Trophy, Mementoes and Medals Maker in Munirka NCR India

Trophy, Mementoes and Medals

Trophy, Mementoes, Medals are given to the person who achieved the best performance, participated, winner in particular subject or field, best performance, winner of the match like that. Either it may be individual or group it remembers old memories. Basically it is a encouragement of participant

  1. Gold Medals
  2. Silver Metals
  3. Bronze Medal

Technologies have been advanced can be made on 3D on the materials like crystal inside the acrylic using laser rays.

What stuff made of Mementoes, Trophy and Medals?

Usually made of glass, wood, acrylic, crystal, brass, stainless steel, plastic silver and gold look plastic sheet, some trophy is ready made to use having advertisement space are keep blank can be made within time with the help of inkjet printer, golden and silver adhesive sheets using it.

Usually, acrylics available for making momentoes materials are available in the thickness of 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm 18 mm and up to 25mm clear that can be engraved or you can paste a sticker on it.

There are various types of toffee awarded in the sport as well as in football, hockey, karate, cricket, badminton etc.

How many days does it take to a customised trophy?

There is no specific time, it depends on the project, some of the acrylic made product may get 2-3 days, metals may take 5-7 days with brandings. Even though semi-ready made the product take it 1-2 days with brandings UV Print, Laser Engraving, Digital Print Etc.

 Live Memories

These Trophy, Mementoes and Medal keep alive whenever we keep in front and encourage to our duty and do more action.

Printing Process by laser engraving, laser printing, 3D printing and laser cutting.

Acralic Engraving
Acrylic Engraving

Instant Printing on Momentoes, Medals, Trophy

Instant Print on Medals is made through sublimation print process trophy, memontoes and medals golden or silver is made digital print on transparency reverse on it and sublimation print then it is pasted on to adhesive sheet and adhered onto required surface area.

Click here to get a free sample of Trophy, Momentoes and Medals.

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White Writing Board Maker In Munirka New Delhi NCR India

White Writing Board

White writing board usually, used in office meeting rooms, conference room, police station, railway station, and public information places etc., where various issues, instructions, presentation and training tips are noticed on it.

To address the audience or group discussion at a time around the table. These whiteboards are made of re-writable, can be removed and write using duster/magnetic duster and marker. It is a very helpful office stationary to address employee at a time.

Corporate industries get help to serve customer service better using white writing board that helps them to do work in time following various parameter on written and follow dedicated instruction. As well as its an office stationery. There are 2 types of a whiteboard. 1. Magnet white writing board 2. Non-magnet white writing board. On magnet ed writing board you can keep your marker and duster anywhere on it

Advantage of White Writing Board

  1. Work was done on time.
  2. Addressed number of the person at a time
  3. Easy to remember
  4. look at one glance to remember sooner importance work


Magnetic White Writing Board
Magnetic White Writing Board

White writing board-how it is made?

It’s a made of high gloss laminated ply and a board, backside just ply keeps a magnetic sheets and outer edges covered with aluminium section and to hang it proper backside added hooks so that it could hang properly onto walls, sometimes required a pre-printed content we used daily as well as in the office employee going outside the office they marked instead of filling register outgoing and when it will come back,

To check the daily stock of regular use items, required office items to get purchase like that. While making a pre-printed whiteboard design and artwork done on vinyl with gloss lamination and pasted on the whiteboard. this is why it helps to remove ink and we can re-write on it. The magnetic whiteboard is very helpful to hold duster on it while writing on or removing text on it. To make more attractive you can get 12 mm thickness high gloss acrylic sheet to write and remove inks smoothly.

Some time used while travelling on tour white making plan in the group to gather and share information.

Standard Sizes

Standard sizes of white writing board are 3’x4′, 6’x4′, 8’x4′ is the basic size you get it customised as per your space or requirement. easily can be hung onto the wall

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Organizer Maker Munirka, New Delhi NCR India


Organizer your time, make more productive.

According to month, day, date, and hourly with pre-planned in the handy document is called a planner. Very useful for the person who is very busy and it is very smart and handy to carry out and manage hourly. You can customize your daily routine properly using through it. It helps us to save our time and do more capacity to act on. get the best leatherette cover as well as black, brown, maroon and much more attractive colour. It helps to work you more. Well organize to keep pen, notepad and the cover is made of the magnetic clip.

I was learned a story “who overtaken time, time take care for ever”

It is made personal use as well as your personal doctor, friend, office, residence etc. contact no., national and regional holiday, so many types of details you can put theirs according to your need. on starting you can customize with full-colour picture product picture.

Corporate company gift to their vendor, dealer and keep colour page according to branding product used more months to encourage a sale.

Standard Size A4, and A5

  • Index Month-wise
  • Each leaf branding
  • Strong clear plastic cover protects your contents
  • Paper 130 gsm coloured and 70 gsm uncoated
  • Address listing
  • The option of writing page ruled, squared and dotted

Importance of organizers

  1. Using the organizer is the best way to save your time,
  2. Easy to index and schedule time, date, hourly, day, month, week, month
  3. Better service and be a man of the word.
  4. Enhance work capability
  5. Minute-minute time leverage
  6. Professional look
  7. very easy to handle no required to bag to keep it you can keep it in your hand properly.

How much a single organizer cost?

Basically, it would cost a single organizer worth Rs 350 own ward depending quality of material used in and size also.

Is organizer cover is made of leather?

Usually, organizer cover is made of raxine, if required made of leather it can be customized overall leather cover goes costlier and more reliable

What kinds of branding is made on Organizer?

  1. Leaf Printing

  2. De Embossing

  3. Screen Printing

  4. UV Printing

There are several methods of branding as well as my concern De-Embossing is the best option for branding on the organizer.

Any query related make comment

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Flex Board MS Pipe Fabricator in Munirka Delhi NCR India

Flex Board MS Pipe Fabricator

While we are making a billboard required Flex Board MS Pipe fabrication to mount flex banner on it. A metal pipe to stand out properly with hard pipe and where flex is pasted on it.

Affordability of flex weight holding depends on the thickness when it is placing outdoor. For outdoor billboard there get the pressure of air to have when the wind blows fast, chances get increased to fell down the board.

As a hoarding is facing rain, wind and maintenance so it should be stronger as usually we need it

Tips to stand out flex board ms pipe even in windy air

  1. Use higher gauge pipe
  2. Get a hole in flex pasted on Ms Pipe it made easy to pass air
  3. Get external support from the base and cemented it.
  4. Do electrical welding in place on gas welding.

The capacity of holding flex weight, size and air pressure depend on MS Pipe strenght used as well as 5 kg, 8 kg or 13 kg weight, the calculation is considered the standard length of 20 fit length contains weight.

The thickness stands for  MS Pipe is based on weight in kg for 20 ft in length. Overall Billboard is used in outdoor have to keep in mind affordable to hold the pressure of wind below. For small size banner as like 4’x6′ required not more than 3/4″ to 1″Dia. You can make paint on it if you required the colour you wish.

Generally, the small banner stand comes in ready to use 24×7 hrs with a handy kit

How to get a ready-made backdrop stand click here

How to select MS pipe for flex banner printing?

While making a structure of a board we use a folding frame that makes convenient for logistics. joint of both pipe with male and female section

Flex Board MS Pipe Fabrication
Flex Board MS Pipe Fabrication

Huge signage required a flex with the mess to pass air through the mess to reduce the air pressure to stand out proper even it is the storm. Low gauge ms pipe can be weld with gas more thickness MS pipe required electric welding.

Usually, flex banner comes in roll form with a thickness of 220 gsm t0 350 gsm. to determine how many kg weight your flex banner is to fix on ms pipe fabrication simple following formula is

L x W x GSM/3100/500=KG, where L stands for length in inch and W for Width, GSM is the thickness of flex

Easy to measure MS pipe strength

To fix up about MS Pipe Fabrication query click here

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Cushion and Pillow Covers Printer in Munirka Delhi NCR Delhi India.

Cushion and Pillow Covers

Digital personalized photo printed cushion and pillow covers give a great impression to your near and dear when the turn comes to the gift. It,s trending time of pillow cover printed well suited personalised gifting.

It’s personalised gifting. Send a personalised gift to your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, family and friend. You gift heart shape to your heart belongings., couples photo on the occasion birthday, valentines day, mundane, marriage anniversary, friendship day and on wedding occasion etc.

Pillow Cover Gift
Pillow Cover Gift

Get relax! remember a cushion and pillow covers, if it is the matter of new baby child with a multicoloured photo. People loved to give a gift printed photo on the occasion of a birthday, marriage ceremony and nomination ceremony.


Baby Pillow Cover
Baby Pillow Cover
  1. Easy and fast way to get print
  2. Can be personalised the way you wish
  3. No minimum qty required
  4. Economical price

Printing Method of Cushion/Pillow Covers

The printing process is done fully digitally the way you wish through sublimation printing, by using the heat transfer process

These cushions are made of velvet and satin fabric with perfect advertising space, space for making advertisement section is 8″x8″ areas you can make a text of infographic.

How much a pillow cover cost with printing?

A pillow cover cost per pcs with customised printing INR 600-700/-depending the quality of fabrics etc.

How much does pillow cover take time to print?


Available outstanding collections of cushion covers available online. Adorned in different colours, shades and colours the cushion covers that makeup as Great Gifts Items for your near and dear ones. Decorate your dining and bedroom with imaging memory to show off your friends and relative.

You can add text, image and graphics on it to see eye catchy

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Content Marketer In Munirka NCR Delhi India

Content Marketing

Content marketer roll is very important in digital marketing. While we are planning marketing to sell a product like making a brochure, catalogue, flyer newsletter, flyer and POS material that attracts more prospects.

It is a strategy of marketing to attract your customers to show your product case and service to the customer through text, image, videos, audios etc. another way you can say drive traffic to our web page

To show off your product to the prospect to understands it and know your product and turn into profit way even website, social media or landing pages. it is content marketing. in place of content marking, used it traditional we use to punch to our prospects.

It is said, “content is the king“Everyone has the tendency to get free something as well as get 2 pay for 1 and delivery at your doorstep free of cost.

Great content is marketing wealth. while making the content you are providing services if you add to get 1 free on purchase of 2 pc that attracts to your customer he/she tries to understand what is this then it carries to your landing page where the various product is over there

It may be clients purchase there these kinds of technique is called content marketing main thing how to take prospect into the landing page it can be through videos, text or infographics.

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Advertising Mouse Pad in Munirka Delhi NCR India.

Mousepad advertising

A mouse pad advertising a is versatile advertising materials, where your brand is advertised mouse pad. A brand promotion product along with easy to operate computer easy.

While accessing a computer using a mouse pad with printed brand reflect multi-time that washes brains to adopt the brand or services regular.

The standard size of mouse pad 8″x 8″ west way for Corporate Gifting items. A mouse pad is made of foam and multicolour content printing.

Now a data says 40% Indian is online with different types of electronic device like a Mobile, Desktop Computer, Laptop, Note Pad etc. So huge opportunity to keep your brand in front of the prospectus and customers.

Mouse Pad Advertising
Mouse Pad Advertising

A mouse pad is widely used for a better surface to operate computer easy. it creates a friction force between the mouse pad and mouse ball that help to operate system easy. Otherwise, it can be directly used on table, cardboard and magazine etc. During operating computer it is in front of you always marketing company used it as advertising purpose.

Mouse Pad Printing
Mouse Pad Printing

Advertising Mouse Pad Printing Process

It’s a basically made of the mat finish surface and flexible materials, first of all, An art is created computerized and printed paper through offset printing or digital printing on paper above 170 gsm downward and laminated with matte finish, pasted on 2-3 mm foam sheet and cut into shape and sometimes it is made in shape as well as brand or logo shape

It is also printed through sublimation printing for the low quantity that comes economical and offset printing process required bulk quantity. Eye catchy mouse pad requires designing better for visual.

A mouse pad printing can be done through direct UV printing on it but per unit, the cost goes to hire comparatively offset printing method.

Usually, used for gifting due to easy variable data colour comes accurate you required the way you wish.

How to make a custom shape mouse pad?

The entire process of making a mouse pad is.

A. Designing

B. Paper Printing

C. Matte Lamination

D. Paper Pasting onto a foam

E. Custom shape Die Making

F. Final Cutting

These segments have to pass to get a custom shape mouse pad. Among them, Designing is the major factor point of view of branding.

Can I place a 10-20 Promotional Mouse Pad?

Yes, you can get within a day, For Instant Mouse Pad, Sublimation Printing method is used. The cost comes higher compare to offset printing mouse pad

What is the basic cost of Mouse Pad Printing?

The basic cost of mouse pad printing is started 35-40 Onward, Depending Quality and Quantity as well as.

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Upcoming Events In India

For inquiry of latest events are running in India

India International Trade Fair  14th November-28 November 2018 at Pragati Maidan New Delhi India.

Interprint EXPO India know more click here

14| 15| 16 | 17 December 2018, Exhibition Ground, Sector 34, Chandigarh

Gift world expo is going to held on 26, 27 and 28 July 2019

For more details click here


Media Expo 2019

21 February Bombay Exhibition Center, Mumbai

Stationery and Write Show

Print Pack India 2019

international exhibition on printing and packaging


01-06 February 2019

Gift Expo 2019
For Delhi Edition

Friday, 26 July 2019 – Sunday, 28 July 2019
Venue: Pragati Maidan New Delhi, India

For Bengaluru Edition

Thursday, 5th Sep 2019 – Saturday, 7th Sep 2019
Venue: KTPO Trade Centre Whitefield Industrial Area, Bengaluru

Key Chain Maker, Printer in Munirka Delhi NCR India.

Key Chain

Heart Shape, Oval, Square, Circle, Rectangle and Custom Shape key chain. There is the unlimited shape of key chain availability of promotional and gifting. You have to select according to your budget and quality for what purpose you are required

A gifting items key chain is a very powerful and memorable long-time product because whom you like most, always you can with you. Maybe your Loved One, Mother, Father, Best Friend, Teacher etc.

You can gift it to on occasion of Valentine’s day to your friend, Mothers day, Fathers day, New Year etc.

For promotional purpose range starts from INR 15 to onward, marketing company target to reach out more prospectus even in low budget

These Key Chains branding option available as Sublimation, Embossing, De-Embossing, Laser Engraving on crome and well Anodised, metal keychain, wooden keychain with laser engrave and Direct UV print on a keychain, overall keychain rates comes over all rupees 15 onward. Some kinds of keychain take time to 1-2 days.

Photo Printed Key Chain

You can get your photo printed key chain made of Acrylic, Wooden, Metals materials. Laser engraved can be made on the above-mentioned material with markings

To get the digitally printed photo we must get on acrylic stuff.

Leather Key Chain

Leather Key Chain
Leather Key Chain

Metal Key Chain

Metal Key Chain
Metal Key Chain

Wooden Key Chain

Wooden Keychain
Wooden Key chain

Promotional Key Chain

For promotional of product or services to reach out to more audience low in a budget made of powder coated iron would be cheaper and likewise very awesome.

Keep business, contact detail and your brand name help to remind the customer to get recurring business as it is always to the customer when it required.

What is the branding method on Key chains?

It’s very difficult to say which is the cheapest method. it depends according to your requirement. There is variable data key chain printing method but a per piece cost comes higher as well as UV Printing, Laser Engraving, Sublimation.

Screen Printing, Anodizing and D-embossing For bulk quantity printing method, per piece price come low but it required a processing cost higher

So the price depends on the quantity and quality you required.

Which one branding method is the cheapest for the key chain?

Basically, pricing depends on quality of material and quantity, acrylic made key chain is the cheapest one but make sure it required huge quantity and common content for all key chain.

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Tent Card Printing

Tent Card Printing

A Tent Card Printing is basically used in the front office table. Suppose that you are sitting on the reception seat, The visitors come into the office to get services from you, before inquiring more they come to understand easily without asking something in front of customer easy to understand services you provide for.

You can use it as well as table calendar single pager. An eye-catchy tent card attracts the prospects and clients at first glance because the first impression is the last impression. Printing quality is the major factor as visibility is very near as well as 0.50 meter for from eyesight.

It helps to hire a lesser salesman

BAR, SPA, Restaurant, Hotel, Salon etc.

It gets two sides you may keep different content each side with an infographic, even horizontal or verticle content.

Popular Tent Card Standard Size

Standard size of tent card is 8.5″x5.5″, 7.5″x8.5″, 6″x6″, 8″x8″ with wide stable base. It can be customized easily as per our requirement even horizontal and vertical. Keep content horizontal required a base-wide lessor.

How to Select a Best Quality Paper for Tent Card Printing?

To stand out a tent card steady on the table while there is on a fan that should stand firm. It is used usually 250 gsm onward. Even it is used on a table it may cause to wet and low durability if you laminate it is the best tent card printing.

Tent Card Printing Method

The tent card is used in limited quantity so it is can be print in digital printing for an economical price as well as compared to offset printing price goes costly per unit.

While planning to make tent card printing and designing is a very important point of view of high-quality image quality matter because prospects look at one glance to understand to full fill its requirement. So it must be positively stand out proper on the table whether it is horizontal or vertical.

What is a parameter to stand out tent card?

Your tent card is vertical or horizontal don’t matter but keep the aspect ratio of height and base 7:2 always stand proper, along with proper creasing.

proper Making a tent card on the paper so have to keep printing quality neat and clean creasing should be proper to make it stand proper according to weight. it can be laminated if it required some time chance to be wet on the table. Most of all paper is used 170 gsm and above sufficient to stand properly. Avoid making tent card using more than 300 gsm as hard to stand properly.





Can we get a tent card print as low as 20-25 pc?

Sure, you can get print 20-25 tent card as per your required depending price on the basis of quantity and application applied on a tent card.

How many days does it take to ready tent card?

Depending on the application to be done on a tent card as lamination, quantity, UV coating etc. Overall it takes 2-3 days.

How can get long-lasting tent card print?

As well as my concern I used to make printing on vinyl and pasted on to 3 mm MDF Material both side and fix it on to stand properly.

What GSM Paper Should be Choose to Stand Firmly?

Well, Choose Paper 170 gsm onward, but make sure creasing make proper help to stand out tent card proper.

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