Face Cutout

Face Cut Out
Face Cut Out

Face Cutout

Face Cut Out
Face Cut Out

Face cutout advertising is the best in college, political campaign, to protest, social awareness etc. It is the best way to make a prominent advertisement issue.

With the help of thread holding on the face and stand out through hard stick, it is highly durable advertisement media that can support the longtime campaign.

What stuff used in the face out?

Basically, it is made of paper having a thickness of 350 gsm, due to wear on the face for a long time, it may problem for high thickness. sometimes it happens they marched holding it above the head, done on another media as well as on sun board and sun pack help to keep straight in the air. Thickness generally to be kept 2-3 mm thick with holding the stick.

Face Cut Out with Stick
Face Cut Out with Stick

Printing Source

1.) Low Volume and Sunboard Face Cut Out

Printing can be done text or infographics, it is feasible on son board and sun pack material along with printability, it has a lightweight that helps to hold it long time up. Basically, both materials are 2-3 mm thicker that can be print through screen printing and digital UV printing method.

2.) High Volume Face Cut Out

For high volume face cut out, it is printed through the offset printing method required minimum qty. as well as 2k-3k in A4 size and is cut through laser die standard cost comes around 5-6 Rs depending on post-press work and paper quality.

Face Cutout Direct Laser and Wooden Laser Die

Typically, Direct Laser Cut goes high per unit cost and wooden laser die is cheaper but it depends on the work volume, For low volume direct laser is the best option and huge quantity wooden laser die is recommended. point of view of safety to carry one destination to other destination it can be laminated.

Direct Laser Cutting no required basic cost, whereas wooden laser die required basic cost making wooden die first and cutting cost, so low volume is costly through the wooden laser to die cut process.

What material used in face cutout?

Sunboard, Sunpack used thickness more than 2mm

Paper Card Board thickness more than 400 gsm own ward.


Direct Laser Cut or Wooden Die Cut takes not more than 2-3 days long from making vector artwork to the cutting process

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