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DTG Printing all you need to know

Direct to garment printing, or DTG Printing and Screen Printing are two of the most famous Printing strategies for marked attire. These two Printing forms are totally different, and relying upon your undertaking, one will bode well than the other. Picking the correct technique boils down to a couple of key components of your venture amount, structure detail, and the quantity of hues.

What is DTG Printing?

DTG means “direct to garment printing”. With DTG, a printer legitimately applies the ink to the dressing thing with inkjet innovation. This idea is like Printing on paper, then again, actually, it’s on a shirt or sweatshirt. The ideal plan is printed straightforwardly onto the piece of clothing, thus directly to the article of clothing, with an exceptional printer utilizing water-based inks, which are consumed by the filaments of the piece of clothing.

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What is screen printing?

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Screen Printing is a technique that comprises of pushing ink through a woven work stencil onto the article of clothing. The stencil is made however covering the work screen with an emulsion and permitting it to dry. A unique picture is made on a straightforward overlay, where the regions that will let ink through are totally misty. This is then set on the screen and the work is presented to bright light, solidifying territories presented to the light and permitting the blocked zones to be disintegrated and washed away.

The territory’s that are washed away are the spaces that the ink will experience to make the structure. The ink is then pushed by a fill sharp edge or squeegee over the screen to flood the open gaps in the work. Then, as the edge is pulled back over the work, the ink is pushed through the work onto the piece of clothing.

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DTG Printing versus screen Printing

Both Printing strategies produce quality prints, however, relying upon your venture one strategy may bode well than the other.


DTG Printing

For little bunches or unique cases, DTG is the alternative for you. Article of clothing printers work like an Regular printer and can just print each piece of clothing in turn. Since the procedure doesn’t require the formation of a screen, a solitary piece of clothing is a lot less expensive along these lines.

Screen Printing

For huge clusters with a solitary shading and straightforward structure, screen Printing is the best approach. An exceptional screen stencil must be made for the plan, so the more articles of clothing the better to make it worth your time and energy.


DTG Printing

Since DTG Printing is more exact than screen Printing, you can accomplish plans or even photos with substantially more detail. There are less constraints on shading a structure when utilizing a DTG printer.

Screen Printing

Screen printed things require an uncommon stencil for each plan. The more mind boggling and brilliant the plan, the more stencils required for a solitary article of clothing. It’s ideal to keep your structure straightforward in the event that you are going with the screen Printing strategy.

Shading capacities

DTG Printing

Since DTG Printing doesn’t utilize a stencil, the ink is applied in more slender amounts to accomplish the high detail of numerous structures or photos that are wanted. A DTG printer works a similar route as an Regular printer in that it applies all the inks one after another. When Printing on texture hues other than white, a white underlayer is incorporated to permit the hues to pop more.

Screen Printing

Just each shading can be imprinted in turn and per stencil when screen Printing. That implies for each shading you need, another stencil should be made, which implies additional time and cash. Screen Printing is the best alternative for accomplishing significant levels of liveliness as the inks are applied thicker than DTG inks.

DTG Printing Design Examples

Advanced T-shirt printing is fundamental for plans that are unreasonably unpredictable for customary screen printing strategies, and when the most extreme measure of detail is looked for. Our DTG printers utilize the best quality inks to appropriate the ink uniformly across one stunning plan after another.

DTG Printing

One of the administrations Shivani Enterprises offer is immediate to piece of clothing or DTG Printing. While more individuals are getting mindful of this innovation, we all at Shivani Enterprises figured we could clarify this procedure in a piece detail.

Digital printing (DTG) is a moderately new texture printing strategy that prints a picture legitimately onto a piece of clothing or texture through an altered rendition of a customary inkjet printer. DTG offers adaptability than screen-imprinting as far as shading variety and pivot time (particularly for littler orders).DTG is the best alternative for clothing improvement when your picture has a great deal of hues. The nature of the picture will be more honed and DTG is financially savvy than screen-printing, particularly for shorter runs.

Stage 1:

Each request gets a star configuration audit from our group of visual specialists and Digital printing specialists. We work perseveringly with you to see your completed item. To begin, we request the most noteworthy goals picture you as of now have. The higher the picture goals, the better!

Stage 2:

Our fashioners are glad to work with any picture you give, regardless of whether it takes a touch of cleaning. We have aced the specialty of changing plans into gems. For organizations, check with your web designer or showcasing group to furnish you with any crude logo picture records.

Stage 3:

Each structure gets altogether assessed before printing for quality affirmation. You’ll have the option to survey the completed format when we send you the last structure proofs for your endorsement. On the off chance that you have inquiries concerning your particular fine art, essentially call us at the given number down below to counsel with your undertaking authority.

HOW does DTG Printing work?

As you can envision, the group here at Shivani Enterprises is pretty darn glad for—you got it—our capacity to print you a crisp, top-notch tee in less than 60 minutes. In any case, how would we do it?

We don’t censure you for hearing our striking case and saying to yourself, “A shirt in 60 minutes? That is, in reality, acceptable quality? That is sham.” Well, let me disclose to you something Mr. I Know It All – it’s most certainly not!

Making up to 200 stunning, enduring tees in less than an hour is really 100% conceivable—in any event on the off chance that you have the forefront innovation as we do at Shivani Enterprises. That innovation is a little procedure called direct to article of clothing, or DTG printing. Truth is stranger than fiction. With our capable originators, boss ninja-like capacities, and some very sweet printing machines, we can make an insane measure of shirts for whatever your earnest needs might be.

That is, in case you’re not very false. We should discover how Shivani Enterprises causes the DTG enchantment to occur.

So. What Exactly Is DTG Printing?

Most importantly, don’t mistake DTG printing for those modest, iron-on style moves of days of old. Like we’d sell you shirts that are scandalous for blurring and splitting after a solitary wash. Rather, the DTG procedure is a moderately new printing technique that produces inconceivably top notch work of art that will wait for quite a long time to come.

DTG or direct to article of clothing is likewise here and there called Digital piece of clothing printing, advanced attire printing, and inkjet to piece of clothing printing. In the event that you see those expressions anyplace it’s something very similar, however we lean toward DTG.

Basically, DTG printing is a procedure of printing illustrations onto materials and pieces of clothing—and most quite for us, tees. It utilizes changed inkjet innovation to print whatever realistic you need onto the shirt. Consider it like a mammoth inkjet printer, yet for shirts. As opposed to printing out exhausting proposition papers or flyers for your book club, our DTG machines are printing boss mythical serpents going through the motions of consuming unicorns—or like, an adorable lil bunny for your child’s birthday. We’ll thoroughly print anything you desire, however we do incline toward the boss mythical beasts.

DTG printing is a genuinely new technique that takes into account a great deal of variety contrasted with screen printing (which commanded the redid shirt showcase for quite a long time). Shivani Enterprises DTG printers can print more than 16 million hues legitimately to your shirt in one single pass.

Our ink is totally protected and dries rapidly. The ink will splash into your piece of clothing itself and become some portion of the shirt—and not simply basically be a celebrated sticker like those outdated iron-on moves. That implies there’s zero chance for the realistic to split, strip, or wash away after some time. Pretty darn cool for a shirt made in less than 60 minutes.

How Do You Do DTG Printing So Fast?

With DTG printing, there’s zero set-up time. Techniques, for example, screen printing require singular screens to be made for each shading. That by itself could assume control over 60 minutes, and we haven’t found a good pace part yet! With DTG, we find a workable pace annoying advance and get directly to the enjoyment stuff.

As referenced above, with DTG, the whole structure is imprinted on your shirt in one single pass, regardless of the measure of hues included. With techniques like screen printing, a different pass and screen is required for every individual shading. As each screen should be separately made and set-up, that adds to the time, and the expense.

In spite of the fact that the consequences of screen printing are outstanding for shirts with a restricted shading palette, that makes structures with bunches of hues, best case scenario expensive, and best case scenario basically incomprehensible.

The greatest delight of DTG printing is the means by which it takes into consideration printing when the realistic has been submitted. In spite of the fact that the strict printing of each DTG shirt for the most part takes longer than a screen printed shirt—as it’s truly printing out a point by point, full-shaded picture as opposed to a progression of enormous brush strokes—avoiding the set-up makes turnaround pretty much prompt.

Likewise on account of the absence of set-up, there’s no base request. This settles on DTG the best decision for littler requests. This makes the expense of printing the shirt a lot of lower. Indeed, you can print a shirt from Shivani Enterprises. The more shirts you print, the lower the expense.

What Printer Do We Use for DTG Printing?

Can we simply take one moment to take a gander at our child? It’s hard to believe, but it’s true, our wonderful Brother DTG Printer – GT-381 is the machine that truly causes the enchantment to occur. This printer makes overly sharp, high-goals, 1200 x 1200 dpi structures that are authentically machine washer safe, colossally flexibility, thus substantially more. You can say that we’re basically infatuated.

For what reason Should I Choose DTG Printing versus Other Printing Methods?

At Shivani Enterprises, we have practical experience in DTG printing, just as other printing strategies like screen printing, heat moves, and weaving. The entirety of our procedures will give you a high-caliber, durable, article of clothing that you can gladly flaunt for quite a long time.

In any case, every strategy likewise has its special favorable circumstances and burdens. Before settling on what direction to go, consider precisely what your venture involves and how you imagine the appearance of your last attire.

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To what extent Do DTG Printed T-Shirts Last In The Wash?

To what extent does a DTG carefully printed shirts rearward in the clothes washer before it starts to disintegrate.

The appropriate response relies upon a couple of variables.

  • The shade of the T-Shirt that has the print on it.
  • How you care for the shirt when its being washed
  • How the shirts is hung to dry.

In the following barely any sections we will talk about these things in more detail, and give you two or three connects to get more data to assist you with getting the best out of your printed shirt.

White or Light hues printed with NO white under-base.

This is the most sturdy blend with DTG printing. Shaded water based ink printed legitimately onto white or light hued pieces of clothing produces a truly sturdy outcome. Only a tough as screen printed water-based inks.

White shirts printed with this technique should last at any rate 30-40 washes before blurring even starts, after this time the shirt itself will begin to look a little worn and both the print and the shirt will blur together starting here on.

This print technique could keep going as long as the shirt, if care is taken.

A significant piece of keeping your shirt in great condition will rely upon how you wash your article of clothing.

Shirts printed with DTG ought to be washed back to front and hung back to front in the wake of washing as the sun will insubordinately blur your T-shirt. This is basic to the long existence of any printed shirt.

Dim or Black shirt that has white or a white under base

This is the place DTG is somewhat less tough, when contrasted and screen printing.

A White ink layer is required underneath printed hues, so the hues contrast the dim foundations.

This white ink is dainty and extremely fluid so it can pass however the print heads and needs pre-treatment on the piece of clothing to cause this ink to turn out to be thick and lively once more.

An awful blend of white ink, pre-treatment, and synthetic substances in the piece of clothing can bring about the white ink not holding with the shirt in a tough way.

In saying this, DTG is as yet an acceptably solid strategy, yet screen printing is strongly prescribe in instances of hard wearing work wear, and things that are planned to be washed regularly.

Shirts that are printed with white ink or if white ink is utilized as an under base, need somewhat more consideration with the washing cycle.

Shirts printed with white ink should last up to 20-30 washes before giving any obvious indications of blurring. This can be stretched out with care during the washing, by utilizing a delicate wash cycle.

On the off chance that no consideration is taken during the washing procedure, the existence cycle can be decreased to 10 to 15 washes before blurring and disintegration of the print starts.

how you wash and care for your shirt assumes a significant job in the timeframe you find a good pace you wonderfully printed shirt.

Four Major Business Benefits of DTG Printing

For those with an innovative soul and drive, Direct to Garment (DTG) printing can open up a universe of business openings. A DTG printer utilizes computerized inkjet innovation to print legitimately onto material substrates, making it a bleeding edge T-shirt printing machine. Despite the fact that this innovation is genuinely new to the business, it’s now been invited by printers because of the mind blowing benefits it offers independent companies.

The following are four of the most amazing focal points of this innovation.

Benefits, Profits, Profits in DTG Printing

It’s nothing unexpected that redid things can cost a chunk of change. At the point when you consider that the normal working expense to make a DTG print is around for a dim shading, the benefit potential is unfathomable. Besides, the expense of the gear is a lot of lower than other inkjet innovations.

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On-Demand Capabilities of DTG Printing

Screen printing is not exactly perfect for speedy, short-run requests or things that will require a great deal of shading assortment. This is on the grounds that the procedure includes a decent measure of forthright work and aptitude to set up, execute and finish. On an each in turn premise with a manual press, somebody is expected to push the ink onto the piece of clothing through a work screen with a squeegee or cutting edge, and just each shading should be possible in turn. Making a couple of T-shirts without prior warning screen printing is to a greater degree a torment than a benefit.

As an advanced procedure, DTG printing expects next to zero arrangement. This makes printing short runs rapidly and on request a lot simpler in light of the fact that there’s significantly less tedious difficult work included. All you need is a computerized record from the client and you’ll have the option to print little bunches of completely modified, vivid articles of clothing. This on-request ability likewise empowers you to charge surge expenses or extra charges for littler requests.

Top-notch, Small-Volume DTG Printing

Contrasted with conventional screen printing, computerized inkjet printing can create a greater item – particularly on a short run request. Printers can fire a lot littler beads of ink, which means the degree of detail is higher and DTG printers can without much of a stretch make slopes and different sorts of shading changes that screen printers regularly battle with.

When in doubt of thumb, in case you’re printing anything else than 25 one-shading things, 50 two shading things thus one, it might be progressively effective to utilize a screen printing process. This is on the grounds that screen-printing costs depend generally on the arrangement procedure, which means longer print runs will decrease the expense per piece.

Ecologically Friendly Process of DTG Printing

Screen printing can require inks that contain phthalates, PVC or different synthetic substances. Along these lines, many driving DTG printer makers – like Brother and Epson – which implies the water-based inks, cleaning arrangements and the general procedures are earth safe. This gives administrators the certainty of realizing that the synthetics they are working with are alright for their clients, particularly youngsters.

While DTG printing isn’t at the level where it can supplant screen printing yet, it can even now supplement existing organizations. Let your screen printer handle your long runs while a DTG printer deals with short, on-request employments. Together, they can assist you with building and continue a productive article of clothing printing business.

Direct to Garment (DTG) printing is getting on as a powerful procedure for creating style motivated and photograph reasonable embellished attire. In the event that you’ve ventured into the dynamic DTG world while as yet offering screen printing — a move that numerous decorators have made in the previous barely any years — you’re likely searching for some DTG best practices to make the change even smoother.

With the present innovation, Direct to Garment (DTG) printing has gotten increasingly open and reasonable, while likewise being less tedious and work escalated than numerous other customary printing strategies.

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For example,



Its very surely understand that DTG printers work best on 100% cotton textures.

Be that as it may, not just.

Here we give you a little clarification on the most widely recognized texture types and organizations in the market.

A large portion of them are generally excellent for the DTG printing strategy. Others will require more of ability (and time). Furthermore, some will completely won’t work by any stretch of the imagination.

Will we?


In the immense universe of textures and fabric we will work with the six increasingly regular ones:

  • Single pullover: Most of the shirts on the planet are made out of this sort of texture.
  • Canvas: Normally utilized for houseware.
  • Piquet: The texture of decision for polo-shirts
  • Twill: Nice dress shirts are likewise made out of Twill.
  • Crepe: It has a crinkled surface. Perfect for pullovers and dresses.
  • Denim: Your pants are made out of this texture.

On the texture piece types, we likewise will make reference to the most significant ones:

100% cotton textures: When the texture retains the inks well, as on 100% cotton shirts, the printability is simple.

Poly-Blends and Tri-Blends: Cotton/Polyester, cotton/lycra, cotton/polyester/rayon and other blended pieces where a high percentual of cotton is remembered for the blend likewise ought not be an issue for the water-put together inks utilized with respect to DTG printing. Nonetheless, the more cotton in the arrangement, the better. Something else, the trouble of imprinting on synthetics will increment.

100% Polyester textures: Well, here’s a major issue. Polyester is very testing to print on:

Polyester repulses the (normally waterbased) inks.

The pretreatment must be applied in a higher focus.

Colors may relocate from the texture into the print.

Prints can break during washing.

Be that as it may, it’s additionally workable for DTG printing. Not with the splendid hues quality as on cotton textures, know about that. What’s more, the procedure is additional tedious. Maybe you need to apply the pretreatment a few times. Or on the other hand you need to print moderate. There can be immense contrasts relying upon the T-Shirt brands or inks you use. Then again, you can utilize prepared pretreated shirts accessible in the market.

Significant! Contingent upon the materials you use, the shades of the last print may turn out in an unexpected way. For example white appears to be unique on cotton than on polyester.


Shivani Enterprises Tip: You likely have seen on the mark of your shirt: 100% Ring Spun Cotton. All in all, what’s the contrast between ring-spun cotton and normal cotton?

Regular COTTON

The way toward making Regular cotton comprises of bending together delicate vegetable strands into yarn. Next, the yarn is woven together to make standard cotton material.


The yarn that is made for ringspun cotton is spun such that produces more grounded, longer strands that are delicate, amazingly sturdy and liberated from the harsh surface of standard crude cotton. Additionally, there might be less strands standing out which can help with fibrillation issues. The procedure of consistently turning, curving, and diminishing the cotton strands is the thing that yields long, delicate strands.


Most basic procedures and additionally finishings that can impact the printability (even of cotton)

  • Silicone wrapping up
  • Optical brighteners
  • Structure of the texture (excessively tight – water repellent versus loose or ribbed – diverse shading shades can show up)

So, simply recall this: with waterbased-inks, which is the most widely recognized ink type with DTG printing, you are – essentially – flying COLORED WATER on the piece of clothing. In this way, any textures with a water-repulsing covering or material may not be printable by DTG. Attempt another printing method or inks.

With all that stated, what does everything truly mean? Truly, that direct-to-article of clothing printing is one extremely quick, super boss approach to print great shirts at a strangely minimal effort.

Still uncertain if DTG printing is directly for you? Hit up the ninjas at Shivani Enterprises by calling us at 224-249-3166. We’d love to talk more inside and out about your undertaking so we can make the ideal shirt. Unhitched female Parties. Family Get-togethers. Group Uniforms. Air Guitar Competitions. Whatever you need, Shivani Enterprises has the alternatives and the specialists to ensure you’ll get the most attractive shirt possible right away.

Shivani Enterprises currently offers DTG Printing!

Do let us know in the comment section down below.

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