Laser Cutting in Munirka, Laser Cutter in Munirka, Delhi NCR India.

Laser Cutting

To get the accurate cutting stuff method used is laser cut, The laser cutting machines can be cut to any object thickness up to 2-3 inch in the depth and more as well as depends hardness of stuff applying more density of laser beam materials is cut either burn out, melt or vaporized and get it very accurate cut. Laser cutting machines come in a different laser beam for different made of material like metal, foam, plastic, wooden etc.

Laser Cut Product

Wedding Card, Acrylic Name Plate, Sun board, Clipon LED Board,

Sign Board, MDF box, Metal Letter For Making Signage Etc.

Mostly Used in many industries as well as in Metal Pen

How did it work?

Basically, laser cutting machines are attached to the computer with support software as auto-cad, Corel draw when it is applied on the object, with the help of moving the attachment that mark only required area.

The advantage of laser engraving

  1. Low cost of manpower
  2. Accuracy maximum
  3. Minimum wastage (scrape)
  4. More depth cutting maximum 12″ on steel
  5. Low time consumption



metal laser cutting machines
metal laser cutting machines


Density depends on the quality of the material to be cut stuff as well as metal, wood, plastic, and foam etc. This laser beam is very little thickness. It’s cutting procedure is used in industrial and commercial used machines used called CNC machines. Now laser cutting and marking are commonly used in Making a Sign Board, Name Plate, Wedding Card, Exclusive Wedding Card, Invitation Card, POS Materials, Packaging Box of Wooden, Card Board, Sun Board, Sun pack etc.

Laser Cutting Wedding Card
Laser Cutting Wedding Card

Future of laser cutting

Previously, the invention of laser cutting was used to do saw that cutting edge was wider than laser, after getting the cut object with more tolerance but in laser come out (+-) 0.5% etc.

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Clipon LED Board Maker In Munirka Delhi NCR India.

Clipon LED Board

To make slim, smart, eye-catchy clipon LED Board everything room decoration like that, stuff now technologies have been the advanced point of view lighting, space, fabrication has been advanced.

The standard size of clip-on led board A4, 1 ft x 1.5 ft. 2’x3′ these boards are made of led light and precise aluminium fabrication, as well as the laser cutting to get sharp.

Usually, used in the showroom, dining room, conference room and much indoor advertising area.

It has been a passion to see things smart and slim even that is living or nonliving when it comes to lighting board.

How a Clip-on LED Board is Made?

1. The maximum thickness of the clip-on LED board comes 10 mm, including complete lighting, frame with section board

2. inside 0.50 mm clear sheet, 5 mm thickness acrylic light spreading and 300 gsm trans light sheet comes with digital printing you can arrange the board looks like very smart and equivalent lighting inside Led circuit light is used that is very slim and high light.

3. To make smarter used nut and screw can be made powder coating, as well as colour accuracy, maximized for cutting machine laser power coated. To fabricate frame and making hole used aluminium as frame black and

These Clipon LED board used a photo frame in the house

How Long it Take Time to Replace a Photo in Clipon LED Board?

It is very easy to replace image time to time as used in promotion in season poster including discount, any offer, new coming product etc. just open clipon upside, remove printed slide and insert a new slide and close down clipon it takes total within 5 minute to change it.





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