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Sublimation Printing

It’s a trending time to sublimation printing, there is huge demand of sublimation printing on mug, t-shirt, photo frame, key chain, pillow cover, mouse pad, etc.

  • It’s a completely digital printing process, using an inkjet printer with cyan, light cyan, magenta, light magenta, yellow, black ink is used in sublimation ink printing.
  • It is very easy, fast and economical printing method, primarily the t-shirt was done by traditional screen print process that took a long time, result with inaccuracy and inferior quality and cost used to go higher.
  • Sublimation printing required a computer attached inkjet printer with sublimation ink, sublimation paper, a heating transfer machine, heatproof tape, a cutter, and scale easily can print info-graphic on any stuff such as fabric rigid stuff like wood, plastic, paper, cloth etc.
  • It is known as dye sublimation. After sublimation printing it cannot be wash out even multiple washes, neither scratch nor peel out 100% fade proof any polyester material based product.
  • Brand promotion as the t-shirt, cap, mug printing, freeze magnet, id card, lanyard, pillow cover, cushion, keychain, mobile photo cover print, ceramic photo printing, and sports suit give a good scope of the sublimation printing industry.
  • Content is mirror printed on sublimation paper from an inkjet printer, and after the transfer, it comes straight.
Sublimation Print
Sublimation Print

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Concept Behind Sublimation Printing

Basically, sublimation printing is based on the polyester coating on paper, when a sublimation ink come on contact with the heat, sublimation ink directly convert from solid to gas and fixed on to the object coated with polyester material of polyester layer on the product without converting into the liquid state.

Elements Required For Best Quality Sublimation Printing

I) Design

The first step challenge goes to the designer to make high-quality info-graphics artwork need to print, there are various types of the product done by sublimation printing each of them has different space for branding.  it may be caused to pixelate image and to know more how to select a high-quality image on high-quality transferable sublimation paper.

II) Well Equipment And Skilled Sublimation Practitioner

Entire artwork transfer from a paper to object depends on the quality of paper and sublimation ink.

  1. As well as my concern use Korean in the brand name is Inktec is the best sublimation printing ink.
  2. Inkjet printer L805, with 6 colour tank.
  3. Keep quality sublimation printed paper with both side coating.
  4. Curving ink is different from the media to another media
  5. Keep Temperature and ink transfer time equal for each product otherwise it may cause colour variation.
  6. Only an experienced person produce the best result without wasting.
Black Mug
Black Mug

There are different kind of heat attachment process as a cap, t-shirt, mug, plate according to application heat press are differently some media such as curved edge as a plate, smartphone over, 3d vacuum heat press evergreen to get services

Screen Print tshirt
Screen Print T-shirt

These applications are versatile to grow your business by sublimation printing.

Difference between dye-sublimation and heat transfer paper

Dye sublimation is a process where ink is transfered on the polyester coated product on the 350-400 fahrenheit temperature with the help of heat pressure. Required a sublimation paper and inkjet printer

Best Sublimation Material Provider in Delhi

  1. Amy Sublimation

Shop No. 8747/14B, Shidipura, Karol Bagh New Delhi 110005

Best Quality Sublimation Ink & Material Company

  • Intec Ink
  • EPSON Ink
  • FUNTAC, etc.
  • Sublistar Ink
  • Mimaki Ink

Sublimation Paper and Printing Machine

Sublimation Printing can be done through any inkjet printer series.

Papers are available A4, Legal, A3 and roll form it can be used as well as your requirement EPSON series L130, L805 best for A4

Roll farm paper sizes comes in 17″, 24″, 36″44″ and 100 and 120 meter long

  1. EPSON SureColor F6200
  2. EPSON SureColor F9300
  3. Mimaki
  4. Roland

You can get print size upto 4 fit wide and any size length.

Best Quality Sublimation Printing Materials.

JET COOL, FANTECK sublimation paper, JTECK sublimation ink

To get sublimation printing sample click here

Magic Mug
Magic Mug

What is the reason behind colour variation in sublimation?

A. White printing sublimation process keeps the Temperature and Ink Curving Time equal on each product otherwise it may cause to printing light or dark even it mug or t-shirt

B. Using raw material the same for all product

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