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Digital Offset Printing Envelope in Munirka

Digital Offset Printing Envelope

Digital offset envelope printing means full-color printing. Mostly digital printing application is applied on the ready-made envelope, even though envelopes are 10″x4.5″, 10″x12″ bigger than this size can’t be a print-digital process.

Custom size envelope is made after getting printed on flat paper and shaped with the customized die.

Content can be optimized vertical or landscape on any size envelope with info-graphics. Usually, ready-made envelope paper is made of in colors are available in white, yellow and brown in the open market.

How to get printed an envelope? just click here.

How to Design to get the Best Envelope Printing in Digital Offset Printing Method


Regular used sizes envelope are 10″x4.5″, 10″x12″ and 10″x 14″. Use images 250-300 dpi on the actual size you want to get the best printing result and avoid pixelate it. For bigger size envelope printing is done through offset printing.

as DOT more than 175 print easily through digital printing go for traditional lithography printing.

Digital Offset Envelope Printing
Digital Offset Envelope Printing

How to select the best quality paper for digital offset envelope printing?

Go get the rich density of color always select smoother paper, avoid deep texture and high paper as the ink does not adhere to the base etc. Highly coated Paper 120 gsm-170 gsm is the best for digital offset printing envelope.

Required a Die for Custom Size Envelope printing and making

To make an envelope for irregular size have to make die each time to give shape and cost goes a little bit higher, and you can get the size you exactly required.

Die Making is a very important role in getting a very accurate shape and size and help to glued perfectly envelope


First of all, content is printed on the on sheet feed offset in the big sheet and after finish it applying wooden die to take shape and glued perfectly.

Full-colour printed envelope enhances your brand identity, presence in the market and reinforces your marketing message strategy.

For Free Digital Envelope Printing Sample click here 

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