Tent Card Printing

Tent Card Printing

A Tent Card Printing is basically used in the front office table. Suppose that you sitting on the reception seat, The visitors come into the office to get services from you, before inquiring more they come to understand easily without asking something in front of customer easy to understand services you provide for.

You can use it as well as table calendar single pager. An eye-catchy tent card attracts the prospects and clients at first glance because the first impression is the last impression. Printing quality is the major factor as visibility is very near as well as 0.50 meter for from eyesight.

BAR, SPA, Restaurant, Hotel etc.

Having two sides you may keep different content with infographic on each side, even horizontal or verticle.

Popular Tent Card Standard Size

Standard Size of tent card is 8.5″x5.5″, 7.5″x8.5″, 6″x6″, 8″x8″ with wide stable base. It can be customized easily as per our requirement even horizontal and vertical.

How to Select a Best Quality Paper for Tent Card Printing?

To stand out a tent card steady on the table while there is on a fan that should stand firm. It is used usually 250 gsm onward. Even it is used on a table it may cause to wet and low durability if you laminate it is the best tent card printing.

Tent Card Printing Method

The tent card is used in limited quantity so it is can be print in digital printing for an economical price as well as compared to offset printing price goes costly per unit.

While planning to make tent card printing and designing is a very important point of view of high-quality image quality matter because prospects look at one glance to understand to full fill its requirement. So it must be positively stand out proper on the table whether it is horizontal or vertical.

What is a parameter to stand out tent card?

Your tent card is vertical or horizontal don’t matter but keep the aspect ratio of height and base 7:2 always stand proper, along with proper creasing.

proper Making a tent card on the paper so have to keep printing quality neat and clean creasing should be proper to make it stand proper according to weight. it can be laminated if it required some time chance to be wet on the table. Most of all paper is used 170 gsm and above sufficient to stand properly. Avoid making tent card using more than 300 gsm as hard to stand properly.





Can we get a tent card print as low as 20-25 pc?

Sure, you can get print 20-25 tent card as per your required depending price on the basis of quantity and application applied on a tent card.

How many days does it take to ready tent card?

Depending on the application to be done on a tent card as lamination, quantity, UV coating etc. Overall it takes 2-3 days.

How can get long-lasting tent card print?

As well as my concern i used to make printing on vinyl and pasted on to 3 mm MDF Material both side and fix it on to stand properly.

What GSM Paper Should be Choose to Stand Firmly?

Well, Choose Paper 170 gsm onward, but make sure creasing make proper help to stand out tent card proper.

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