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Embroidery T-shirt
Embroidery T-shirt

Logo Branding on garment through the embroidery is the permanent branding solution, no chance to remove or fade from the T-Shirt and Shirts.

It can be made in Many Colours and a Single Colour on a t-shirt, Cap, Jersey, Hoodies, Jacket, School Uniform, Customized Uniforms and Leatherette items etc. It is direct thread stitching on garments as per defines colour logo or brand, any text process of a thread according to colour logo these embroideries are done the fully computerized process.

The embroidery machines come in multi-head with 15 colours that make multiple t-shirts at a time. Each machine has 15 needles with different colour thread and 15 head for placing t-shirt.

Logo having a gradient colour cannot be made in this process. Embroideries on stuff can be made as canvas, leather, cotton t-shirt and cap, polyester cotton and much more fabric.

Due to computerised embroidery, there is a huge demand in the market.


To make design able to embroidery from the file as jpg, png file, pdf to convert to a computer readable format the embroidery process called digitization.

Each file artwork conversion as a vector file so that the computer could read it. According to needle head moves and complete embroidery. Making readable to a computer called digitization. Basic cost no required only digitized is major work to process.


Embroidery required to the thicker fabric as while stitching cloth it stretched out. Cloth for embroidery cotton is the best clothing. it required heavy thickness to get the result best help, not to stretches surrounded areas.

Why we must do embroidery on cotton fabric?

In the place of Embroidery, there is a various way of logo brandings such as a Screen Print, Rubber Print, Sublimation and UV Print, each kind of printing quality may have a little bit inaccuracy as well as colour fade, miss print and remove etc. But Embroidery is the permanent solution for fabric branding end with the life of the fabric. In this branding process no additional cost.

Avoid stretcher clothes as 100% polyester and dry fit textile material for embroidery as it squeezes the fabric.


Is Embroidery Possible For Each Type Fabric?

  1. Polyester, Synthetic, Polyester Cotton Mixed Fabric are not feasible for Embroidery as it stretched in.
  2. Get the best result of Embroidery on cotton based fabric.
  3. Thicker Fabric gets a result better.

Is Embroidery possible on leather or Rexine?

Embroidery can be made on the leather of rexine up to 15 colour

What kinds of artwork do embroidery?

Only vector artwork, individual colour, separate can be made embroidery.

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