Advertising Mouse Pad in Munirka Delhi NCR India.

Advertising mouse pad

Mousepad advertising

It’s a is versatile advertising materials, where your brand is advertised mouse pad. A brand promotion product along with help to operate computer easy.

While accessing a computer with the help of the mouse using a mouse pad with printed brand reflect multi-time that washes brains to adopt the brand or services regular.

The standard size of mouse pad 8″x8″ west way for Corporate Gifting items. A mouse pad is made of foam and printed content want to advertise digital.

Now data says 40% Indian is on online with a different electronic device like a Mobile, Desktop Computer, Laptop, Note Pad etc. So huge chance to keep your brand in front of the prospectus and customers.

Mouse Pad Advertising
Mouse Pad Advertising

Mousepad widely used for a better surface to operate computer easy otherwise it can be directly used on table, cardboard and magazine etc. During operating computer it is in front of you always marketing company used it as advertising purpose.

Mouse Pad Printing
Mouse Pad Printing

Advertising Mouse Pad Printing Process

It’s a basically made of the mat finish surface and flexible materials, first of all, An art is created computerised and printed paper through offset printing or digital printing on paper above 170 gsm downward and laminated with matte finish, pasted on 2-3 mm foam sheet and cut into shape and sometimes it is made in shape as well as brand or logo shape

It is also printed through sublimation printing for the low quantity that comes economical and offset printing process required bulk quantity. Eye catchy mouse pad requires designing better for visual.

Mousepad printing can be done through direct UV printing on it but per unit cost comes to hire comparatively offset printing usually, used for gifting due to easy variable data colour comes accurate you required the way you wish.

Can I place a 10-20 Promotional Mouse Pad?

Yes, you can get within a day, For Instant Mouse Pad, Sublimation Printing method is used. The cost comes higher compare to offset printing mouse pad

What is the basic cost of Mouse Pad Printing?

The basic cost of mouse pad printing is start 35-40 Onward, Depending Quality and Quantity as well as.

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