Email Marketing


Email Marketing

Email Marketing
Email Marketing

Email marketing is a very effective tool for marketing. Used for a commercial, social, and political purpose even individual or in a group. to promote business and services you can get good ROI by sending free or paid emails. Through automated software in the required time frame. The software is automated you feel like mails are sending by a human being.

What is subscribed data?

Email marketing is the way in which subscriber get allow to receive email, not spam, to send email to without subscribing member is known spam. There is various email software conversion of email marketing ROI depends on the product you are selling the product.

How much important content in email marketing

There is some basic parameter have to follow for maximum delivery because of it filtered with violated contents.

To grow your business fast is the best way

Best Email Marketing Agency

  1. Send grid
  2. Chimp mail
  3. Verticle response
  4. Serv mail

Chimpmail Allow you to send a 2000 email free of cost in a month.

How to keep connected to your existing clients?

Email marketing tacting is the best way to keep in touch with your clients even fortnight, monthly or quarterly it can be either automated or individual. it is very easy in a highly busy schedule.

I used to remind our existing client usually.

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Sublimation Printing in Munirka Delhi NCR India.

Sublimation Printing

  • It’s a completely digital printing process, using an inkjet printer with cyan, light cyan, magenta, light magenta, yellow, black ink is used in sublimation ink printing. It is very easy and economical printing method, primarily t-shirt was done by traditional screen print process that took a long time, result with inaccuracy and inferior quality.
  • Sublimation printing required a computer attached inkjet printer with sublimation ink, sublimation paper, a heating transfer machine, heatproof tape, a cutter, and scale easily can print info-graphic on any stuff such as fabric rigid stuff like wood, plastic, paper, cloth etc.
  • It is known as dye sublimation. After sublimation printing it can not be wash out even multiple washes, neither scratch nor peel out 100% fade proof any polyester material based product.
  • Brand promotion as the t-shirt, cap, mug printing, freeze magnet, id card, lanyard, pillow cover, cushion, keychain, mobile photo cover print, ceramic photo printing, and sports suit give a good scope of the sublimation printing industry.
  • Content is printed on to object in reverse on sublimation paper and after transfer, it comes straight.
Sublimation Print
Sublimation Print

Concept Behind Sublimation Printing

Basically, sublimation printing based on polyester coating on paper, when sublimation ink come on contact with the heat, ink directly convert from solid to gas and fixed on to the object without converting into the liquid state.

Elements Required For Best Quality Sublimation Printing

I) Design

The first step challenge goes to the designer to make high-quality info-graphics artwork need to print, there are various types of product done by sublimation printing each of them have different space for branding.  it may be caused to pixelate image and to know more how to select a high-quality image on high-quality transferable sublimation paper.

II) Equipment And Skilled Person

Entire artwork transfer from a paper to object depends on the quality of paper and sublimation ink. it is my concern use Korean in the brand name is Inktec is the best sublimation printing ink. 2. Inkjet printer L805, Keep quality sublimation printed paper between the polymer and object you require and keep the equal pressure up to 350 -400 Fahrenheit simultaneously heat and transfer paper ink to the object you require print thereafter remove heat and peel out paper and it leaves a permanent print on the object, so your product is ready to execute

Black Mug
Black Mug

There are different kind of heat attachment process as a cap, t-shirt, mug, plate according to application heat press are differently some media such as curved edge as a plate, smartphone over, 3d vacuum heat press evergreen to get services

Screen Print tshirt
Screen Print T-shirt

These applications are versatile to grow your business by sublimation printing.

Best Quality Sublimation Printing Materials.

JETCOL, FANTECK sublimation paper, JTECK sublimation ink

To get sublimation printing sample click here

Magic Mug
Magic Mug

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Menu Card Printing in Munirka Delhi NCR India.

Menu Card Printing

The menu card printing, when we are talking about the menu so many hotels, spa, bar or restaurant name comes on automatic in mind describing delicious food, snacks, drinks etc. How big and relaxing place you are sitting to have a cup of coffee, dinner or lunch depending on the quality of the food menu? The first glance inside the restaurant goes to the item on the menu card printed likewise items and prices etc..


Menu Card Stuff to be Printed

As well as technology advanced directly can be printed on stuff as well as plastic, cloth, leather, paper

The standard menu size menu of in the legal size, easy to see at one glance, the menu we made in size legal, A4, custom size and printing technique (offset, screen, digital, UV printing, laser marking, embossed or de-embossed) with waterproof.

Designing is a major factor to make the eye-catchy menu.  Print Solutions


Whenever we are entering a food pub, the restaurant our eye goes to a menu first if it looks attractive we understand there would be some attractive things. while customers are sitting and waiting to their order a good design & print menu can get relief to the seen menu again and again and relaxation in more time.

  1. The menu must be with image and content
  2. Waterproof
  3. The font must be readable

Best Quality Menu Card Printing

Luxury menu Card printing is done on  golden or Silver Plastic Sheet printing application laser engraving or UV Printing

What is the standard size of the Menu Card?

There are various sizes of Manu Card bus most popular size are

  1. A5
  2. A4
  3. A3
  4. Legal

Five Star hotels and 3-star hotel get print overall legal sizes with leatherette

looks with golden or silver de

Table Menu

Basically, the table menu are made in limited quantity with high quality and attractive and laminated basic cost goes up to 40-150 each

Take away menu

Take away menu is made on low quality and high volume using a flyer for the customer one-time use and through prices goes on 0.50 to Rs 2.00 Rs depending quality of paper and sizes used. It is used as use and through.

A4, A5 sizes are mostly used. its printing is done through lithography method.


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Photo Frame

Photo Frame

Making Digital Photo, without frame is incomplete. Any size photo frame you can get. there are some standard sizes A5, A4, A3, A1 and another bigger size.

The border colour is available in black, silver, golden, wooden and metallic looks, single frame and double frame with unique design and pattern, keeping photo frame is alive memory to your someone near & dear give us reason and encourage to live and do better duty to the nation and family.

Photo Frame Golden Border
Photo Frame Golden Border

Send Photo Frames to your Dear Ones on Special Days As a birthday, wedding anniversary!

Popular photo frame size

Gifting your dear ones a photo frame relishes the most cherished memories. This way you can preserve the sweetest and most exquisite moments with the flying time. If you are staying away from your family, you can send photo frames with digital large format print it may be of fabric, paper, or synthetics with photos that have the most intense moments that you spent together. What could be a better gift than this? Reveal you’re most heartfelt moments whom you love and miss deeply.

Photo Frame Brown Border
Photo Frame Brown Border

9 Amazing Photo Frame Design, Loved Everyone

Buy or order photo frames that are mesmerizing in variety, vibrant in colors, elegant in designs and are bestowed with beautiful shapes. We have a huge range of classic photo frames which you can use for displaying your wildlife photographs, wedding photographs or group photographs. Our photo frames are made up of glass, Makrana marble, mango wood, medium density fibre board, natural horn, You can buy them in silver, gold, bronze or any other metallic polish. Usually used 2mm thickness gloss up to size 2ftx3 ft and more than this size gloss used 3 mm onward.

Where from get a photo frame within an hour?

We take care of your all round comfort and hence make frames delivery online. Surf through our magnanimous online store that provides the most striking gifts idea to you. Our store includes beautiful jeweller for the lovely ladies, perfumes and wrist watch for the gentlemen cushion sets, bouquets and delicious cakes too.

Photo Frame Fiber
Photo Frame Fiber

You can avail the free shipping facility after making purchases through our huge online store. Furthermore, ask for our same day delivery if you need to send the gift on an urgent basis. To fill surprises in the lives of your loved ones, midnight delivery is the best option. The best part of shopping through us is that we also bestow delivery in a few hours.

Excellent photo frame incomplete without a high-quality photo

There are various element requirement for eye-catchy photo frame as well as print quality, frame type, cardboard, and finishing.

High-quality image print image speaks itself

Get exclusive photo metallic frame with light click here

You can get various types of the border frame

Photo Frame Design
Photo Frame Design


So, stay close to your loved ones by sending the most intimate gifts.

How to send a photo frame safe to a destination?

It’s a challenge to deliver safe because you have made for gifting you must be wrapped with bubble and pack it hard stuff box because glass is used to prepare it

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Wooden Die Making & Process

Wooden Laser Die Making

Making a design of the box, envelope, presentation folder, Greeting Card, Craft Coaster printing and packaging required a die. To make the special shape of Brochure, Catalogue, Docket Folder, Packaging Material, Envelope, Notepad etc required a Laser Die Making is made through the computer.

To get pinpoint accuracy of printing product is a combination of the same layout of printing file and die making files and during the cutting of paper required marking must be matched to the printing layout.

Fact Behind Wooden Laser Die Making

  1. Highly precised work
  2. The multi-time die can be used
  3. Blade durability enhanced
  4. Error Chance Decreased
Wooden Laser Die
Wooden Laser Die

Specialities of Wooden Laser Die Making

80% of wooden lased die making process is based on the direct computerised layout to laser cutting of wood, blade. 20% work executed manually as well as fixing blade and punch into the wood.

This latest wood cutting technique is applied in only required area and cutting blades inserts on point with very tight as well as no chance to lose and deface we required artwork while die cutting process even any high pressure and carry on a long time.  As another way to make made by saw and manual that could cause inaccuracy.

There are various size envelopes comes as well as different purpose sometimes it may be a very important document when we are dispatching have to keep in mind not to destroy in the way in the logistic.

To get the best quality envelope you must be adopted Laser Die Making registration make will be 100% accurate.

To get a wooden laser die sample click here

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Dangler Printing

Dangler printing, it is a kind of advertisement materials of the product displayed outside or inside shop hanged over the rope. Customer when goes to the shop before purchase materials these kinds of materials are made by the advertising company to their clients. it is made of some “eye catchy content” design and shape that can attract the audience such as shape packing of product creative visualized on the paper. it may be mentioned as an offer, new product launch etc. The dangler layout is a major factor for attractive dangler. Usually, are printed both sides printed. West way to make promotion your new launch product.




Before knowing more about product quality eye catchy dangler printing attracts more people to purchase first time to try it, is the art of creative dangler design. Our creative designers have the right talent to take up the designing of danglers and providing unique and exceptional layouts. We offer them in different sizes and shapes with vibrant colors. Also, we provide unique layout that attract to the customer to try first test new product.

Danglers Printing Services

These danglers are made thick or thin paper and corded with a rope and move around the centre are printed both side colour you can see such as mother dairy, Hardware, Chemist shop etc. Overall before launching a new product corporate advertising in bulk to washout audience thinking to adopt their product.


Printing Technologies

Because it is used in bulk so we should be followed lithographic technology applying laser due give it accurate shape with a lot not to tear out easily. if you want to make some unique quality you may apply UV printing. Place online order click here. Most of all danglers are printed both side as well as wind blow it moves a round it and 360 digree visible artwork.

Most of all dangler is used may be indoor or outdoor, you will see it may be destroyed by the wind, rain, so want long-lasting danger required lamination, high stock paper, either gloss or matte.


Shivani Enterprises is an online commercial Designing | Printing | Advertising company based In Delhi, India. at 249/2, Opposite Vasant Vihar Bus Depot, Rama Market Munirka New Delhi 10067, Tel: 91 9213123897, 91-46091624, Email:,,;

Portable Backdrop Stand

Backdrop Stand

Used behind the covering entire the stage, with full coverage the printed overall story behind the event. Usually used in the Auditorium hall, seminar, open ground collage student celebration, wedding ceremony, with printed fold-able backdrop adjustable up to 8’x8′ minimum 4’x4′ printed, printing, normally used for birthday, kitty party, quality solvent print, UV print for best quality backdrop stand order execution within 24 hrs.

Portable Back Drop
Portable Back Drop

Backdrop birthday or event. It tells us detail about the event is going on sometimes it happens that made a plan in urgently so it gets more time to arrange as well a fabricating print and hardware so very easy to keep ready-made backdrop stand.

Portable Backdrop Stand

While planning a business exhibition event we make a temporary backdrop that is made of flex and MS pipe fabrication as well as required size. once upon a time I got an order from high profile community and was given time within 5 minutes to install the backdrop with no supporting and no digging and interview was scheduled to finish within 35 minutes live screening and completely wind up within 5 minutes from that area. I remembered how it did with the excellent presentation, easy to install and remove the technique process through ready-made backdrop stand. sometimes you are organizing an event in the open air for safety you must use mesh banner as easy to pass air pressure to hold banner proper during the seminar.

Portable Backdrop Weight And Stability

These portable backdrops are high-quality powder coating stuff no chance to get rust and can be used multi times.

Re-Sizable  Backdrop

These backdrops are so userfriendly that can be adjusted as per our requirement from 4.5ftx4.5ft to 8ft x 8ft, within 10 minute

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Name Plate Maker in Munirka, Delhi NCR India.

Name Plate

A nameplate is known as signage that tells about who/what about are? maybe it a name and designation, address, reception, canteen etc. Usually, made of plastic, wooden, brass metal, plastic, silver metal, aluminium composite panel, printing application such as UV printing, engraving, laser marking etc.

These all type of can be made on nominal price by printing on vinyl and paste on sun board used on the office table or on the gate on residence having concern person name and address etc.

Pull & Push, Exit, Entrance, She Toilet, He Toilet, Waiting Hall etc are nameplate are common that can be used in numbers of that help to understand easily to act upon.

The flat brass letter is cut through laser cut the way you shape and size.

The customised brass letter is moulded with the size, thickness and style you required any thickness, size and shape by melting.

Pull and Push Name Plate
Pull and Push Name Plate


Basically, the badge is made a circle, oval, rectangle

Plastic Badge
Magnated Badge
Magnates Badge
Tin Badge
Tin Badge

Standard Size of Badge is 55 mm


Some plate is made of radiant stickers that glow itself when the light failed are used in hospitals, mall, corporate office where there is a huge gathering nameplate as Exit, Stairs etc.

Exit Name Plate
Exit Name Plate

Name Plate Making -Old Method

Earlier it was used to made through chemical known as die casting on the metal of handwritten on metal or wooden. As well as it was done manually so the chance of inaccuracy of design/letter become more as well as filling ink in the engraved area somewhere deeper or shallow got.

But signage technologies have been upgraded that can be made any kind of materials with best quality nameplate through laser engraving or Laser cut letter and adhere on the base sheet and fixed on the wall.


Unmatched Name Plate -New Method

To make a nameplate some unique for a company director or some other label using

  1. laser engraving and filling ink as well as registered color, no chance to fade and remove over the years.
  2. Direct print any stuff even metal or non-metal such as ” Brass, Stainless Steel, Wooden, Aluminium Composite Panel etc.” applying UV prints

Economical Name Plate

There are various types of substrate to make a nameplate on soundboard, acrylic, wooden,

Name Plate
Name Plate

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Wedding Invitation Card Printer in Munirka

Wedding Invitation Card

India is a country, where various religious people lived. All of them have a different tradition of wedding ceremony celebration. They all believe in the god by different idol and start their wedding life journey with the name of that.

It may be temple, church, gurudwara, mosque etc. considering god as a witness decided to live marriage life long journey of wedding.

According to culture, community and budget where they belong to, it is made.

The wedding ceremony is celebrated overall throughout the year. The cost of wedding card depends on the quality, how attractive you want to have it. point view of used paper quality, printing method applied, how many post print work is done on it. People make it as a showcase in their wedding room as a showcase.

How to Plan a Budget Wedding Card Printing?

Leaf Printing Card
Leaf Printing Card

There is the various religion of men each and everyone required wedding card, Wedding card in the versatile product used entirely the year.

I remember, huge no. of wedding invitation card invited with the help of the helicopter in Faridabad city in Haryana State India. The Wedding card value of 10,000 INR. So you will find a huge range of wedding cards well as there, are different community and label of liable as I have seen thousands of rupees each card print but after getting married that is nothing value so I hope he is unfair to expense money.

Printing application Screen Print, Digital, Laser Engraving, UV Printing, Leaf Printing, lithography etc. Can be made a name in Metallic, Plastic Powder Coated name of bride and grooms name

Is Wedding Card Printing Necessary For Wedding?


Tendency to receive a physical wedding card will never end because our closet Now entire world have been digitalis ed but your near and dear do not accept till receive physical wedding invitation card.

Various religion having there different cultural and there own hoping goe they want to get bless from the god to carry own lining.

Standard Turnaround Getting a Printed Wedding Card

Usually, it depends on the quality you required wedding card as well as screen printing, leaf printing, laser cut, UV coated etc. Minimal time for printing wedding card required 3-5 days. When it comes to print unique wedding card it may take up to 15-20 day depending on quantity and printing application.

Required software for wedding card design

Usually, wedding  cards design is made in Page Maker, Coreldraw Photoshop and Illustrator are main software to make creative. Deep knowledge of Corel Draw is sufficient for all requirement of wedding card design it self even your card is info graphics.

Where from i get print a wedding card printing within an hour?

You can get to print a wedding card within an hour to click here in this process you have to compromise as well as leaf printing, UV print and screen printing etc. Following digital printing wedding card.

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