Security Key Card

Security Key Card
Security Key Card

Key Card

Key Card, RF Id Card (Radio Frequency Identification Cards), Smart Card, Access Card, Chip Card, Privilege Card, Door Lock etc.

Types of Key Card

  1. Plain Key Card
  2. 1K Key Card
  3. 2K Key Card
  4. 3K Key Card

Mostly these cards are used in the hotel, corporates, club and hospitality industry. It is printed directly on to the card with inkjet or ribbon, No additional printing processing cost. It’s fully digital printing process, just make design and get start printing.

Mainly used is hospitality services as well as Staff Id, Student Id Card, Acess Card in which data is embedded, printing of key card is done through digital data card printer either single or both side printer.

Mag Stripe Key Card

Mag Stripe Key Card
Mag Stripe Key Card

RF Identity Card

Usually, the plastic Id card is made by heating and fusing method that may be a damage data card chip

The theses data card is printed through colourful and black & white ribbon with a thermal laminator, print quality produces very long lasting.

Advantage of Key Card

  1. Don’t require drill the door and setup new door lock in cause of loss of key
  2. Easy to handle even if purse can keep it
  3. Safety of electricity absence of guest switch on light
  4. Easy to check-in, in cause of evade guest from front desk


The capacity of printing key card

We have the capacity of printing every day 1000 card

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