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Career in Designing, Printing and Publishing Industries

Career In Designing

Today we are in a Digital World. There is a huge demand for Professional Designers in various sectors such as  Ad Agency, Auto Industries, and  Fashion Design, etc.  Corporate and Interior Designing Sector, Real State, Fashion Design and Textile Industry, etc. It has been researched 25% of graphic designers are a freelancer.

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The use of computers and electronic media has increased career opportunities in Designing world wide.

There is a huge demand for skilled graphic designers, who can full fill the industry requirements in this competitive world.

I remember in the time of the year 1980-1990, there was a fear among people about the Technical/Digital world, there was so many misconceptions and one of them was that “people will become jobless after Digital industries boom-up because computerized work efficiency will increase more, compared to human” but it has been proven wrong in the time being. Fortunately, it increased more job, work quality yet competition also.

Now a day almost every corporate hires a designing team as well as product layout and developing. Whereas small industries and startup entrepreneurs get it done from outsourcing.

How to stand out as a well designer when you are a fresher?

It is said, “only practice can make you perfect“.

It is very difficult to stand out in industry parameters. There are so many institutions they only teach you theoretical courses in various designing software such as Coreldraw, Adobe, Auto Cad, etc. After passing out you need to get an internship 3-6 month practical then you come to know what actual designing is.

Now there are some college and private institutions which provide courses that evaluate job search. If you get a job that’s good but it is hard to maintain in the private sector.

Some tips to carry own it.

  • Join any enterprises even if it is unpaid.
  • Do freelance work in low finance.
  • Practice designs and re-design and delete it
  • Do not copy someone else design, whenever you see any good design just observe from it.

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Top 10 Design Institute

  1. Arena Multimedia
  2. NIIT

In India, overall people get education aiming for the government job. According to my experience higher education of a student in India has a standard cost of 15-20 lakh Rupees. But after getting higher education only 2-3 % get govt. job out 97-98% student and the rest of them go for 15-20 thousand rupees or unemployed.

If education is calculated with entrepreneurship there will be no unemployment in India. Even though in the decade of 2010 some governments have been started programs in schools and colleges.

Therefore one has a huge scope in graphic design from 1.5 lack -20 lac per annum package available depending on your knowledge and experience.

Is it necessary to spend money and 4 years time to learn graphic designing?

So,  it would depend on how passionate are you? Now a day there are many online courses that you can opt your self, some of them are:-

  • Youtube
  • Udemy
  • Alison
  • Coursera

You can only learn if you are passionate enough and able to Understanding the principal of design practicing it.

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It’s a designing, printing and digital marketing firm, Whenever I required a graphic designer I used to place ad in the newspaper and get a response of 95% call for fresher and their main concern was that no company is hiring them so how would they gain experience.

If you want to make a career in designing, printing, and digital marketing you can get an internship for two months and you will be illegible for up to 20,000 per month but you have to make sure that you should have academic education and a diploma in designing from reputed institutes


Top 11 Design Skill Hiring /Job Posting Website

You can see there is large no. of a vacancy for designers:-


Only Delhi and NCR there are millions of graphic designer job.

Types of Designing

1.  Graphic Design

2. Interior Design

3. Web Designing

4. Medical Illustrator

5. Autocad Designer

6. Fashion Designer

Graphic Design

Product Layout, Printing, Packaging etc.

There are so many posts

  1. Layout Designer
  2. Graphic Designer
  3. Art Director
  4. Illustration Work
  5. Visualizer

Creating vector for laser engraving, print & cut, face cut out, brochure design

Career In Freelance

Huge scope for a professional designer to earn income in 6 digits, even sometimes there is no requirement of office also, you can work or run from home.

Most Popular Designing Software

  1. Corel Draw
  2. Adobe (Photoshop, Indesign, illustrator, Premier Effect etc.)
  3. Auto Cad
  4. Maya

There are freelance job providing portal also, where you can get to earn according to your skill as per hour or per project

Freelauncers are advised to get the paid version of designing tool Corel draw and Adobe package

  • Adobe Design package cost 1,50,000/- Approx annual cost
  • Corel Draw 70,000/- Approx

Keep update software to work submit work on time.

What is the pay scale in the designing sector?

There is no basic parameter because designing is a developing part it has unlimited value depend on the quality what you deserve. Overall starting rang from 2.4 Lac to 10 lac per annum.

Element Required for Designing

How to make it visual think required only paper, Pencil, Rubber

Best Design Template Website


What Attitude Should be a Graphic Designer?

  1. Attitude must be positive even if a conceptual design what can be done else
  2. Passionate about work
  3. Imaginary
  4. Creative attitude
  5. Calm, patience, learning and earning attitude

If you cannot acquire these habits then designing is not for you.

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