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Flex Banner Printing

Flex Banner Printing

Whenever we required advertising banner, first of all, name comes of Flex Banner Printing, because of flex banner printing has overtaken all kind of banner advertising media now a day. Get print your flex banner 24×7 click here

Local advertising about your product and services through flex banner is more helpful media.

Before invention of flex banner media, people got printed a banner on cloth by handwritten or screen printing method. But now a banner is printed on large format flex digital printing machine.

Now you can get print your flex banner any size at nominal cost Rs 20-30 per square foot within a day or an hour, price depends on flex banner quality and work volume.

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Here select size and quality of banner and get price instant

Last 20 year back when it was required to make a banner even it was up to 4-5 pcs, it was made by handwritten, above 4-5 quantity it was done screen printing method was the best option at that time. As screen printing banner required processing cost and per-unit cost low compared to handwritten.

Today handwritten banner artist disappeared from the market or shifted to another business. if you required to write a little pcs of banner you can’t find them, by the time you got success to find out; you can’t pay their value

The reason behind it is that

  1. Cloth banner media cost goes higher
  2. It takes more time to produce
  3. No, text and high-quality image produce compared to digital flex printing.

Digital Printing Cloth Banner vs Digital Printing Flex Banner

Digital printing cloth banner age start from 2010 as well as the government banned of digital printing flex banner (made of plastic) for welfare human, animal, and environment. Flex printing industries are shifting from flex banner to cloth fabric banner printing it takes time to properly saturate the market

Call cheapest cloth banner printing + 91 9211253015

Wooden Frame vs MS Pipe Frame

The Wooden Frame is low duty flex board, used for the temporary and short term used. Usually, 1″x1″ thicker wood for the small size flex board and bigger size 1.5″ to 2 inch starting range wood frame Rs. 20 to 40 per running fit.

MS pipe frame is used for long run flex board, for small size board 3 kg ms pipe is used. Where a 3 kg pipe considered 20 fit long pipe weight. it cost per running fit Rs. 40.

For big board or hoarding, you must use 8 kg ms pipe that last long run it cost Rs. 60/- running fit. It’s a heavy-duty flex board frame. it may have capacity to face heavy storm.

Hang Your Flex Banner with the help of Grommet


Even you have to hang over the road, in front of office get grommet end of the flex banner and hang it with cord. offer and discount sale to your customer.

Cheapest flex banner printing quality and it’s cost

People ask for cheapest flex banner quality when it required a huge number and short term used as well as political banner, festival, offer and discount sale are mainly used it. Theses banner are low coated polyester and having thickness 160-180gsm. It can be print text on high-speed 2-3 pass solvent print and price comes 10-12 Rs square fit. Avoid image print un till it is to necessary to print.

Make sure get it print when quality does not matter enough.

Top 5 Solvent Printing Machine

  1. Neptune
  2. HP Inkjet
  3. Konika 512i
  4. Kingjet Solvent Printer

These printer are heavy duty.

What about the flex banner material media is made of?

Usually, a flex is made of plastic in two layers, front coated and back not coated, you may get it in the roll form in a wide range of 3′, 4′,5′,6′.7′,8′,9′,10′ and length up to 50 meter a roll.

  1. The base of the flex banner in the form of plastic fiber in a checkbox form.
  2. The upper layer is fiber less and in the way of highly coated that made content print digital and easy view able according to the quality, the coating is applied on.
  3. It’s a very strong material easily you can’t tear off

What kinds of printing ink is feasible on Flex Banner Media?

Flex banner media is used for outdoor advertising, point view of wash out color, Ink fade, etc. It is printed solvent ink through inkjet printing machines, don’t wash out in the water.

Durability is depends on quality of printing pass and placed banner location.

Direct sunlight or heat area banner placed fade sooner.

How many way we can use flex printing banner?

We use flex banner in several advertising way, few of them are given below.

  • Mess Banner

Mostly mess banner is used in car gloss advertising or bill board in which a banner have a hole about 25% area is open to pass out air and 75% area to view out and advertising material able to view.

  • Banner Advertising

You have seen lot of banner hanging on the road or street with view able from single or both side with the help of eyelet on each banner corner being tight on the railing or tree etc.

  • Flex Board

A printed flex is mounted on the frame of wooden or iron with pinned or pasted and is placed on the wanted place either drilled or nailed.

To address to the audience gathering of 400 to 500 is the best way to self standing adjustable flex banner up to 8fit x 8fit.

Mainly there are 2 types of Flex Banner is used

  1. Front Lit Flex Banner Media

  2. Back lit Flex Banner Media 

Flex Banner media is printed through inkjet printer no required to get laminated it.

Front Lit Flex Banner looks like a flag, with an imprinted info-graphic message. It is usually, draped over a cord or wire, pasted on the wall and flown overhead. Generally, as a customer awareness tool in high-traffic areas as well as retail stores, supermarkets or discount variety stores or in political campaigning.

It doesn’t need to glow lite if you required you may keep light from text side in this media light do not transferred it has 2 quality

i) Normal Front Lit Flex Banner Media

This media is very thin and low coated when it is printed a through inkjet solvent printing, low volume ink observes media, ultimately print produce low quality as well as my suggestion print only text-based print, avoid info-graphics, this media comes 170 gsm thickness.

Where we can use normal front lit flex banner media?

Well, as well as my concern it is mostly used in outdoor 2-3 day display as well as rally, political campaign, festival, etc. where quality doesn’t matter more. Use image free/solid background content for a better result for it. Overall front lit flex media comes Rs 12-15- per square fit. it depends on the quantity you are placing an order.

ii) Star Front Lit Flex Banner Media

Star media front lit come 220 gsm thickness and high coated, ultimately printing result comes awesome, the ink comes with high density you can print images and info-graphic text.

This media is very thin and low coated when it is printed a through inkjet solvent printing, low volume ink observes media, ultimately print produce low quality as well as my suggestion print only text-based print, avoid infographics, this media comes 170 gsm thickness.

Where we can use Front Lit Star Flex Banner Media?

Well, as well as my concern it is mostly used in outdoor for stay for the long term and where quality matter such as  Flex Board for Shop, Product Image Base Display, Indoor Branding and event where ever quality matter a big issue. Exhibition Banner, Seminar Backdrop,

Sale price per unit Rs.25-30 per square fit, Depending on work volume

How to install Front Lit Flex Banner?

  • To install flex banner you required to keep eye let on each corner that made easy to hang on the road, or from the building etc.
  • Get a flex banner and fix it on wooden frame and fix it on required place
  • Well arranged flex banner is fixed on MS banner with the help of bond

Backlit Flex Media

i) Normal Flex Back Lit Media

These flex media is used for making a light board, quality of light transfer from inside to outside and quality of media to print content. This media thickness comes 250 gsm onward that made a print with high quality and light pass more.

All back lit media is used for advertising on Glow Sign Board.

ii) Star Flex Back Lit Media

It’s a super quality of Flex backlit Media, it comes 300 gsm with high quality of the light transfer and imaging print quality and long-lasting color, it’s high coated spread out light equally on light board you can print any kinds of image and text result will be oriented.

Required Glow Sign Board it is used and it runs for a long duration

High End Banner Quality

  1. Eco Solvent Print (Vinyl Banner, Canvas Banner)

  2. UV Print (Vinyl Banner, Canvas Banner)

  3. Laser Jet Printer

  4. Dye Sublimation (Fabric Banner, Polyester Banner)

All these ink and printing method is very high end quality and compare to solvent printing.

There are 4 types of ink used on Vinyl Banner Printing

Eco Solvent Print Banner

Media suitable is very fine, printing ink applied very little part in the form of spray and ink used is not removable so you do not required to laminated these banner quality can be print maximum 60″ wide and length as well as you required.

Print ability of Media Canvas, Vinyl Banner

Canvas media is made of cotton, printing quality looks like a paintings

Best Eco Printing Machine are “Mutho“, “EPSON”, “RONALD”, “NEPTUNE”

UV Print

UV printing is 100% eco-friendly, it doesn’t take time to dry as soon as print without ink spreads out it curve instantly with accurate form of ink.

These banner price and quality goes higher compare to solvent and eco-solvent print process.

No, required to laminated point of view color fade of wash out, if you like to see laminated matte of gloss you can do it.

UV printing machines are inkjet printing process.

Best UV Printing Machines are “EPSON” “COLORJET”

Toner base ink mandatory to get laminate even matte or gloss.

Laser Jet Printer

It is mandatory to laminated laser printing banner, only fine quality of media is printed.

Laser Banner Printing machines are “EPSON“, “HP”, “Canon”

Vinyl Banner, Exhibition Banner, Adjustable Backdrop Printing are the perfect advertising tools for any business or events. Flex printing economical way to reach out your perspective, easily can get wide print up to 10 ft and lengthwise any size you required, flexible material to carry from one place to another place without any damage.

Basic thickness of this stuff is 250 gsm-300 gsm i.e. 10 ft x 10 ft each pcs not more than 2.8 kg. For more advertising solutions click here

Front Lit Star Flex
Front Lit Star Flex

Front Fit Flex Banner Printing

These are mostly used to promote outdoor for a company’s logo, brand, product,

Mainly two types of flex normal we suggest you to get print normal flex when there is only text and star flex media used if the design contains text image and solid multicolor must select star flex media to get the best result. both media comes in front-lit. ress etc.

Outdoor on the road, highway, shops, in which light is thrown from front through halogen bulb, material used thickness 260 gsm -300 gsm on PVC material cost comes Rs 10 -40 per square fit it depends on quality of printing and materials.

Backlit Flex Banner Printing

Political parties uses it for campaigning for their party and candidate awareness. For Indoor decoration we do print Eco-solvent flex print as it is environment -friendly and no smell.

Digital Printing Banner, Digital Vinyl Banner Printing Quality

There are the various quality of digital printing banner each type of printing has its specification such a outdoor uses, indoor uses, pasting on the cemented wall, pasting on gloss, lamination and without lamination etc.

Indoor advertising such as vinyl banner pasted on gloss is the best way of eco-solvent printing, to make washable branding get laminated that goes long-lasting.

During product display while participating in the event such as high quality get print digital banner media without adhesive and super smooth get print with 300 dpi on eco-solvent printing machine looks like a as well as your original content

Memaki, Mutho and Ronald is the best quality eco-solvent printing machine.

These machine printing capacity is maximum 5 ft in wide and length you can get what you wish.

Why we are different from others

  • We at Shivani Enterprises before any print order ask to its clients print where they have to place it, it may to understand its proper use and required and providing free consulting.
  • When it comes to print job urgently click here
  • Shivani Enterprises print size range starts from 0. 50 ft-10 ft. in wide and unlimited size in length. Flex /Vinyl Banner Printing Services in Munirka Delhi NCR India. We have experienced technical and design staff and strive consult to our remote area customers through online chat for as per their requirement as front lit or backlit qualitative, transportability with the matte or glossy finish, 250-300 gsm, etc. For Designing click here. Our capacity is approx 10,000 sqr ft. in 24 hrs

How does long-time solvent flex print banner take to fade?

This questioned is frequently asked, the answer is, it depends on the quality of flex banner media, Using ink quality, no. of pass printing point of view printing ink density. where a flex banner has placed that matter if a banner is straight in sunlight that fades sooner compared to shadow area.

If you are placing vinyl banner outdoor “DO NOT USE” toners based ink printing banner it may fade you banner within 2-3 month later.

Pain point of flex banner printing

  1. Low-quality print
  2. Fade ink sooner
  3. Fixing problem on the site

There are various types of flex banner quality and their proper make sure before place your order confirm your quality. If you ask them to your proper use they will help you o get it.

What is the alternate of flex Banner printing if it is properly banned in India?

There is a ban on plastic in India in some state and most of all country point of view of anti-human-friendly, global warming, and water pollution

Solvent printing on flex is the cheapest advertising option, now some country has banned permanently. If you required banner alternate human-friendly to participate abroad click here to get eco-friendly and foldable to save logistic cost and economical price.

This eco-friendly banner is made of cloth and printed with eco-friendly ink there are no kinds of odor.uncomfortable to a human being.

Which one printer you liked most? if you have do write us.

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