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3D Sublimation Printing

Basically 3D sublimation printing concept is based on vacuum + sublimation + heat transfer process, it is used for flatbed, cylindrical, Oval, curved just like a plate, mobile cover, mobile, stones, marbles, etc.

How Does 3D Sublimation Printing Machine Works?

  1.  In this process, first of all, printing artwork is printed on sublimation paper and then wrapped on the printing object with the help of thermal tape.

2. Object to be printed is placed inside the sublimation printing machine

3. Inside printing machine air is vacuumed properly

4. The machine is heated till the colour curved temperature 300-350 degree and maintain the same temperature 9-10 minute.

5. After curving ink heater is made switched off and wait till cool, you will find your customized object is ready with 3D Sublimation Printing

The advantage of 3D Printing Machine

Sublimation printing is done through 3D printing mobile cover, plate and cup, ceramic any type of curved etc.

There is no required any attachment

Is there is any chance to damage the mobile while printing on the mobile cover?

Don’t make a fear only external plastic cover is kept inside 3D printing machine on plastic adoptable temperature only. after printing it is fixed on mobile.

Let’s See how it works.












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