Flag Printing in Munirka, Delhi NCR India.

Flag Printing
Flag Printing

Flag Printing

Basically, Flag printing is made on satin, polyester or polyester-mixed cloth and you can hold it up straight upside with the help of sticks, both side flag content printed.

Each country and organization has it’s own colour and flag specific size ratio. Flag printing clothes come in the roll form. It can be printed up to 8ft in wide and length any size can be optimized, Flag printing method mostly used for the flag and textile industry, Printing quality digitally printed. Colour registration of the flag can be printed as well as specified in CYMK, RGB and Pantone. These all colour printing accuracies vary from media to media (+-)2-3%

What quality of the fabric used in flag printing?

Quality of Cloth used in a flag printing

  1. Satin

  2. Polyester

  3. Polyester-Cotton Mixed

  4. Cotton

Sublimation Printing

During Sublimation Printing on Satin, Polyester, Polyester Cotton based cloth properly ink curved on these types of materials

UV Printing

Cotton or any quality of fabric flag can be print it this process. Basically, the cloth is cut in a rectangle shape and it is fixed on the flat bed sheet, UV printing applied on it from upside

Printing and Stitching Method

After getting printed flag clothes two of each set for is stitched with a margin to hold it properly with the help of a stick with automated stitching machines.

Is the flag can be printed on both sides?

Multi Color Flag
Multi Color Flag

The flag fabric is generally printed on a single side to make both sides printed required 2 pcs stitched to keep back to back.

How much cost comes to a flag printing?

It’s very difficult to say before seeing the size of the flag because the media used in printing is a minimum width in 3 ft and length any size you can get if we talk minimum size at least a quantity that would cost 500/-each. The Flag prince depends on the size, quantity as well as fabrics etc.

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