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Invitation Card Digital Offset Printing

Invitation cards digital offset printing is usually made at the time of opening new organization, shifting business to a new location, new product launch, on any special activities or doing something new as kinds of a birthday party, festival, organize an event the like that.

People get to print the map on the back side of invitation card also as it helps easy to reach in time at a location to the invitation card recipient.

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Invitation Card Digital offset Printing

Standard Sizes of Invitation Card

Usually,  envelopes are made in the size 7”x5”, 8″x5” in single leaf and 7″x10″ (fold to 7″x5″), 8″x10″(fold to 8″x5″) The printing can be done one single side as well as both side printing if required. It can be customized in the size you wish easily point view of costing comes higher compared to standard size.

How to Design Eye-Catchy and Memorable Invitation Card Digital Offset Printing?

For full coloured invitation card printing, there are two main methods as digital printing offset and screen printing.  Colours are used in the form of inks, toner, and cartridge. All Methods of printing are different from each other. Each printing has its own specialities.  Two make more attractive invitation card people get to print leaf printing also some part of it as if the brand name, company name, date etc.

  1. Keep images 300 resolution
  2. Maintain bleed are minimum 3 mm to get flash cut (end-to-end colour print)
  3. Colour gradient according to paper quality point view of paper as per plain, coated, uncoated, grained etc.
Digital offset Invitation Card Printing
Invitation Card Digital Offset Printing

Un-Matched Invitation Card Printing

Papers required just thicker cardboard as 300gsm and above, best printing invitation card for digital printing smoother paper is the best one, want to look grainy paper done after printing.

Content is just more use open standard size 11″x8.5″ and fold to 5.5″x8.5″ is the best one

Eye catchy or memorable invitation card required to do, more application as well as lamination, UV coating, Embossing, hot stamping application are the best that looks very eye catchy look.

Sometimes it comes to color registration follow offset printing to get same/closer color acceptance.


How much time does it take to get a print invitation card?

Usually, it takes a little time in printing, mostly time takes while designing and developing works. usually, it takes a not more than 3-4 days. it depends on post-press work also as well as lamination, UV and hot stamping work.


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