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Notepad Printing

Notepad Printing

Notepad printing is a bunch of blank paper, it may be printed cover or inside water marked, used for temporary or rough work at office or institution to note any important points etc.

Conference pad used in hotel not more than 10-15 leaf each pad. Used in bulk for their own promotion.

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It is usually, used in any meeting or group discussion; where various issues are discussed, to note brief agenda points. It is also known as a prescription pad.  It’s a kind regular office stationery printing.

Note Pad with contain paper leaf

There are various uses of note pad as conference, promotional medical shop, in office, training work shop etc. Keep lessor page help to reach out more audience point view of pricing. Mostly used 10-50 leaf maximum for conference pad, easy to write well and tear out

Conference pad cost Rs. 15 to 25 each

Usually, people get printed 500 -1000 note pad for conference, cover page made in colored for your branding and inner pages done single color ruled with water marking, easy to tear out it is micro perforated.

Colorful Notepad each cost 25 to 3o each

Corporate get printed a note pad for branding in bulk quantity no need above 65-70 gsm uncoated paper, uncoated paper are fit


Standard and custom size notepad printing

Notepad printing size must be user-friendly. As 8.25″x5.5″ (A5), 8.25″x11.692″ (A4), 4.25″x7.25″ and 4.25″x5.5″. Overall contents are made vertical and leaves are glued from the top. Notepad contains content with company name, contact details brand name details printed in watermark form.

Marketing companies used it as promotional gift items and exhibition materials by making a personal touch to keep directly in front of customers, to increase sale and brand awareness. Keep in mind it must not be either thick or thin as it is used rough so must be easy to tear sharp and handy. I have seen millions of notepad are used in hotels for their brand to their regular clients when they visit the hotel in every entry. As the compact size, die cut, rectangle horizontal or vertical orientation with clear glued of perforated sharp tear out a notepad, easy making and estimate with cover coloured logo and inner black & white or coloured.  To reach out to more clients you can make for the budget by reducing paper thickness and size.

 Note Pad Print Process

For making a notepad in bulk quantity are made in lithography process as well as cost reduces can reach more audience. Sometimes it happens required limited quantity we must follow the screen printing process as well as basic cost is very low. For huge quantity required to adopt offset printing as there are various colour option, gradient colour and infographics can be print on minimum cost.

Online Notepad Printing in Delhi NCR (India)

A personalized notepad is little but a great advertising device and gifting items to keep their brand in front of through the year.  Coloured logo and company’s name used repeatedly on the notepad to wash customer mind to adopt their brand. there are various types of Bound Option such as wire-o, spiral, perforated, hardbound etc.

Spiral Note Pad
Spiral Bound Note Pad

It is a very prominent tool to send out your brands used obviously ruled or plain as per client convenient. We can do an online personalized notepad for a small brand. It is the best way to take your business on a high scale by promoting Notepad. For branding corporate distribute free of cost as medicine, 3mm, Pedilite likewise the brand etc. easy and cost-effective way to keep your brand straight to customers. Basically, it is a long and regular investment for promotion while we are mapping our daily routine we require handy notepad to shop online notepad printing click here

Wiro Note Pad
Wiro Bound Note Pad

Online notepad printing

Very useful for long-term investment in any company or organization uncoated paper easy to write used day to day by a doctor, trade show, and events, strong branding used Pantone colour. Corporate identity package, reinforce the brand, wire o bound, glued pad, inexpensive way to publish promotional Investment. The in-house facility, your satisfaction is our guarantee.

How to place an order of note pad printing?

full-colour designing and inner 70gsm uncoated (easy to write) 25, 50, 100 sheets, with micro perforation, according to paper thickness decided each bunch have contained create a notepad of any size and shape and in whatever sheet quantity. Some like to add distinctive details such as rounded corners or side printing. We are here for 24×7 hour customer service.

Qube Scrambling Rough Pad

You can get in the size 2″x2″, 3″x3″ colour available white, yellow

it is known as a sticky note pad

cube note pad printing
cube note pad printing

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