Offest Printing in Munirka Delhi NCR India

Offset Printing

Offset printing is a process to make a print for bulk quantity and fast printing purpose such as educational books, brochure, magazines, newspaper, packing wrapper materials etc. This method was started in the year 1766

Offset printing method cover 80% printing business itself. There are two types of offset printing machines. Both of them printing process is the same but there is a little bit different is only that one print flat substrate printing and another roll form substrate printing.

Both print processes are oil-based ink process known as lithography printing, this process is used for the long-run job

Offset Printed Product
Offset Printing

1. Sheet feed offsets: Sheets printed flat and rectangle shape, one by one pass into the press and come out with complete printing, in this process long range stuff can be print like paper, plastic, fabric etc, as per prescribed thickness, as well as 20 gsm to 400 gsm paper, can be printed easily. Smallest paper size starts 11.692”x8.268” to 28”x40”, paper, plastic, and metal etc. Per unit cost is higher compared to the web offset process.

Wall Calendar, Table Calendar, Card Board Box, Stickers, Book Printing, Catalogue, Presentation Folder etc. is done through this method.

Sheet Feed Offset
Sheet Feed Offset

2. Web offset: In the web offset paper feed in the form of reel and entire reel printed job there after the cut into the size and fold to finish job overall covered this process as news, magazines large-scale works are done in a short time, basic cost is too high, per unit cost is very low in bulk qty. even that is roll form as paper, foil, Bopp packaging materials or flat sheet this process is known as offset printing.

Web offset
Web offset

How it works: Overall sheet feed and web offset printing process are the same. First of all, artwork what I have to print in offset design burn into the metal plate as “cyan, magenta, yellow and black” each separate metal plate known as CYMK in short as a processed color also and Pantone colour can be used instead of processed color. Next step is these separate CYMK plate design transfer onto different color rubber blanket rolls different color blanket run with separate color when media (paper) comes to the contact by press between a rubber roll and metal plate final print production.

Offset printing plate & rubber blanket
Offset printing plate & rubber blanket

Colour Saturation

Sometimes it happens when you set color as per artwork during running job in CPC machines process colour printing, come color variation in solid colour to control contrast it proper we must use pantone color there is no chance to be colour variation.

Special Color or Registered

When it comes to color accuracy we must go for offset printing as it is easy to control color while on printing process and in this process various media can be printed each of them media have different absorbing capacity and surface after press result may be out of willing so first of all special ink can be tested on the same media to check before press.

Why we should choose offset printing method?

1. Best print image quality without missing spot and streaks

2. Color separation in equivalent on any material

3. Fast print process

4. For bulk quantity per page, the unit cost comes less price compare to the digital print process

5. Microdot printability.

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Why ignore?

1. High unit price on low volume/low sheet run job

2. Required more time as compared to digital

3. High risk if get any error, as it takes more time, need to review files, set up the press, make plates make sure proofs are approved before they can even get started printing your job.

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Embossed Printing in Munirka, New Delhi NCR India

Embossed Letter Printing

Embossing means something raised from the surface label when we touch and feel it, in this process letters or image come out after getting it embossed and developed,  Point view of quality earlier it was used to do compared to now a day very poor and got a long time to complete it. But as of now modern technologies for utmost quality with CNC machinery produce the best quality die cost and embossed finish letter with 99.99% accuracy look the way you wish. Give a nice look embossed letter printing in visiting card, letterhead, invitation card, certificate etc.

Latest Technology

There are two types of the embossing process

1. Quality of ink with heat printing method as crystal UV

2. Through male and female metal die pressure

embossed letter printing
Crystal UV Embossed Card


Crystal UV Embossed CardFollowing option no.1: Front embossed, and backside remain, technically when a liquid chemical applied on stuff front side (targeted objected) and come on contact with heat, then chemical raised upside and the product became ready looks good and embossed.

Die Embossed Card
Die Embossed Card

Option no. 2. Embossing letter printing through male and female metal dies pressure, these dies are made of brass, zinc or aluminium in this embossing process required male and female for each object you required to emboss, first of all, make two computerized metal raised-die and de-raised-die, and keep an object between the male and female die and pressurized upside then front side embossed and back side became de-embossed. You could have been seen very lovable invitation card you that memories again and again

When we touch and feel it give very imaging feelings as like logo or brand image, logic behind it is the area we want to Emboss printed area or blind made a (zink or brass) metal die set of male (raised) and female (de raised) according to stuff thickness as per embossing height depends on stuff thickness people make inexpensive materials to high light their brand. Whenever printed paper come into contact between the male and female die and pressed then produced embossed letter printing.

Old Method

Earlier it was done embossing letter printing through specific powder and a heat process. In some cause it happens powder adhered to the embossed stuff, quality comes very worse secondly if stuff is not resistant when heats on stuff color turn to yellowish and curled. the other option metal die was prepared by hard acid output accuracy reduced 7-10%. As passing time technology has been changed the quality of embossing have been the computerized effect is quality improved and time saved.

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