Canopy Printing in Munirka, Delhi NCR India

Canopy Printing

Canopy Printing

Advertising on the canopy printing is the best outdoor advertising material for campaigning.  A canopy is usually, used for campaigning in the outdoor area, whereas crowded area such as educational, industrial or marketplaces, trade show, exhibition and event hall, etc.

There are various shape and size of the canopy is made such as cubical, hut and pyramid. The canopy’s shape is made for the safety of sunlight, cool wind, rain and with advertising space temporarily sitting for volunteer and salesperson. It’s easy to set up and collapse then pack in an individual bag and carry.

There are various types of advertising material, the canopy one of them is the best visual display medium the structure is made of foldable cylinder iron pipe in 1.5 ” Dia. with ms powder coating metal.

Canopy Printing-Designing 

It’s the most advertising tool so have to make in mind make the design of advertisement materials prominent branding as it is observed visibility from the distance of at least 1-2 meter distance off. To get the best canopy designing option click here can get the ready design of canopy in minimum turnaround, maximum brand display layout and with best quality content and images. There are many panels such as

  1. Bottom left side
  2. Bottom right side
  3. Bottom Frontside
  4. Main backdrop
  5. top left side
  6. top right side
  7. top Frontside
  8. Canopy Printing
    Canopy Printing


Canopy Printing -Standard Sizes and Materials

Overall a canopy standard size comes for advertisement is decided according to space to sit volunteer or salesperson inside standard cubical space such as 7’x7’x7′, 6’x6’x7′, 5x5x7′, 4’x4x’x7′ where each size has 7′ ft. height and other two size is length and width.

Canopy Printing Structure

Usually, all these panels are fixed in 1 dia inch iron pipe, in the form of each endpoint male and female section, each pipe one end male and another female, no require a bolt and unbolt, pinch, to install. So it is easy to install, these pipes are made of 22 gauge thickness so that could not bend easily. This metal has 0.03-0.50% carbon that is very strong material.  It has 7 panels for advertisements among them top 3 sides (left, right and front) and bottom 3 sides (left, right, and front) advertise space is 1 ft x length and width, and full-size backdrop tightened with Velcro.

Canopy Advertisement Materials

Advertisement material is printed of flex 300 gsm thickness, Eco-solvent canopy printing materials with high-lighting brand, logo, product or services in the focused point and stitched on tentron fabric (waterproof fabric) 300 gsm thickness (waterproof, hot sun, cool windproof) fabric materials available color such as red, green, yellow, blue you can select according to company color theme and stitch on for durability and waterproof ability.


The main purpose of canopy printing is making the canopy is the advertising of the product or provides services. We do a print for better quality first print and stitched on to cloth with waterproof, durable and multi-time useable.

Learn how to set up a canopy in few a minute?

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