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Name Plate

A name plate is known as signage that tells about who/what about are? maybe it a name and designation, address, reception, canteen, etc.

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Usually, made of acrylic, wooden, brass metal, silver metal, aluminum composite panel, printing application could be a UV printing, engraving, laser marking, etc.

These all type of can be made on the nominal price by printing on vinyl and paste on sun board used on the office table or on the gate on residence having concern person name and address etc.

Pull & Push, Exit, Entrance, She Toilet, He Toilet, Waiting Hall etc are nameplate are common that can be used in numbers of that help to understand easily to act upon.

The flat brass letter is cut through laser cut the way you shape and size.

The customized brass letter is molded with the size, thickness, and style you required any thickness, size and shape by melting.

Quality SS Plate

Three are two types of SS plate standard quality

  1. Code 302 SS Plate

  2. Code 402 SS Plate

This plate thickness comes in the gauge of 18 if we talk about thickness 302 code. it would be approx 1 mm cost come 3.5 rs per square inch

Where code 402 is the best quality of SS plate cost comes Rs per square inch Rs. 6.5/- you can get in engraved /lase marking on it. as well given below.


Pull and Push Name Plate
Pull and Push Name Plate

Now there are available in the form of artificial like brass and ss, actually it is made of PVC and you can get it print through UV printing.


Basically, the badge is made a circle, oval, rectangle. School badge as monitor, head boy, head girl used like it.

Plastic Badge
Magnated Badge
Magnates Badge
Tin Badge
Tin Badge

Standard Size of Badge is 55 mm

These Standard size 2″x2″ badges comes Rs 12 t0 15 Rs depending quantity and quality etc.

Tin Badges Price 15/-


Required quantity badges 500 and above each price cost 15/- all stuff used tin material and  Rs 12/- Fron made of tin and back side plastic made.


Some plate is made of radiant stickers that glow itself when the light failed are used in hospitals, mall, corporate office where there is a huge gathering nameplate as Exit, Stairs etc.

Exit Name Plate
Exit Name Plate

Name Plate Making -Old Method

Earlier it was used to made through chemical known as die casting on the metal of handwritten on metal or wooden. As well as it was done manually so the chance of inaccuracy of design/letter become more as well as filling ink in the engraved area somewhere deeper or shallow got.

But signage technologies have been upgraded that can be made any kind of materials with best quality nameplate through laser engraving or Laser cut letter and adhere on the base sheet and fixed on the wall.


Unmatched Name Plate -New Method

To make a nameplate some unique for a company director or some other label using

  1. laser engraving and filling ink as well as registered color, no chance to fade and remove over the years.
  2. Direct print any stuff even metal or non-metal such as ” Brass, Stainless Steel, Wooden, Aluminium Composite Panel etc.” applying UV prints

Economical Name Plate

There are various types of substrate to make a nameplate on soundboard, acrylic, wooden,

Name Plate
Name Plate

Best Name Plate

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