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Paper Stickers Printing

Paper Stickers Printing

Now a day’s word paper stickers printing became very familiar to everyone, and no one is untouched by it. It is a small sticky paper level used in daily used products called “paper stickers”.

  • Stickers on newspaper AD
  • Stickers on grocery items brand name
  • Sticker for clothing
  • Stickers for MRP
  • Stickers for medical use

These stickers you can get in the form of flat sheet, reel form and individual

Shape and size of paper stickers

  • Oval Sticker
  • Round Stickers
  • Rectangle Stickers
  • Custom Shape Stickers

Commercially paper stickers are versatile promotional, low-cost high return product. This sticky label is used even personnel as well as reminder label.

Paper Printing Method

Printing on paper is done according to required quantity if it is required approx A3 size 500 sheet better to print digital printing

Required more quantity we must print offset printing as per unit cost comes very low.

Sticker for car glass used to print reverse and adhesive and backing paper front side.

Commercially more and many ways to draw attention to the audience either their more sale or brand awareness with additional information, as the overall logistic company used it to identify their brand, each packet they send out with paper stickers with logo and brand.

The FMCG sector generates more sale using various promotional sticker by way of launching various scheme like “buy one get one free” as it is a common tendency of people to get something free. The consumers are attracted by sticker pasted on a product of any brand. The service providing company adhere paper stickers on the product for information as date of service /next due date etc. mentioned on it. While I was in school in 3rd class fond of stickers to stick on notebook or textbook for marking name, class, roll no. subject etc.  Bulk use of sticker can be seen in promotional use, as on news paper’s advertisement, educational institutions and political parties campaigning, car parking stickers, bar code stickers, etc.

Selection of Sticker Backing Paper

Normally stickers backing paper comes 55 gsm onward when it is cut with hand made or flash cutting edege no required heavy thickness.

Best sticker cutting wooden laser die or hand press die it must be back paper 100 gsm as it is easy to cut and handle proper otherwise when along with sticker backing paper is cut became problem in handling.

Paper Stickers Printing, Custom Shape, and Quality

The shape of stickers can be (custom) rectangle, round corner, one colour, two colour multi-colour, even cartoon shape, usually rectangle stickers are easy to make in a short time. But additional time and costing are required for a specific area stickers custom shape like oval, circle, stickers etc. required to make a die before the final cut.

Circle Stickers

The specific die is required for making such particular shaped stickers and thereafter shape cutting is required. Hence it incurred enhance costing in comparison to normal stickers. Prices of stickers are based on the area; the rate of stickers are available on the respective site of a printing company. Now a day’s design of such stickers can be made easily by computer.

Stickers are normally made in spot color or process color multicolour as per requirement of client. So, there is no question of compromise to designs. Exclusive customized shape stickers, applying UV and lamination is the best option for branding logo or product image even sheet form or roll form that for long life years to come. Usually used 90 gsm. Paper self-adhesive to paste. we provide various types of services to know more click here

The printing method of stickers is Screen, offset, and digital printing can be made print and cut process.

To make online custom design paper stickers according to client’s requirement as well as material papers etc.

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