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Carry Bag

After being a ban of Plastic Carry Bag demand of Paper Bag, Non Woven and Jute Bag boomed up. Usually, used in retail showrooms, shops, exhibition, in a large scale.

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A big brand like Big Bazaar, Wall Mart, Home Shop 18, Vishal Mega Mart used in bulk carry bag made of craft and non-woven material for the shake of an environment-friendly used paper bag or non-wooden carry bag, are printed in bulk quantity per unit price come very economical.

The non-woven carry bag can be printed screen printing and offset printing with eye catchy colourful design printing process done through the offset printing method.

and packing of bag done automation machine with hot glued no tension to tear out easily. Earlier it was used in large no. made of plastic due to ban plastic people adopted non woven and paper bag compared to plastic cost goes higher. These brand are sold complete household items quality maintain commonly.

Carry bag demand in the market

Carry Bag Materials:

1. Art Paper

2. Craft Paper

3. Jute Bag

Jute Carry Bag
Jute Carry Bag
Jute Bag Sample
Jute Bag Sample



Standard sizes of jute carry bag are 10″x12″and 12″x14″ with a spine of 3″ and strength you may carry up to 10 kg weight, Price comes over all Rs. 60 to 70/-pcs. smaller to bigger. These bags are 100% recyclable eco-friendly.

4. Cotton Cloth

5. Non-Woven Cloth

Types of the carry bag

  1. Disposable bag
  2. Multi-time usable carry bag
  3. Printing method
  4. How much a carry bags leave impact your brand noticed
  5. How long time it takes to make a carry bag
  6. The benefit of making a paper carry bag
  7. How to make a carry bag longer life
  8. Things avoid while making a carry bag

i)  Avoid toxic chemical while making a food carry bag

ii) Check the proper holding capacity of goods before making capacity.

But Brand used in niche product like jewellery, clothing is very particular about branding used high quality as well as they sell their product selection, a coating of paper and clothes, feel and touch, brand promotion, capacity of holding the article, colour matching with their brand etc. To make brand prominent used golden, silver, and specific hot stamping foils with high embossing etc. this process undergoes within a week but some caused making accuracy like clear die making, block for embossing may take time up to 10 days service.

Carry Bag, after the ban of plastic made disposable material as a place stick cup and carry bag etc, The demand of paper, cloth, jute and non-woven has been increased fastly worldwide as well as point view of environment issue government and NGO are very aware of providing help and avoid “not to uses polybag” campaign to the manufacturer and provide fund on the economical rate of interest, equipment and land, because of paper and non-woven paper cost, goes higher compared to the plastic poly bag. Paper bag, Jute, cloth, and non-woven bags are 100% environment-friendly.

Non woven material is technically known in the name of propylene polythene component in the roll form. There are the various size, thickness, colour available of raw materials of non woven as white, green, black. yellow, red and many more.

We can customize according to our requirement as per bag’s goods holding capacity even have to make stronger by using high gsm stuff or usually, used non-woven material for carrying bag is made 100 gsm to 150 gsm thickness onward.  Non weaved of the bag as per required space to put items into the bag.

Carry Bag

Cloth Carry bag; printing colour can be optimized single opaque colour as well as your brand colour combination to maximize your brand visual and logo but you do not make it cannot be laminate due to having dust and fibre to make more carry capacity you can get thicker fabric. You can get a print screen print spot one colour, two colours, three colours as well as your requirements etc.

Required to make a computerised die for making for a perfect quality bag.

Paper bag is comparatively high compared to non-woven carry bag it is easy can be made the thickness as well as you want to see and can be printed with the high-quality image with content as well as brands. the best quality carry bag you can select paper 300 gsm art card, printing multicoloured, leaf printing, UV coating,  with lamination, logo & brand embossed letter printed,  that gives you a  huge brand promotion. you may keep up to 10 kg weight hassle free. Paper Bag printing for purpose of maximum brand promotion is the best material option.

Which material is the cheapest for shopping carry bag?

Well, non wooven carry bag is the cheapest carry bag for shopping, for small size carry bag range starts from 2-3 rupees own ward, price are subject to quantity, size, printing quality & color etc.

Which one material carry bag long lost?

Shopping carry bag made of canvas is the strongest but branding is hard as well as canvas printing cost goes higher compared to paper and non wooven printing. If we compared jute bag and canvas bag a comparatively closed as well as my concern point view of price and carry bag life canvas material is the the best.

To make your canvas carry bag eco-nomical get screen print pr carry bag printing cost goes not more than 5-7 rupees.

Exclusive carry bag i have made ever!

I have executed carry bag best in my life that was challenged for me was very amazing quality was unexpected features given below.

“Cheapest carry bag can not be the best”

Application required unique carry bag is

  1. High Quality Images
  2. Suitable Printing Stuff
  3. Best Quality Offset Printing Services 
  4. Laser Wooden Die
  5. Metal Letter Stickers  
  6. High Quality Glue

All these are part of making a carry bag before making a bag think about what item you will offer to your respected clients it is a part of marketing and branding of your company

Basically, a big brand expense huge money for making exclusive carry bag for their branding not for handling goods purpose you have to set your goal.

If your carry bag is presentable it can be a long term advertisement solutions. Jeweler, Suiting & Shirting, Hotel Industries expense enough money for branding.

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