations from item stamping to universally useful limited time naming. Produced using the polyester film, making it an adaptable item, accessible in different thickness 23, 36 and 50 micron, in silver as standard, gold and different hues on unique solicitation (volume amounts apply). Conveyance designs – kiss-cut names on a move, sheet or exclusively cut or as a nonstop tape.

With the assistance of our specialists, Shivani Enterprises offers an extensive scope of Self-Adhesive Hologram Stickers at aggressive costs. These stickers are accessible in different sizes, shapes, and measurements and we use it broadly  for giving security to items, bundling, and reports.

Customized Hologram Stickers

Big organizations are consistently in danger from forgers, and holographic stickers give a helpful yet secure approach to ensure your items. We customize a Hologram sticker that is one of a kind to your image, making it very hard for others to repeat. Moreover, uncommon colors, we also call it a tagging foils, we can add it to the Hologram sticker which relates to a unique peruser.


To give an invitation to great entities you need to be sure that you are safe form your end to make the other person feel safe. This is the topmost reason to have a hologram sticker on your invitation card. Invitation Card is used for short-run and speedy work because the basic cost comes very low. Best quality printing you can get on textured or plain paper. Standard sizes on invitation card 8 x 5 inch, 7 x 5 inch with top and side open envelope, etc.

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5 Best ways to use Hologram Stickers

Holographic stickers are profoundly flexible and give a practical method for ensuring, confirming and advancing items. They are customizable, unquestionable and hard to duplicate, so it’s nothing unordinary that numerous individuals of the world’s biggest organizations are using it.

From PC gear to nourishment, drugs and security records, Hologram image stickers are an adaptable method to tag, track, follow, ensure and affirm the character of your items and archives. Here are five of the most well-known uses for holographic stickers…

1. Hostile to alter security hologram stickers

Hologram stickers are explicitly for guaranteeing the security of seals on items and resource labeling.

There are different various plans for altering obvious stickers, these include:

  • A honeycomb configuration that is abandoned when the sticker is stripped off
  • Stickers that deteriorate when endeavors are made to evacuate it.
  • An optional layer that is uncovered when the sticker is stripped off.

2. Brand security

Big organizations are consistently in danger from forgers, and holographic stickers give a helpful yet secure approach to ensure your items. We customize a Hologram sticker that is one of a kind to your image, making it very hard for others to repeat. Moreover, uncommon colors, we also call it a tagging foils, we can add it to the Hologram sticker which relates to a unique peruser.

3. Packaging and Promotion

Hologram sticker is extraordinary for Packaging and advancement as they’re exceptionally obvious and will hang out in a jam-packed shop. W2e can use Hologram stickers to a bundling including boxes, packs and hang labels.

4. Branding

Huge numbers of the most conspicuous brands on the planet –, for example, Microsoft and Intel – use visualizations on their items. Therefore, adding a Hologram image to your items can help increment the apparent estimation of your items and the general impression of your image.

5. Authentication

Holographic stickers are now and again utilized for recognizable proof purposes on countless various kinds of records, including ID cards, season passes, charge cards and some more. Hologram images are hard to recreate which limits the danger of extortion. In any case, similarly as with 3D images intended for brand ID, whenever required, you can likewise include extra security with tagged foils.

Our hologram sticker arrangements can work to ensure your benefits and meet all your security concerns.

If you might want to talk about the hologram sticker arrangements. We offer in more detail, at that point, rapidly fill in our contact structure. When we have your subtleties we will connect to arrange a meeting.

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