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Brochure Printing

A Brochure Printing is a piece of single paper printing used for commercial, social information of products and services it could be of 1/2-fold, 2-fold or 3-fold or multi-fold.

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The printed brochure can help salesman a lot as all information related to the product gets printed on it along with the company name and business information. 

An Eye-Catchy LayoutInfo-Graphic and Compelling Content makes a brochure more attractive & credit to the clients and company. Check out the best layout of brochure online design and get print of your amazing brochure.

Brochure design, printing, and finished work

Brochure design, printing, and finished are complementary to each other when a brochure is well designed, keeping all parameters in mind from designing to finished process, like-wise bleed, font facehigh quality picture, alignment of text, background-color theme, etc result oriented.

Some people like brochure design of Vertical Brochure and some like Landscape Brochure. The choice is yours prefer most according to my concern in a Vertical Brochure you can have a Brochure with a Pocket that helps to keep more pages of marketing support materials.

Brochure Design Charges

The Market is full of Graphic Designer and Printing agencies each of them has its own graphic design rate. The brochure may have different sizes of brochure, so the price fluctuates according to the sizes, fold, the page it has. Overall per brochure design cost varies from Rs.500 to Rs.1000/-. If you want to make your brochure layout design in the studio, it costs Rs. 600-800/- per hour.

Half Fold Brochure Printing
Half Fold Brochure Printing
Shivani Enterprises Brochure
2 Fold Brochure


Z Fold Brochure









Z Fold Brochure

Standard brochure sizes comes in (A5), 11.692″x8.268″ (A4), 16.53″x11.692″(1/2 Fold to A4), 11.692″x24.75″ closed to size A4 and custom size. For long-lasting and amazing looks, you can make more applications such as Varnish, Lamination, UV Coating, and Die-Cut Shape brochure also.

13 Tips to make a Corporate Brochure Design

Before you start a brochure design, there are 13 imperative tips that will make help your designing in so many amazing ways and generate your sales 10-15% more.

  • First of all, make sure you are making a brochure design for your clients and prospects not for yourself, the layout of the design should be on the basis of product or services information and visuals, etc.
  • The Second part is keeping brochure headlines bold, sub-headline eye-catchy and actionable content.
  • Use font-face not more than 2 types but use the family font as well as light, bold, thin, etc.
  • The next step is to make an eye-catchy brochure that comes to graphic designer’s challenge as well as Brochure Layout, relevant High-Quality Image, and Manipulation of Contents and if the product or service brochure can impress through content or graphics visualization to the reader?
  • Avoid unnecessary content, now a day no one has time to read out the entire story, people are becoming lazy, want to see brochure at a glance for what they need in a little time, keep brochure content scan-able.
  • A creative brochure strengthens your BRAND and generates LEADS for your business. Make sure related content should be simple, informative and narrative to the customer, easy to understand with info-graphics.
  • It leaves a piece of great massive information to your competitor and a large scale of audience. Now in the digital world, it is said “a picture is enough than 1000 of words
  • While designing, Brochure Color Combination should be kept in mind always. Understand your reader behavior and nature of the business, also youngsters like to read Vibrant Color and a professional Silent Color it is observed in a survey.
  • Brochure Size is also a part of the eye-catching brochure making Process. the brochure size should be comfortable to hold it and easy to read it even sitting or traveling. The standard: 8.5 x 11, 8.5 x 14, 11 x 17, and 11 x 25.5.
  • If it is a Multi-Product Brochure we must keep the size smaller or multi-fold brochure that made it easy to read it.
  • Make a call to action stronger there should be at least one contact no., email address, web address branches, regd. and local address
  • Design at least one post-press work that makes your brochure unique to others such as brochure unique shape, embossing, foil printing, crystal UV, etc.
  • Keep paragraph smaller until it is too necessary longer

How to select the brochure paper quality?

While we plan to make the best brochure paper quality we should think about the topic given below points seriously before finalizing paper quality. Corporate get the print brochure and dispatch to their sub-branches and pay the heavy logistic cost whereas they can save if they mind following tips.

  1. Letter type of size
  2. High-quality Image
  3. Graphics
  4. The color theme of the company
  5. Post-press work as aqueous coating, lamination, UV coating, hi breed Etc.
  6. Embossing or leaf printing
  7. Easy logistics
  8. Keep content in the headline, sub-headline, and small paragraph.
  9. Figure out topics in numbered or bullet point-out.

All these point matters while planning an awesome brochure printing that makes your brochure actionable and profitable. I recommend don’t get paragraph font size more than 10 pt until it is necessary.

Plain Paper

Brochure printing on plain paper is always the best option. If we have set our mind to get laminated brochure print; we must select the quality of the paper as smooth as possible. The selection of plain paper makes it easy to print. The smaller font size, image, and graphics print smoothly.

For embossing and leaf printing plain paper are the most suitable.

As plain paper get laminated easily without bubble and BOPP properly adhered to that helps to the long-lasting brochure, as well as my concern on should use paper of 170 gsm-350 gsm art card is the best for Lamination. If you wish to save logistic cost you must select a medium thickness of 220 gsm.

The UV coating on plain paper brochure results always comes oriented.

Coated Paper/Non-Coated Paper

When we are selecting an imported coated paper it is mandatory to get the aqueous coating to prevent printed color. The aqueous coating has no color shade, it’s just a clear coating and has a thickness of 2-3 micron.

It is mandatory to make Aquos coating on non coated paper as this paper absorbs the ink and final print out is light to coated paper

Non coated paper has low-density ink of the printing ink

Textured/Grained Paper

If requires Brochure layout Design, particularly for corporate brochure then keep following given instructions:-

  1. Use font size as big as possible
  2. Avoid using small graphics and darker colors
  3. Avoid lamination and UV coating
  4. Don’t use a solid background
  5. Use low grained t0 get a creative brochure

During printing, the depth of color reduce on to textured paper and the end result produces the inferior quality. So avoid a solid background on the textured paper, the result will be oriented otherwise it may cause to look like a miss print. The design has to be made with multi-colors.

 Metallic Paper

Golden, Silver and Silver God Mixed is the main color you can find various shade suitable to product for packing, for Gift Items or amazing product or catalog. Availability in 100 gsm to 300 gsm in various brands.

According to pricing, all metallic paper is always costlier than all quality of the paper.

Metallic paper printing required a special ink that helps to dry it soon. I remember once I got a print with normal ink that is used for paper printing on the metallic that could not dry out for a week-long.

Imported Brochure Paper Supplier in Delhi NCR

  • Sagar Chand Jain, Chawri Bazaar Delhi 110006
  • Sona Paper, Okhla Phase 1, New Delhi -110020
  • Transasia Fine Paper, Okhla Phase 1, New Delhi -110020
  • Galgo Paper. A31, Naraina Phase 1, New Delhi 110028

Above mentioned 4 paper companies are the topmost importer of paper.  You can find paper mostly used in the world. They have many branches in India and abroad

Laminated Brochure Printing

When it comes to brochure lamination, thermal lamination is the best and long-lasting doesn’t matter if it is matte or gloss, per unit cost higher than to cold lamination as it has a less life span.

According to my advice, matte lamination is mostly used by a professional whereas youngsters like gloss lamination brochure.

Lamination Type:

  • BOPP
  • Velvet

Thermal v/s Cold Lamination- which one is the best brochure?

  1. Thermal lamination is the best point of view of longevity and strongness.
  2. It’s strong and sturdy.
  3. Thermal lamination does not fade out easily.
  4. Cold lamination remove from the product easily, where do not thermal lamination

How can I get print of my brochure on textured paper in economical BUDGET?

Mostly in India, all imported textured price is very high. I have is a limited option if you required to get a texture print brochure. A plain paper is printed and then gets textured later even solid background, image or graphics click here to know about textured design.

First of all, a plain paper is printed offset or digitally then a textured die is applied to it, later it gets approval.

Brochure vs Catalogue

Some people have the misconceptions between a brochure and catalog, according to understanding, a brochure is a single piece of a paper that could be used by single fold or more. Usually, the paper used is thicker than compared to a flyer printing as well as 170 gsm or more for brochure printing.

A catalog is a book form made of numbers of leaf well arranged and bound (perfect, spiral, wire-o or saddle-stitched).

Brochure Printing Colors

Mostly brochure is printed in CMYK Format theses colors are transparent i.e. print any color first or later the result would be the same every time, it is known as a Process Color Printing and PANTONE colour.

When it comes to the registered colour of any brand that is patented are print PANTONE colour. Theses colors are known as Pantone no.

Brochure Print Process:

Digital & Offset Printing:

  • Usually, brochures are printed either digitally or by an offset printing process, planning of printing should be made on the basis of quantity, whether it is a small or a long run project.
  • The digital process applied in the short run print and an offset print for long-run project print.
  • Offset printing technologies work like lithography techniques.
  • Any size of brochures can be print easily in this process wherever some boundaries in the digital process according to various sizes of the brochure can be printed in this process.
  • Offset printing is the best and fast printing option for a brochure.
  • Brochures are printed in CMYK format whereas CMYK stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black and Pantone color (special color).
  • All data (text and image) transferred on to 4 separate CTP (computer to plate) particularly cyan, magenta, yellow and black, with the help of a roller, data is transferred on rubber blanket, when paper passes through the rubber blanket and impression of the pressure of a roller, the rubber blanket leaves an impression on paper and print finally comes out.

Brochure Printing Post Press Work:

Basically, this process is done for the safety and the amazing quality look of the product that makes it better.

  1. Aqueous coating
  2. Gloss lamination
  3. Matte lamination & Gloss
  4. UV Coating
  5. Folding
  6. Shape Die Cut
  7. Matte lamination or gloss lamination depends on the selected mass audience.

Best Folding and Creasing Method

When it comes to cutting and folding you might have found that the brochure might have been torn or unmatched brochure leaf sometimes, the reason behind is that of the unethical folding and creasing process.

Brochure folding consists of a paper of 170 gsm and above requires a Laser Die for the accuracy of folding and creasing.

For a low volume brochure, the creasing process is done by an automated machine but the false part is that 99.9% it takes time more.

How to add more paper in a brochure?

You can add more paper using external pocket glued. External pocket helps us to keep the brochure quotation and supporting documents etc. Make sure the external pocket is kept inside for a minimum of 3 mm each side, paste it with high-quality glue otherwise it would fall from the laminated brochure as the time would pass.

Why does lamination remove after a few months later from a printed brochure?

  1. While getting laminated the temperature should be adaptable to the material.
  2. Avoid texture and uncoated paper
  3. Make sure that the paper is dust-free.

Why should I keep a perfect bleed size for Best Quality Printing Brochure?

Well, for best brochure printing it requires a minimum bleed of 0.25″ each side should be of less than margin because that might cut the content while trimming the brochure.

A bleed plays the role of guideline for text and image that helps to keep content in a safe area before trimming it.

Do we need to keep each panel in an equal format size fo a multi-fold brochure?

Absolutely Not, Keep in mind while making a brochure design of a multi-fold brochure front leaf must be of 1.MM wider compared to all inside and the last leaf  MM shorter compared to all inside the leaf.

To get a brochure design with perfect bleed space, relevant text and high-quality images Designing click here 

Offset or digital printing, which one is the best for a patented color brochure printing?

This is often asked, Well, in the digital printing process there is no much control system to produce the required color. Offset printing is the only printing method that can produce the patent color in a brochure. There is control, but for the low volume, it goes for a high cost.

How much time does it take to design and print a corporate brochure?

It doesn’t take much time, ready-made brochure template has made it easy to design a brochure as fast as it’s possible. When it comes to picture incorporation it may take more time to work with precision.

Designing is part of development. A designer always has a craze of what can be better.

Usually, an A4 size, 4-6 page brochure take 4-6 hour hardly depending images and content manipulation.

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How much does a brochure cost per piece?

Price per unit of a brochure depends on various factors such as size, paper thickness, quantity,  and coating, etc.

Nominal quantity 50-100 pcs, A4 size two-fold brochure overall comes Rs 20-25/- each

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Landscape VS Portrait, Which one is the most popular Brochure Printing Layout?

Both layout brochures are fast-moving. It depends on your preference. According to my experience, landscape brochure layout is better.

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