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Catalogue Printing
Catalogue Printing

Catalog Printing

A catalogue printing is a well-arranged bunch of printed leaf, it may be bounded center stitched, perfect or wire-o bound, known as a product or service catalog.

  • Usually, a catalogue is being made mainly to increase the sale points and secondly for branding and marketing.
  •  A well-organized catalog not only increases sale but make your company band highlight and enhance its credentials.
  • A very well-designed and content arranged catalog leaves a heavy impact to the customer. If you have a non-professional catalog it will directly affect your organization reputation.

Another way you can say a catalog is just a booklet that contains the multiple pages of publicity material, company’s products or services. It is a very common advertising material these days and can be seen in almost every business promotion campaign.

Mostly a catalog is used in B2B Business marketing as well as in exhibition materials and trade fair.

When there is few product or services you can make a brochure 1/2 fold, 2 fold, it could be an economic point view of pricing.

What kinds of content does a product catalog must contain?

  • Make a cover page with dominant with company name, brand and topmost product photo to understand what about product catalog is made of.
  • A catalog should be attractive at a glance so that a customer must engage with product and services.
  • Keep the designing content aspect ratio of visual and text 40 and 60% area. it is said: “an image is much enough than 1000 of words.” it is enough to engage the customer.
  • Use a high-quality image only.
  • Use the content in the headline, sub-headline, and small paragraph. it’s easy to understand product info what feature have it.
  • Narrative content
  • Company profile must be added that help to understand the company background easy to understand to the customer company credentials.
  • Don’t use Internet images, would be better if done catalog product photography.
  • Make a significant space to your dealer company name and address information.
  • Call to action should be strong easy to lead conversion into sale.
  • Proofreading twice with a separate editor before printing that makes more perfection.
  • Before sent to the press get print out from Epson laserjet color get close to final color print catalog

It is usually made of multi-page including company profile, product image with description, company office address and terms and conditions.

Standard sizes of product booklet

Usually, a catalog size depends on product images, a small product such as key chain, the bracelet can be made A5 and A4 sizes. easily can be placed 3-4 images of each page.

Overall 60-70% catalog is made on A5 and A4 sizes as well as my experience. 

Real estate, jeweler, interior designer, wallpaper, fashion designer love to make an A3, 12″ x 12″ and custom square size made to easily visualize closely. when it comes to pricing compared to standard size goes higher point view of more wastage.

How perfectly you want to share information with your customer according to decide your product catalogue size.

The company makes their e-brochure custom size.


10 Tips that make help to select the best quality and cost effective catalog printing paper

  1. Find out clearly who will see your catalog? what is customer demographic?
  2. You have made your design what does font size and color background most is the point of view of color density.
  3. Have you set your goal to want to make a laminated/non laminated product catalog?
  4. Is a catalog logo or brand name have a patented/registered color instruction is given?
  5. Decide catalog size you want to make really.
  6. Post press work such as UV coating, embossing or foil printing etc.
  7. Content writing and proofreading are very tough to work make a sure major mistake damage your company reputation, as well as my suggestion, get proofreading twice.
  8. Before sent file to the press, get a color printout from Epson inkjet printer.

Clear all these parameters to help you choose the best paper quality, size, and cost-effective

Above instruction made you aware about content size and which paper get best printing result, post press application etc.

Is a catalog template made easy to choose product design catalog?

Now a ready made template get more helpful to choose catalogue design a well as

  1. More ideas
  2. Work done fast
  3. Unprofessional person can design well
  4. Designing cost reduced
  5. Understand color theme
  6. Common error as well as bleed, text and image ratio area well arranged.
  7. Help to narrate headline, subhead line and paragraph etc.

To get help about catalog design services click here

How to make a catalog waterproof and sturdy ?

Basically, a catalogue is made once or twice a year, so if a catalogue is sturdy and waterproofed it lost long longer time. You need to it thermal laminate and get rid of wet, fold  and tear of it, even it pass out in unlimited hand.

A 28-30 micron BOPP film is the best for thermal lamination catalogue.

Cold lamination make your catalogue soft and waterproof.

Offset or Digital, which one catalog printing method is the best?

Both the printing process is useful itself when we are talking about catalog printing it is observed that mostly a corporate get printed catalog.

For corporate identity, they have their regd. trademark and patent color they follow their standard to make establishment in the market point view color, brand, trademark registration etc. Corporate hire a professional brand manger who take care their brand.

The “offset printing process is the best way for quality catalogue printing as there is more option to produce the required color output”.

How to select a best catalogue printing service providers?

Untill i have not got experience about catalogue printing services it is very difficult to find out best printer who can provide dedicated delivery and optimum quality

There are some tips following them on priority you can choose

  1. Ask for sample made by them various types of related
  2. Always prefer a in house printing service providers
  3. Keep from your competitors catalogue
  4. Consult them which one printing method either digital or offset printing
  5. Ask for them about printing machine they have and ink they used in printing

As well as my experience sheet feed printing machine Hedelberg SM72 and SM74 is the best for offset printing it can be print upto 175% dot easily.

Theses machines can print 300-400 gsm paper hassle – free.


The catalogs printing not only tell your customers who you are and what you offer but also have the ability to pitch promotional offers and make ordering perfectly easy on each and every page. A catalog is a well-arranged document with Image in booklet form, also known as a catalog, to sell product or Service of a specific trade. Catalog printing is the better way to reach out to customers, in which product information in brief with multi-product list, A good catalog leaves a heavy impact than a salesman in the marketing sector. Mostly a product or service catalog is complete info of company profile, contact address, email, web address etc. The printed catalog is mostly used by corporate to distribute to dealers, authorized distributors and retailers with rate list categories wise and brands wise updated from time to time.  Various types of product know more click here

What are post press application made on the quality catalog printing?

  1. Varnish
  2. Lamination
  3. UV Coating
  4. Embossing
  5. Leaf Printing
  6. Catalog Binding

There are several application you can customize according to your budget. these application is made to get content safety, attractive and long lasting solutions.

Catalog printing feature

Designing pattern and overlook of a catalog as per industries to industries (jeweler, IT, grocery, furniture, travel, etc.) differs. Best designing and printing catalog required high-resolution products color Images to design  combination with content etc., offer standard size A5 and A4, paper thickness 130gsm – 350gsm art paper gloss, matte finish, imported paper, coated uncoated apply high technologies printing machines, binding depends according no. of pages whether saddle stitch or perfect Bind as per customer requirements, offering process color and SPL color with varnish, UV coating, lamination for decent look to keep in mind for economical, our innovative expertise team check at every step of process, before dispatch. always ready to guide through email, Live Chat, online 24x7x365 Day. click here more info

What we do

Shivani Enterprises offers our customers & prospective client through online catalog printing services in Munirka Delhi-NCR India. Facilitating file checkup, online pdf proof, minimum printing turnaround with pan India delivery system. Catalog printing is long lasting investment and marketing tools & help to produces big size revenue for your company.

How to select the best binding option of corporate catalogue printing book.

A catalog is a just booklet form. the type of binding depends on no. of pages and thickness it contains. Usually, a catalogue is bound as saddle stitching, spiral wire-o and perfect method.

Under no pages 32-40 I always prefer saddle stitched or wire-o. it’s very easy to read and handle properly.

Above 40 pages perfect binding is the best option, perfect binding required spine thickness it should be minimum 10 mm for better perfect.

There is a formula to select book binding option, as well as my advice spine thickness above 10 mm you must go for perfect binding option.

How does a catalog play it’s a role in corporate industries?

I have made many corporate catalogs such as Samsung, Airtel, Ansel, Tata, Reliance and many more. I found a catalogue is a fully business model it is product or services catalogue.

Even you have a very high-quality product and competitive price, until it reaches in the whole seller or retailer perfectly on right presentation sale will not generate.

Need help to make a high quality visual product catalogue click here

What is the basic fundamental to get inexpensive catalog printing?

  1. Quantity
  2. Size
  3. Paper Quality and Stock
  4. Post Press Work (UV Coating, Lamination, Varnish, Leaf Printing)

All these parameters are a major factor, considering it, you can make your catalog printing budget economical and exclusive.

To reach out to more prospects go for high volume offset printing process, per unit cost comes very low.

Low volume catalog printing select digital printing process as it doesn’t require processing cost and more time.

Usually, the catalog is being made 170 gsm paper and above.

What is e-catalog?

E-catalogue is a soft version of catalog used by electronic media such a mobile, notepad, laptop.

Now it’s a digital world 30-40% population is engaged with electronic media such as a desktop computer, laptop, Mobile notepad, etc. they prefer information on an electronic device.

Now there is a trend of online shopping, corporate get make their e-catalogue such as amazon, flipcart, shopclue etc.

To get your e-catalogue design click here

Can we make a booklet of 10 pages in saddle-stitched?

Absolutely No, We required multiple of 4pages, if there is some pages blank you can “add blank pages” in the last. in the cause of 10 pages saddle stitched catalog including cover, you must have to add 2 pages blank at last. Your finally 12 pages saddle stitched booklet will be ready.

Catalog with docket folder

People love to make a catalog with docket folder that helps to add more pages as well as a promotional voucher and seasonal discount etc. These pocket is pasted externally last inside page.

Catalogue v/s Brochure

There is huge misconception between catalogue and brochure. 50% people consider brochure to a catalogue. As well as my concern a catalogue is a bunch of numbers of leaf well arranged and bound with saddle stitched, perfect bound or wire-o.

Where a brochure is a single leaf, it may be one or multiple fold, a brochure price always cheaper compare to catalogue

How much does a catalogue cost per piece?

It is very difficult to quote per piece price un till understanding appropriate requirement of client as well as catalogue qty., number of pages, paper quality, kinds of binding, post press work (lamination, UV coating, Embossing, Foil printing etc) etc.

Over all 8 pages, saddle stitched, A4 size, Qty 15-20 pcs each cost INR 45-50/- pcs

To get instant quote catalogue price per click here

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