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Identity Card Printing

A corporate photo identity card printing is a very important document while travelling in domestic or overseas, visiting anywhere outside or in office now a day. Life is very busy and risky it feels your presence in the crowd of the world. We must keep the identity card to be safer and secure it also helps to make entry a fast way and it gives a good impression to your organization.

Overall School, College, BPO, KPO Corporate get printed identity card to make company security and integrity. It also encourages the employee to work better in their association and also help to get entry sooner. Identity Card Printing is incomplete without the cardholder and lanyard printing

More Security Reason Attendant gets to print GPS enabled Identity Card that can be tracked in caused something going the wrong location wise.

How to make a creative identity card printing?

A Corporate Identity Card tells much more about you and your organization without telling a single word it keeps full information of employer brand name, logo, and employee personal information such as name, designation, age, blood group with user term and conditions etc. and give the good impression of your organization. While making the design have to keep in mind the Company Logo and it’s Brand prominent and information in the safe area that helps to give an attractive look.

How Impressive your identity card looks it depends on the layout of identity card and info-graphics as you know the standard size of identity card size is 2.15×3.25 inch as well as credit card/debit card size, thickness 0.5 mm, materials nonbreakable. Before digitization identity card made through screen printing but now you can get a print high resolution 1200 dpi. Click here to get the creative design of identity card

Importance of Identity card Printing

1. An easy way to improve who you are if required.

2. Identify among member with your designation able to work.

3. Identify your age and blood if happening something wrong.

4. Helps from unauthorized persons.

Safety from most of all identity card made of paper and laminated both sides. well, sharp cut edges make a good impression.

Chipset Identity Card

printing this types of the card used for some internal information for security purpose made to prevent fraud and texts are embedded through software not visible content easy to access of each employee accountability and make a better relationship between employee and employer.

How much an identity cost?

  1. The cost of an identity card depends on the quality of material used
  2. No. card to be printed as well as in school, college, corporate
  3. Corporate and institution demand photography onsite

Overall each card starts Rs. 75-80 onward

 An Identity Card Without Lanyard is Incomplete

Keep an Identity safer required a YOYO, lanyard and Frame

Cheapest Identity Card Printing

As well as my concern, i don’t recommond but people use a hard paper print front and back keep thermal lamination and cut into the size. During high or low temperature atmosphere paper release the lamination and it come damage into two parts.

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