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Letterhead Silk Printing

Letterhead Silk Printing

In the Letterhead Silk Printing, the heading at the top of a sheet of letter paper, usually consisting of a name, brand, logo, registration no., address, email, watermark branding at the centre, imprinted with such a heading called letterhead. Overall printing cost comes nominal know more for pricing  click here

Letterhead Silk Printing 3 Opaque Color
Letterhead Silk Printing 3 Opaque Color

It is also known as letter pad. Basically used as well as credit notes, quotation, invitation card, invoice, agreements, purchase orders, so on..

Corporate and government authority used as experiences and promotion or demotion certificate also. Your company’s letterhead is an important part of your paper product line and printing technique. Best letterhead silk printing depends on the various factor as given below

A screen-printed letterhead can be a handwritten or computerised letter formatting.

  1. Designing
  2. Paper Quality
  3. Ink and Concerned Chemical Quality
  4. Screen Printing Quality

How to Design a The Layout Letterhead Slik Printing?

A good letterhead silk printing can give your company a professional look and more business.

A better letterhead might be kept for a long period of time and it can remind the customer about your business over the years. Good-looking letterheads tell your customers that you are an established and renowned company. Letterhead printing can be done in several different ways as a digital and offset printing method

A text added in the letterhead must be 300 dpi for rich text. To get rich text use positive and negative film for making silkscreen printing 100% accurate even text font is very small size.

Paper Selection Letterhead Silk Printing

In this process, paper can be used textured and plain because the ink is applied by silk screen using quality wise cloth depend on font type and size to be printed.

Letterhead Silk Printing Ink Quality Used

There are three major quality ink

  1. PVC
  2. Vinosine
  3. Gloss

All these types of ink can be used any types of paper, each ink has a special quality itself to see over as PVC ink do not glow, and vinosine get reflect ink print and gloss ink leave raised ink print and shiny look.

Make screen there are many chemicals as well as nytro venzyne, a mile, reducer, varnish, medium etc. helps to print letterhead there is a various player in this chemical industries have the re-known brand as SUNGLOW, Rainbow, Kohinoor etc.

Quality of Silk Screen

Well, letterheads are seen very close to your eye while it is used, so text must be sharp, to make the best quality letterhead used a very thin fabric screen as well as 120 no.-140, where 120 -140 stand for “fabric per inch” made of nylon /polyester cloth to get very sharp text, usually smaller font size 6-9 mostly used in the letterhead.







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