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Digital Marketing

There are various types of strategies for the marketing of products and services. Advertising media such as electronic media (Radio, Television, Cinema, Tele Calling, Youtube) Mouth Publicity and Print Media, (Newsletter, Flyer, Billboard) and online Digital Marketing, etc.

Digital Marketing initiative step was initiated in the 19th Century in the way of radio, later it was developed as a Black & White Television, sooner as a Color Television, but it was not enough to boost your business worldwide single click.

Meanwhile, the Internet Invented 1985-1995. That linked directly to the world in a single click at the lowest cost compared to all other electronic device media.

All kinds of marketing strategies we can be divided into 2 part only.

  1. Outbound Marketing

  2. Inbound Marketing


There are numbers of advertisement material for outbound marketing

  1. Flyer Printing
  2. Advertisement in Newspaper
  3. Poster Printing
  4. Advertisement in the magazine
  5. Flex Banner
  6. Standee
  7. Coaster
  8. Bill Board
  9. Advertising on Sunboard
  10. Sunpack Printing
  11. Bill Board
  12. Promotional Note Pad
  13. Promotional Pen
  14. Newsletters
  15. Table Calendar
  16. Catalog Printing
  17. Brochure Printing
  18. Gift Items

Advertising in newspaper is very costly you may have to pay a single day for one page in rupees of multiple lakh on a day in the popular paper as well as the Times of India, the hindustan times and the Dainik Jagran, etc.

Television Ad is not behind it. All these advertisement methods are only for a few people

Advertising through all these types of the method you can’t count on ROI. It raises some questions given below

A. Who will read your ad?

B. What would be their feedback?

C. What they are buying from you?

D. What is their opinion for you is?

Not even only data collection but all these above tactics used for marketing comes costly compared to inbound marketing where every thing is clear answer.

Inbound Marketing

So let us come and see the way and how does Inbound marketing works?

To understand inbound marketing properly, we will try to get understand you, my own way.

  1. Marketing through a computer or any type of electronic device used, called digital marketing strategies.
  2. Digital marketing is a concept and strategy implement through an electronic device with the help of the internet.
  3. With the help of electronic media to get the awareness of the audience about the product, product sale, services, and communication, etc. 

Since the invention of the computer and the internet, the trend of marketing and living style has been changed entire the world.

Earlier it was used to say that only a rich people can do the business but it has been possible now to a common person to make business through out it, the way he or she thinks about.

There are various factor and technique through we can reach out to our perspective and clients entire the world within seconds there is no boundary at all

Digital Marketing Services like Fund Transfer, Online Form Submission, Product Sale & Service and Awareness through effective Digital Marketing has become simple and fast.

How Does Inbound Marketing Works

There is no required enough money to start it. You need to know is electronic device like computer, web space (hosting) and internet connection, a little knowledge of SEO that sit.

Top Most Search Engines

Today Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL and Search Engine Land are major search engines. Among them Google is the worlds top most search engines.

Data analysis says that a 90% search on the web across the world went on googles that allow to a customer relevant search result on the web.

How to stand out your web page on the first page of each search engine?

Each search engine have it’s own algorithm. According their parameter it is decided. There are only google has more than 200 factors on behalf of Google search engine allow a web page to Rank  No. 1 Page and Position No. 1  on Google. Google Search engine has a its on algorithm and robot. Google update it time to time to help better services to their customer. On behalf of it qualify your web pages to rank on.

There are two types of search in Google pages

A. Organic Search

B. Non-Organic Search (Paid Marketing)

1. Organic Traffic

Approach to the prospective client without a paid technique called an organic method.

As per google algorithm update parameter point view of SEO Friendly, Mobile Responsive Web Page, Quality Content, Meta Tag, Meta Description and Title Tag Optimized on google parameter website rank fast.

Engagement with the customer through a Blog Post, Articles Submission, Web Directory Submission, Forum PostingWebinar, Youtube (Audio, Videos) and Podcast are very helpful tools for the organic search result.

Without paid Social Media Platform activity on such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Snap Chat and What’sup are organic search result sources.

It’s a long and stable method of online presence. Make sure it’s not an overnight project to rank no 1, it takes a time to come in rank, it maybe 3-6 month. Keep on working strategically with patience result will be oriented.

To get results instant some people use a bad technique known as Black Hat Seo Tricks, later I will describe in details but I recommend never do the process.

As soon as Google Algorithm get in knowledge about Black Hat SEO, It banned your web page permanently to rank on the web.

2. Non-Organic Traffic (Paid Marketing)

We can understand broadly in this way

To make online presence of your web page through a given strategy


  1. SEM
  2. SMO
  3. SMM
  4. SMS Marketing
  5. Google Adwords
  6. PPC
  7. Banner Ad
  8. Mobile Marketing
  9. Email Marketing
  10. Re-Marketing
  11. Affiliate Marketing
  12. Video Marketing
  13. Google Adword

These All Marketing Strategy Called Paid Marketing 

All these types of sources is a part of paid digital marketing strategy

Above all these strategy work on till then, you are paying only for that

It is a short process i.e. when you stop paying money, your advertisement will away from the googling web page. Its temporary solution and ontime business solution.

Mostly these tactics are very helpful for Event PromotionSale of Festival, Events, Christmas, Holi, Diwali, Dashahara, Political Campaign and New Year likewise, etc.

The most advantage of paid advertising

  1. Target your according demographic data, paid market is the best option. particular area, gender, age, country, city, zip code-wise the time such as time of the Festival Sale, Political Campaign, Social Awareness etc., to reach out targeted audience on time.

It is vary use full trick most of all political parties use it, than can change politician life over the night

2. This marketing strategy is mostly target to the time bound with highly paid and short terms like Diwali sale.

  1. Real Time approach to the aiodence

Which one is more beneficial Organic vs Non-Organic advertising?

Both methods are beneficial itself, it depends how well you are doing it. Where paid marking is very accurate point view of time, area, gender behavior-wise etc.

Whereas Non-Paid is long term solution it depends how technically you are doing your SEO strategy. For long run business organic search is the best.

Strategy on behalf of google rank your web page on the first page, the top position

Google policy is very simple to provide relevant data to the user. This is why Google is the best search engine in the world. There is numerous factor on behalf of google rank for. Some major factors are given below.

  1. Responsive web pages
  2. Web page open speed time
  3. Original and easy to understand content to the google algorithm
  4. Proper page indexing
  5. Content optimization with info-graphics
  6. High-quality back-link
  7. Higher domain authority
  8. High quality content
  9. The fact behind to maintain the first page is original data to customer required while searching on the internet. According to google to fetch out their database and present to the end customer.

Responsive Web Pages

We are talking about responsive page stands for point view of end-user easily can use any kind of electronic media as Laptop, Mobile, Notepad, Desktop and any other media easily could navigate the web page.

Any web page that can navigate any kinds of electric media is called “responsive web page”

Top 10 webpage speed time

We have been got experience itself while googling if someone website if it takes time to open we automatically skip off that link and click on the next link it obviously happens if someone click on my web page. No need to explain more about it

Check out your web page and find out the error. Given the tool will help you understand error why your web page load slow.

  1. https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/
  2. https://speedchecker.com

Unique Content Creator Website

As per google algorithm 2019 Updates, the main focus on Unique content all the website ranked before updates gone downward up to 20-28%. These tools are very useful to create unique content, that helps to rank google on top search.

Google welcomes unique content and hates to rank duplicate content sometime it happens to ban from google index

To make unique content here are some tips to make your web page unique.

  1. https://www.dictation.io
  2. https://www.speechnotes.co
  3. https://www.copyscape.co
  4. https://www.siteliner.com
  5. http://www.smallseotool.com

How to get index your data in google?

Usually, google crawler index your data automatically, but for fast indexing, you need to index your web page google console.

It is a suggestion to make your web page categories that help google to show the search result page correctly to the end-user and also help you find a relevant customer.

Approach to the prospective client without a paid technique called an organic method.

As per google algorithm update parameter point view of SEO FriendlyMobile Responsive Web PageQuality ContentMeta TagMeta Description and Title Tag Optimized on google parameter website rank fast.

Engagement with the customer through a Blog PostArticles SubmissionWeb Directory SubmissionForum Posting, Webinar, Youtube (Audio, Videos) and Podcast are very helpful tools for the organic search result.

Without paid Social Media Platform activity on such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Snap Chat and What’sup are organic search result sources.

It’s a long and stable method of online presence. Make sure it’s not an overnight project to rank no 1, it takes a time to come in rank, it may be 3-6 month. Keep on working strategically with patience result will be oriented.

To get result instant some people use bad technique known as Black Hat Seo Tricks, later i will describe in details but i recommend never do the process.

As soon as Google Algorithm get in knowledge about Black Hat SEO, It banned your web page permanently to rank on the web


The fastest grown some Brand Name within a decade through digital marketing is.

Uber, eBay, Amazon, Shop Clue, YOYO Hotels, Flip Cart, Ola Cab, Alibaba, etc. are a world-known brands these all brands are born and developed within a period of 10-15 year back and each of brand owner belonged a middle-class family and a common man. Now have been become multi-millionaire and billionaire.

All they have written their story with a little money. The fact behind it is the digital marketing concept.

Why we must follow a digital marketing strategy?

You can sell your product online even ready-made or customized such click here to buy online service. it is said you can make your business where your audience is. Now your 40-50% of people are online, so you must go to online compete in the market.

Various types of products and services even that is ready to use the product or customized can be seld online hassle-free with the help of e-commerce portal.

Data analysis says that now there are 40-50% Indians are online for the last 20 year, so can understand that there is a huge opportunity in digital marketing.

India is the second-largest internet user in the world after China.

Advantage :

  1. Low-cost, maximum return.
  2. Global reach-ability
  3. Marketing 24×7 hrs
  4. Targeting audience area, behavior, and age-wise
  5. Real-time reporting
  6. Output digitally
  7. Scale-able business
  8. Business activity check online
  9. Reducing office expending method

Basic Sources of Digital Marketing (Inbound Marketing)

  1. Search Engine
  2. Responsive Website
  3. SEO (on the page and off-page SEO )
  4. Content Writing Team
  5. Blogs & Article Posting
  6. Social Media Activity
  7. Unique Content
  8. Web hosting

SEO can be divided into two parts

i) On-page SEO

ii) Off-page SEO

What is on the page and off-page SEO?

Activity on your Web Page optimization to get google read (Title Tag, Meta Tag Description, Google Map, H1, H2..H6,) is called ON-PAGE SEO. Google Do not read all the content. Google algorithm understands HTML, JAVA, PHP, etc. or coding language.

Activity through link building compels to the web page as directory submission, Article, Blog, POD casting, Forum Posting Etc. called an OFF-PAGE SEO

Know better tips of QUORA FORAM there are thousands of tips given people connected with SEO community  https://www.quora.com/ Yahoo Foram, Microsoft Foram, etc.

On-page SEO can be divided into 3 categories.

1.White Hat SEO

2. Grey Hat SEO

3. Black Hat SEO

Top 10 Keyword Selection Tool

  1. www.keywordtool.io
  2. Google keyword planner
  3. https;//www.kissmatrics.com
  4. Ubersuggest
  5. Quora
  6. wordtracker.com
  7. keywordtool.io
  8. wordstream.com
  9. SEMrush
  10. www.keywordfinder.com
  11. https://backlinko.com
  12. Storybase
  13. LSI graph

    Top 21 Email Marketing tools


  1. MailChimp
  2. Vertical Response
  3. Sendgrid
  4. Send plane
  5. Drip
  6. Convert it
  7. Active Campaign
  8. Infusion Soft
  9. Campaign Monitor
  10. Subscribe.com
  11. Constantcontact.com
  12. Aweber

Top 10 Social Media Channel

  1. Facebook
  2. Linkedin
  3. Twitter
  4. Pinterest
  5. What’s an app
  6. Google Plus
  7. Instagram
  8. Tumblr.com
  9. Reddit.com
  10. digg.com
  11. Snapchat

Top 11 Inbound Marketing Strategy

  1. Mobile Marketing
  2. SMS, SMO, PPC, Video Ad
  3. Youtube
  4. Affiliate Marketing
  5. Content Market
  6. RSS Feed
  7. Social Media Marketing

Top 10 Digital Marketing Experts.

  1. Niel Patel Digital (http://www.neilpateldigital.com)
  2. Amit Aggarwal (https://www.labnol.org/about/)
  3. Sourav Jain (https://soravjain.com)
  4. Satish Aggarwal
  5. Mr. Ankur Aggarwal (https://www.ankuraggarwal.in/)
  6. SEO Expert (www.seorana.com)
  7. Harsh Aggarwal (https://www.shoutmeloud.com/about)

According to Sourav Jain The year 2020-2030 will be digital marketing age


  1. For the beginner of digital marketing expert world-renowned and awarded from the White House in America learned from them it  https://neilpatel.com/ helping from here you can get amazing traffic in your site
  2. Google Adword
  3. blogging (for new blogger helpful tool www.kissmatrics.com, www.buzzsumo.com, www.nielpatel.com
  4. Articles
  5. Display marketing (Third-party campaign)
  6. ORM

Digital Marketing Supporting Tools

1. Google Analytics

2. Webmaster

3. Google Search Console

4. Online Designing Tool

The above technique is sourced through we can raise the audience and generate a business lead for business country wise, state wise, citywide and local area and as well as age and behavior-wise.

But before getting the traffic you have to learn how to do smart marketing first step is a make a website SEO friendly as well as following google parameter that helps to display on web page fast and audience get connect to your product or services you render

Thousands of people are professionals who help to learn digital marketing. Through digital marketing, there are so many brands that have got tremendous development in little time as Flipkart, Shop Clue, Amazon, Uber and Ola Cab is an online shopping portal it is said India is the worlds second-largest digital marketing workplace the internet marketing.

Why we do must follow digital marketing?

  1. You can start your business
  2. Freelancing Job
  3. Professional digital marketer

Digital Marketing Course Providing Institute

  1. Digital Vidya
  2. Digiperform
  3. DISM

These Institutes are well known in India. They have trained a lot of students providing service in MNC and Indian Companies.

Some of the marketing is paid and some of non paid



Uber Suggest


Pingdong (Web help for Speed Check)

What is the first step to starting digital marketing?

Digital marketing is an ongoing marketing strategy. It’s a profession of livelihood.

To start a digital marketing journey, there are some basic points that we should be following to make viral digital marketing

A. Register Domain

B. Responsive Website

Without domain registration and the website you cant do digital marketing.

There are so many companies provide domain registration a hosting Provider among them

1.) Godaddy.com

2.) Hostgator

3.) Net4india.com

B. Keyword research

Top 10 Article Title Generator

  1. https://www.SEOPRESSOR.COM
  2. https://coschudler.com

Top 10 Copyright Text Generator

Article Creator



Super Fast Top Ranking Content.

Blog Idea Generator


Blogging, Article Writing, and Publishing on Community help more for digital marketing

Top 10 Copywrite Free Image

  1. photoliya.com
  2. pexels.com
  3. canava.com (Free & Paid Version)
  4. pixabay.com
  5. stock.xchng
  6. Freepick.com
  7. gratisography
  8. flickr
  9. morguefile
  10. freerangestock
  11. freedigitalphotos
  12. photogen
  13. stock photo for free
  14. dreamtimes
  15. pickjumbo
  16. visual hunt

Top 10 Free Blog Submission sites

Top 10 printing blog site

Top 10 Graphic Design Tech sites

Top 10 free video making sites

  1. Biteable

Top 10 Fouram Posting Site

  1. Quora.com
  2. Yahoo.com
  3. Microsoft.com

Top 5 Duplicate Content Checker Site

Top 5 Backlink Checker site

  1. Moz
  2. Kissmatrics
  3. aherif.com
  4. Survey Monkey

Top 10 Social Media Analytics Tool

  1. https://hellowbar.com
  2. https://buzzsumo.com
  3. https://webpageanalyzer.com

Tools to overcome your competitor

  1. htts://www.herf.com
  2. https://www.semrush.com
  3. https://www.buzzsumo.com
  4. https://www.survemonkey.com

Earn money by 5 easy way from home without any investment?

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Blogging
  3. Youtube Marketing
  4. Banner AD

Affiliate Marketing

“Affiliate marketing is a trick that made you advertise third-party product”

It is a huge opportunity to make money online people are getting earn seven-figure income by affiliate marketing now all corporate are getting market digitally. Affiliate marketing is not a cup of tea but you can earn unexpected income and exponential growth.

https://printful.com This website runs an affiliate program you can make money from it.


If I talk about blogging that refers to storytelling. there are 3 types of blogging

  1. Personal Blog
  2. Commercial Blog
  3. Blog Content Generating Ideas website
  4. Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator
  5. Buzzsumo
  6. Alltop
  7. Ubersuggest
  8. Google Trends
  9. Portent’s Content Idea Generator
  10. Content Row’s Link Bait Title Generator

E-commerce printing website

  1. vistaprint.in
  2. printo.in
  3. printvenue.com
  4. printland.in
  5. inkprint.in
  6. printstop.co.in
  7. inkmonk.com
  8. Printstop.co.in
  9. urprinters.com
  10. printster.in
  11. printful.com

Top 10 printing guest post allow websites



Top 5 Press Release Sites

  1. PRweb
  2. PRleap

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