Photo Mug Printing, Best Quality Promotional Mug Printing in Munirka India  

Photo Mug Printing in Munirka
Photo Mug Printing

Photo Mug Printing

Now a day, people get photo mug printing easily without expense more money in a little time, It may be known by the name of Personalized Photo Mug or Mug Printing.

A Photo Coffee Mug helps to put a smile of someone face as on the occasion of Father’s Day, Mother’s day, Marriage Anniversary and Birthday by offering gifting items etc.

Black Mug
Black Mug

A corporate get to printed Coffee Mug in bulk quantity for their Brand Promotion or Donation purpose. Clients or prospects keep it over the years. It is a long-term advertisement investment of corporate. Prospects keep on the table in front of him and used to put pen pencil and associated items things.

Personalized Photo Mug Printing is the fastest way to get print, even you can get print just in 10 minutes only and present to your heart belongings ones.

It is a fully Advanced Digital and Fast Printing Technology, the way you wish, compared to round screen printing method done previously that takes a long time and inferior quality.

Personalized gift items give you a different feeling from the heart.

People also like gift T-shirt Printing

Live Event Photo Mug Gifting

Now people love most to gift item to their relative /guest during the event such as Birthday Party, Kitty Party, Wedding Ceremony, Retirement Reception. Receiving Live Photo Mug on during running event make you feel happy.

Get avail live photo mug printing service click here.

White Mug
White Mug

Customized Photo Mug Printing Design Tool

There are many photo mug designing tool as

  • Coreldraw
  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop

These tools are very extensive, only a professional designer can make through it the way he wished.

When it comes to photo mug online design and print, there is a lot of e-commerce platform such as

  1. Shopify
  2. Woo-commerce
  3. Magneto
  4. Envato

All these above design tools are very fantastic, where a common person can make amazing online photo mug design following tips and live preview how it would look like after printing. All these design software are a multi-function as Font Style, Font SizeColor, ImageBackground Color, Edit Location manipulation vertical and horizontal positioning you can preview how it would look like after printing before you place an order get to print it.

Branding on Photo mug-color availability

There is a huge variety and numerous of a mug as a white mug, black mug, magic mug and inside a colored mug (Red, Blue, Orange, Green, Yellow, Black), etc. all these color are permanent. that lost till the mug expiry date.

Standard Mug Size, Capacity and Branding Space

  • Required image and text to be printed as standard mug size is 11 ounce (liquid capacity of 325 ml), the maximum printing area is 205 mm wide and 85 mm in height is safer point view of a branding mug.
  • You may get your context 10% larger on a white mug but it is my suggestion to keep your printing awesome! to avoid, it may cause to miss print.
  • This is the matter of branding or Gifting Items, content should be Bigger and Prominent point of view of the visibility of Brand Awareness or Personalized Photo, etc.
  • You may keep text and image. My opinion is that keep images more prominent as “a photo is better than 1000 of the word

Ceramic Mug Quality

Mug quality point view of sublimation coating thickness and surface also a factor of mug printing quality, as well as high coated sublimation and smooth surface help more to get the best photo mug printing result.

Photo printing machine, sublimation printing material that matters for Best Quality Mug Printing.

Get the best photo print with EPSON L805 PRINTER with 6 colors (CYAN, MAGENTA, YELLOW, BLACK, LIGHT MAGENTA, LIGHT CYAN) sublimation ink tank. As well my as experience this printer service is very awesome only you have to refill ink no maintenance cost

Irregular use of printer EPSON L805 create problem “printer head jam” h coated sublimation paper help transfer ink properly on to mug without missing text and image printing.

You are advised to get print daily at least 1-2 daily you may use hassle free.

Use high-quality sublimation ink that helps to easy transfer without changing mug basic color and long-lasting.

5 Important things during sublimation printing mugs

  1. Get print one copy sublimation print and check out ink curving temperature on the object there after getting all prints.
  2. Keep on eye on heater and timer when the mug is in the heat printing machine.
  3. Make pressure between machine and mug in under limit otherwise when it heats up it may cause to break ceramic mug.
  4. To get Z black color printing on ceramic mug to need to use R=0, G=0, B=0 color code.

Photo Mug Printing Method

There are 2 types of sublimation ink curving on the photo mug

  1.  Equivalent Pressure Rolled Heater
  2. 3D Sublimation Printing 

  • 3D Sublimation printing more space to print numbers of the cup at a time.
  • Very helpful machine for bulk quantity printing
  • It is the very easy & instant way that is the reason peoples believe in customized mug printing for their company brand awareness / promotional purpose, ceramic mug printing option for an economical way to promotion by applying dye-sublimation printing method on it.

Magic Mug

Magic Mug

5 Big Sublimation Paper Brand

  1. Fusion Paper
  2. Sublijet

Can we print any kind of Mug Purchased from open market?

No, you can not, basically, there is a coating of a thin layer of polyester or polyester based materials on the mug outside when sublimation ink comes into contact with the heat press, transfer it only on coated layer.

3 year back a new customer came with a full of the van with a white mug and place an order after getting print out and applying came to know that this mug is not able to sublimate print.

Don’t get purchased blank from the open market, Only from professional who sale mug for branding, promotional and gift items.


How to make a creative photo mug printing?

There are so many parameters/metrics following them you can get to print an Amazing Photo Printing Mug.

  • High-quality image
  • Select a mug with high polyester coating color mug as you want to see
  • Use optimum quality sublimation printing material (paper, ink, heatproof tape and Teflon etc). Use 100 gsm sublimation paper that helps transfer 95-98% ink on the mug.
  • Best quality photo printing machine with 6 color inkjet tank. as well as my experience using 6 color tank inkjet printer EPSON L805 is the best.

High-Quality Image looks attractive and long lasting multi washes.

What are the perfect ink transfer temperature point and timing for sublimation on Ceramic Mug?

  • Usually, a ceramic mug gets printed on 355-360 degree foreign height temperature up to 45 seconds in a round heat press.
  • It is perfect temperature and time where sublimation ink properly transferred onto the polyester coated mug permanently. Approx 96-97% of ink transferred.
  • Keep temperature up than required printing mug color turned to the brownish and low-temperature downside is printing color fade.
  • Make sure pressure between the mug and sublimation paper must be equal to get amazing photo mug print.

What is the color ratio to get the Z black Photo Mug Print?

Usually, when we print content that does not match according to the photo mug base color, you required to change artwork color as well as given below

As per my concern and experience use RGB color Ratio

Use R=0, G=0, B=0, For Z Black Color Printing on Sublimation Mug Printing

or C=50, M=50,y=50 and K=100

to the best printing result.


What is the entire process of photo mug printing?

We recommend for getting the best quality photo mug printing quality image use 16-megapixel camera or high quality,

Inkjet printer 6 colors CMYK, Light Cyan and Light Magenta format, EPSON L805 Model with best quality sublimation ink attached tank.

Use high quality coated sublimation paper single side or both side.

A high coated ceramic mug, equivalent pressure rolled heater and an experienced & skilled printer.

Basically, a special sublimation ink transferred on to the substrate by applying round heat pressure through dye sublimation.

The photo transferred permanently on the mug. You can see the quality the way you wish. Total process to get in hand lovely personalized photo printed mug takes just within 10 minutes!

The entire process is known as dye sublimation printing.

How to get the best quality photo mug?

To get the best photo mug is a matter about designing, printing quality. On behalf of our deep technical knowledge and experience, I want to share over here to get the best quality

How can a quality approve of the said images?

Click here to place an online order.

How many washes go to wash away a photo mug printing?

Well, basically the ink is properly curved on the mug with the thermal process, on specific temperature that never washes out, you can say another word its a permanent print. I have washed more than 1000 times but no fade print yet.

If we scratch mug with the help of metals brush, a layer of sublimation on mug coating come out with printing color.

How much does a photo branding on a mug a cost?

There are many types of mug quality known by the name of below mentioned.

White Mug, Black Mug, Orange Mug, Yellow Mug, Green Mug, Blue Mug, Pink Mug, Magic Mug, And Much more color.

These mug prices are different from each other, If we categorize overall range with printing start from Rs 200/-onward to Rs 450, A magic mug is a topmost price.

click here for corporate enquiry

The factor of photo mug colour Fade, Brownish, Wash Away and Non-Equivalent Print

  • The low-temperature downside is to fade and wash away colour
  • High-temperature effects on brownish look print
  • The pressure between the heat press and mug goes to non-equivalent print

What element a sublimation mug printing ink is made of?

Sublimation ink is made of polyester or polyester made a substance made of, as the temperature is applied on the mug, a solid ink convert from solid to gas on the object without changing into liquid form with the help of heat pressure.

How safe a printed Coffee Mug to send outstation?

Inner packing of mug box size comes approx 83mm Wide, 122mm Length and Height 102 mm volumetric volumes comes to each mug 0.20 kg

There is an additional packing box made of cork with 10 mm thickness inner packing, and cover with 450 gsm corrugated box made it easy point view of breakout mugs etc.

If you leave it free from 10 fit height you would found it safe on earth.

What is the magic mug and how does it look?

Basically, a magic mug is just like a normal mug looks but after sublimation printing on normal temperature content became invisible when it comes to contact to hot water, tea or coffee, the entire mug colour changed automatically and printed content on it reflected as well as your artwork.

Enjoy the magic with your friends and your belongings

What is the concept of Sublimation Personalised photo Mug Printing?

  • Usually, a mug was used to print with a round screen printing method. Sublimation printing is the latest technologies in which a sublimation ink is transferred from a solid state to solid on a particular, pressure temperature and timing.
  • As soon as the ink comes to contact with temperature without changing a solid form into the liquid, directly convert into gas fixed on the mug having a thin layer of polyester or polyester mixed.

Is sublimation ink used in photo mug printing harmful?

Usually, many times it is asked while sipping tea or coffee is it may cause some problem for the human body.

I want to say stay free these kinds of psychological problem.

Is a photo mug printing machine easy to install on the event?

Usually, people love to gift photo printing on the spot such event like a wedding party, birthday, donation camp, etc.

Entire setup including printer, sublimation paper, heat press machine, thermal tape, comes around 15-20 kg.  Very easy to set up and serve your clients. You need to power supply and a table on the spot where have to set up.

On-Spot photo mug printing services click here 

Book 2-3 day before event taken place. Services are provided in Delhi NCR only.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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