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Envelope Printing

Envelopes Printing

Envelope Printing is basically packaging materials made of coated, uncoated, handmade paper, inside need with self-adhesives to peel out and seal important stationary items as cheque, quotations, letters, invoice, invitation card, brochures so on… It is kinds of with window and non-window, big and small, opening from top or side with laminated or non-laminated are made.


Letter Size envelope
Letter Size envelope

The Standard sizes of envelopes are 10×4.5, 10×12, 10×14, 12×16 inch, paper thickness 70 gsm to 130 gsm usually. In which pre-printed senders name and address, at the time of posting letter receivers name and address written by hand or stickers pasted on it. Sometimes returned to the sender’s address in the cause of undelivered due to receivers address changed or any other reason.

The envelopes are very important for official documentation. Mostly letters presented in the company are printed as the brand, company name, logos are considered professional. Besides official envelopes printing different kinds of colourful envelopes are made for various use as in to gift come one. Printed envelopes help to short out and delivery personnel to delivery soon. The envelope can be the customised size and shape you like to see envelope printing of economical and exclusive as per various types of the company as per their requirement. For Printing, price click  here

How does envelope printing do?

The envelope custom designing and printing is a process that takes within a week. There are two different types of envelope window and non-window printing. Several factors should be considered when deciding what type of printing process would best for your requirements. Our envelope printing is a speedy and highly competitive way of sourcing a short run and large quantity of envelope for your every requirement. We do print envelopes on high-quality paper stock & different sizes. Please select any envelope printing option as per need and Shivani Enterprises is a place where you’re all envelope printing requirement end.

You have been seen envelope used in banking for security purpose as point view of security pin and confidential letter are made printed inside not to reflect inside letter content outside for security purpose. To avoid reflection thicker paper, opaque colour printing and graphics are used. Unique style envelope for special occasions as wedding, birthday, opening ceremony, gift items etc. know more click here

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