UV Printing in Munirka Delhi NCR India

UV Printing

UV Printing

The UV Printing technology is changing very fast in a large format even rigid or flexible up to 2″ thickness printing materials can be print easily. There are various types of printing machines moves with ink and toner solution, but depends on how much they are helpful to the environmentally responsible, better quality prints and cost-effective.

Seeing global warming problems and demand of corporate large format print, a manufacturer of the large format printing machine and ink manufacturer are working day and night to make more environmental-friendly printing process competition are researching day by day and giving new technologies to the world, now trend of latest printing technologies of large format is UV Printing. It looks next coming up to 5 years the demand for UV printing will be continued up to 5 years. no option to overtake.

What is UV Printing and how it works?

This is kind of printing process in which on substrate printing is done on flatbed UV printing surface and substrate is fixed on the bed and printing head moves across the substrate according to artwork as soon as ink is applied on substrate an ultraviolet light attached behind the printing head as soon as ink spray ultraviolet LED light curved ink on substrate within a couple of second time; fixed give a glow printed effect and time to take dry up and no ordure it is 100% Eco-green system this process is applied even surface is uneven or even. in this process head moves 5-7 mm up from the subtract so no tension to damage of head and deface from wet ink.

What We Can Print Through UV Printing Machines

Basically Printing Head Mooves on the Object 2-3 inch above so no chance to damage the head.

Ink applied in the way of spray and curved by the laser within a second so no chance spread out

Any substrate can be print through UV printing even it is made of made of plastic, wooden, paper, cardboard, metal, foam, cloth any kind of material can be done print, mobile cover, sun board, pen, even whatever thickness substance.

The basic point of UV printing is based on attachment how to fix it on the flatbed area to print it.

Advantage :

1. 100 % colour density and opacity maximum

2. Environmental friendly process

3. No time taking for dry entire press work

4. Print colour glossy and No colour fade problem

5. Equal Colour Consistency

6. Automatic cleanup system

7. Any kinds of material can be print because the head moves horizontally

8. No ink evaporation of ink 100% ink utilised.

Disadvantage :

1. Do not dry without curving

2. Startup cost goes high.








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