Brochure Printing in Munirka, Delhi NCR India

Brochure Printing is marketing tool, a printed brochure help too much to the sales man as well as all information related to the product is printed on it along with company with information. A well layout and info-graphic brochure give more credit to the company and attraction to the clients. No you can send brochure online design and make *.pdf file to your customer but feel & touch comes up with physical printed brochure.

Shivani Enterprises Brochure
2 Fold Brochure
Z Fold Brochure
Z Fold Brochure

Standard size 11.692″x8.268″ (A4), 16.53″x11.692″ (Fold to A4), 11.692″x24.75″ and custom size. For protection and looks wise better can be made in another application such as Varnish. Lamination, UV and Die-Cut Shape brochure also.

Brochure Artwork Design :

A creative brochure strengthens your brand and leads your customer to the sale points. The first part to make an eye catchy brochure comes to graphic designer’s challenge as well as layout, image, and manipulation of contents and what about product or services brochure is?  maybe impress content or graphics visualization to the reader. It leaves a great massive to your competitor. Now in a digital world, it is said “a picture is enough than 100 of words” no one has time to read entire contents, just want to see at a glance what features product contained in visual. While designing to keep in mind, brochure reader’s age wants to see vibrant color or calm color. It is observed such new age group love to see vibrant color and old age want to see calm color. That’s would be better. Secondly size also a part of the brochure making comfortable to hold and read it. If there are multi-product brochure we must keep size smaller or multi-fold brochure easy and read it,

How to select the best quality of brochure printing paper?

While we are planning to make a best quality brochure printing we should think first of all about design we have made for it. If there are content and info-graphic with the solid background we should avoid texture and grained paper because during printing the depth of color reduce on to paper and finally result produce inferior quality. So avoid solid background on the textured result will be oriented. The design we have made multicolored, with a solid background suggested to selected fine art card, you can get as per according to your budget range from 170 gsm to 350 gsm matte or gloss finished.

Print Process :

Digital & Offset Printing: Usually, brochures are printed either digital or offset printing process, planning of printing is made on the basis of quantity, whether it is small or long run project. The digital process applied in the short run print and offset for long-run project print. Offset printing technologies work lithography technique. Any size of brochures can be print easily in this process wherever some boundary in digital process point view of various sizes of the brochure can be printed in this process. Offset printing is the best and fast printing option for a brochure.

Brochures are printed in CYMK format whereas CMYK stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black and Pantone color (special color). In this process first of all data (text and image) transferred on to 4 separate CTP (computer to plate) particularly cyan, magenta, yellow, black thereafter transferred on rubber blanket, when paper pass between blanket and impression pressure roller then rubber blanket leave impression on paper and print finally comes out.

Post Press and Finish :

Basically, this process is done for making the safety of the product, color and lookswise make better. The aqueous coating, gloss lamination, matte lamination, UV coating, folding, die cut and are made. Matte lamination or gloss lamination depends on it who will see this brochure, done according..

Shivani Enterprises is a one-stop online Custom Brochures Designing click here | Printing | Premium Brochures | Corporate | E-Brochure Design | Prospectus Design company. Shivani Enterprises offers Digital | Offset A5, A4, A3, Custom Size Brochure Printing in Delhi NCR INDIA. We have a skilled and experienced team of creative layout designers and content writers as you know that brochure printing procedure.

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Catalog Printing in Munirka Delhi NCR India

Catalog printing, the well-designed catalog can have a great impact on the prestige of the company. If you have a non-professional catalog it will directly affect your organization reputation. A catalog is just a booklet that contains the multiple pages of publicity material of a company’s products or services. It is very common advertising material these days and can be seen in almost every business promotion campaign.

It is usually made of multi-page items with company profile, product image with description.

The catalogs printing not only tell your customers who you are and what you offer but also have the ability to pitch promotional offers and make ordering perfectly easy on each and every page. A catalog is a well-arranged document with Image in booklet form, also known as a catalog, to sell product or Service of a specific trade. Catalog printing is the better way to reach out to customers, in which product information in brief with multi-product list, A good catalog leaves a heavy impact than a salesman in the marketing sector. Mostly a product or service catalog is complete info of company profile, contact address, email, web address etc. The printed catalog is mostly used by corporate to distribute to dealers, authorized distributors and retailers with rate list categories wise and brands wise updated from time to time.  Various types of product know more click here

Catalog printing feature

Designing pattern and overlook of a catalog as per industries to industries (jeweler, IT, grocery, furniture, travel etc.) differs. Best designing and printing catalog required high-resolution products color Images to design  combination with content etc., offer standard size A5 and A4, paper thickness 130gsm – 350gsm art paper gloss, matte finish, imported paper, coated uncoated apply high technologies printing machines, binding depends according no. of pages whether saddle stitch or perfect Bind as per customer requirements, offering process color and SPL color with varnish, UV coating, lamination for decent look to keep in mind for economical, our innovative expertise team check at every step of process, before dispatch. always ready to guide through email, Live Chat, online 24x7x365 Day. click here more info

What we do

Shivani Enterprises offers our customers & prospective client through online catalog printing services in Munirka Delhi-NCR India. Facilitating file checkup, online pdf proof, minimum printing turnaround with pan India delivery system. Catalog printing is long lasting investment and marketing tools & help to produces big size revenue for your company.

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Letterhead Printing

Letterhead Printing

Letterhead printing, the heading at the top of a sheet of letter paper, usually consisting name of individual or organization, brand, logo, registration no., address, email, watermark branding at the center of page, imprinted with such a heading called letterhead. It is also known as letter pad. Basically used as a credit note, quotation, invitation card, invoice, agreements, purchase orders, so on… Corporate and government authority used as experiences, promotion and demotion certificate also.

Your company’s letterhead is an important part of your paper product line and printing technique. Best designed and printed letterhead can give your company a professional image and more business. A better letterhead might be kept for a long period of time and it can remind the customer of your business over the years. Good-looking letterheads tell your customers that you are a stabled and renowned company. Letterhead printing can be done by several different printing method as a screen, digital and offset printing. Know more about the business collateral material click here

Letterhead Sizes and Paper :

The standard size of letterhead considered A4, A5 and letter. It has enough space to write a letter up to 300 -400 words. Various types of bond paper for letterhead printing paper available in the market  that gives international looks such as executive bond, excel bond and sunlight bond. The overall white paper or very light color base paper used so that your letter visibility be clear. Usually, 85-100 gsm un coated easily can get print direct from a laser printer or you write by free hand. You may get textured paper to give the rich impression to your client and prospects.

Letterhead Printing Process :

There is a various method to get print letterhead such as Screen Printing, Digital and Offset Printing it depends on the artwork you ready to print. The info graphics content can be print through digital/offset print process only. Quality digital/offset letterhead printing depends on image quality as it requires 300 DPI image to get the best printing.  Text and vector design can be print in screen print. In this process printing, each color print separately. This is why it takes more time to complete process cost comes a nominal. There are some other applications of printing to make eye-catchy as leaf printing, embossing, De-embossing and blinding embossing can be done to make more attractive and eye catchy your letterhead.

What we do:

Shivani Enterprises is a commercial designing, printing and advertising company. It is an innovative and market researcher company always come up with new ideas to full fill our customers of different industries requirement. We do complete designing, and printing letterhead quality you required. Our designers are always ready to serve it’s best. We are open 24hrs x 365 day a Year. We do print letterhead exclusive Indian and imported across the world paper. Available letterhead paper color are cream, off-white, textured, plain etc. Print turnaround 1-3 days it also depends on types of application to be done on letterhead.

Shivani Enterprises is an online commercial Designing | Printing | Advertising company based In DELHI, INDIA at 249/2, Opposite Vasant Vihar Bus Depot, Rama Market Munrka New Delhi 10067, Tel: 91 9213123897, 91-46091624, Email:,,;

Presentation Folders

Presentation Folder

Presentation Folder is a flexible cover folded in the centre having option single or pocket both sides printed with info-graphics about your company profile, a brand with contact details and used as a holder for keeping more loose paper: a file folder, It is used for safe handling your important document, catalog, brochure, flyer, stationary. etc.

Presentation Folders not only combine all your marketing materials but often create a long lasting first impression. the creative presentation folders that incorporate quality design with info graphical elements and laminated folder are assured to attract the attention of your clients and perspective.

Presentation Folder 1
Presentation Folder 1

An eye-catching, full-colour Presentation Folders enable you to spark the interest of your target audience by showcasing them your company presentation in a most professional and organized manner. Pocket folders are a great way to organize business proposals, company information, sample kits and more.

Presentation Folder 2
Presentation Folder 2

It is a kind of product showcase and marketing tools made of hard stuff to keep in a handwritten or printed document for Professional Presentation in front of prospective and clients to get them to understand their products information as a sales sheet, price list etc. It has also a single side or both side pocket as per required to Moreover, people get Colored Printed Presentation Folder of their Company. Presentation Folder can create the right opportunity for your business. It is a Company Image & Manner use folder.

What we do.

Amazing Design can produce an eye-catchy presentation folder that gives a prestigious image to the company. Presentation folder’s standard size comes in 12”x9”(closed size), both side or single side glued pocket, as per clients requirement.

To present your presentation folder a business card slot is cut to keep business card. Very high-quality paper stock (350-400 gsm board) and full-colour printing entire folder or cover front-back only for Corporates, NGO, Hospitals used unbreakable stuff by applying

What Application Required To Make an Eye-Catchy Presentation Folder?

UV Coating, Embossing, High Breed Coating, Foil Printing these are the application that makes a presentation folder eye-catching.  Depending on the paper quality which application works best for that.

How to Make Stronger Presentation Folder?

Keeping more thickness, bulk of paper and lamination we can make stronger presentation folder. Thermal glossy or matte lamination, while keeping at an affordable price, It is customized accordingly to their no. of the piece to be inserted into presentation folder by keeping spine, basically 15 -20 leaves A4 size of 100 gsm easily hold without spine.

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Newsletter Printing

What is the Newsletter?

Newsletters basically printed paper information about any company or organization. It may be in the form of a booklet or leaflet with multi-folded finishes. Any agency or institution like a school, society, NGO and corporate industries etc. circulate periodically eye-catchy newsletter to keep updated with current events, news and upcoming products among with their clients and perspective. It is obviously circulated weekly, monthly, quarterly, half yearly and annually etc. The newsletter is normally in multiples of 4 pages set, printing both sides. Frequently circulation help audience updated and company loyalty maintained. It is also a part of a long time investment marketing material tool, makes your business unique. The newsletter represents someone’s business depth and appeals to the audience. A newsletter is an excellent way to keep in touch with customers and improve customer retention. Sometimes it happens company sent out a brochure to this prospective and clients for special offer or annual celebrations.


 Size, paper, and finish

The standard closed size of the newsletter is A4 size or letter. The open size of the letter is 17”x 11” and open size of A4 is 16.53″ X 11.692″. Booklet form or multi-folded made 130gsm to 170gsm art paper thickness, as newsletter contain info-graphics. Point of view for economical newsletter depends on quantity, size and paper thickness and other parameters to fix its basic cost.  Paper finish quality depends on readers of newsletter’s choice that what kinds of product company provide categories product or providing service age group as well as under 30 years old like most to see glossy or shiny look whereas above 30 years like to read silently as matte finish paper to avoid flash on the eye it is found in a survey. Overall bulk quantity is cheaper than less quantity per unit. For large quantity to reach more perspective, get paper low gsm to get an economical price.


Print Process

Shivani Enterprises offers the best quality print newsletter at low cost with 100% customer satisfaction. We have state-of-art in-house facility from design to direct mailing facility. To make a cost-effective order in bulk quantity to approach more perspective and clients that help to reduce per unit cost. Everything we do at Shivani Enterprises is designed to drive sales and brand promotion. We print for NGO, corporate, educational institutions in Delhi NCR India.  We have a creative team of Art Director, Graphic Designer, and production manager each and every project pass through all quality checking parameter either printed newsletter or e-newsletter.

That’s why we offer full customization pertaining to size, paper quality, company theme, die and shape, even it may be in the pair of 4-page coloured in booklet format or in fold option. You can get the best quality printing and at the best price. We at Shivani Enterprises not only the cheapest one but known as the best quality designer and printer.


To get faster service, place an online click here Munirka Delhi NCR India. Send us content and images we will do the rest. It’s a long value of customer relationships. Newsletters are practically guaranteed to generate business. We know the importance of timeliness when it comes to getting your news out among the public. This is the best place to get it. for more details click here

Shivani Enterprises is an online commercial Designing | Printing | Advertising company based In DELHI, INDIA at 249/2, Opposite Vasant Vihar Bus Depot, Rama Market Munirka New Delhi 10067, Tel: 91- 9213123897, 91-46091624, Email:,,;


Cash Voucher Printing

What Is Cash Voucher?

Cash, Credit, Debit Voucher, get printed online . It’s usually numbered small paper leaf, mentioned named person who received cash, date of disbursement of the amount, with reason and initials.  Approved by the front desk manager. its mean a cashier does not allow payment without filling a cash voucher. To reimbursement of payment cash voucher required, what they have already expenses (tangible items) their own money with the original receipt or relevant document arranged in the bunch for internal audit.


Cash Voucher Paper

Sometimes it may be used for the legal purpose also to prevent from miss management from petty cash, in another way you can say transaction of cash form petty cash used document is a cash voucher. With sequentially numbered voucher made easy to find out cash voucher leaf in accounting. Where there is a guideline to expend not more than the particular amount from petty cash funds.

Printing Process

Cash Vouchers are used basically in official purpose, do not require to make exclusive quality, usually are made in single colour, black & white

Shivani Enterprises provide complete designing, printing, advertising and corporate gifting solutions.

There are three types of  Petty cash credit and debit voucher  Cash Voucher, Credit Voucher, and Debit Voucher all of them are used for internal use as a point of  So get print from a professional printer. It will provide you in a bunch at least 50 or 100 leaves with top or left portion glued which can be torn out easily, often it is glued from the left side.

We print online all such  Debit Voucher in Delhi NCR (India.) standard size 5.5”x8.5”, single color printer, with 70 gsm, side glued each pad contain 100 leaves.

Shivani Enterprises is an online commercial Designing | Printing | Advertising company based In DELHI, INDIA at 249/2, Opposite Vasant Vihar Bus Depot, Rama Market Munirka New Delhi 10067, Tel: 91 9213123897, 91-46091624, Email:,,;

Receipt Book

Receipt Book

A receipt book is a composed affirmation that a pre-determined between the agreement of seller and buyer. It is issued by seller/whole seller/vendor to the customer, buyers and customer service staff when he receives part or full payments to from any customer against the cost. It is part of office stationery printing.  Receipt Book is used to keep records of the advance or final amount received from any clients against particular orders. It contains details of order i.e. on behalf of payment is received.

Receipt Book Size

Overall size is used 8.5″x5.5″ sufficient. You can customize as per the requirement. These sizes are used in commercial purpose. Receipt books used for donation are used as well as 4″x8″

Printing Process

Printing, as well as lithography, is applied. Sometimes it required very strong point view of security also gets printed in hot stamping.

Paper Quality

Paper used medium thickness 55 gsm – 70 gsm non coated, easy to make a duplicate (carbon copy readable). Thicker paper

The beneficiary, as well as a service provider, maintain records through receipt so it plays a very important role in any business institution and printing of Receipt Book became an external part for them so can be used as a logo branding. A receipt book is issued by seller/service provider during the running project or final project to the client in place of making payment date, time, amount, kind of goods sold. Keeping a track of money required it easy to manage instantly, customized receipt book printing give good impression to your organization and help to manage sequential number, first copy white and inner copy colored single or multicolored with perforated all copy as per client require 2 plies or 3 plies except bottom record copy vertical or horizontal bound easily Its contain the name of the person payee receivers (seller) and payers (customer) initials, the amount on account of, mode of payment cheque, cash, draft, a date with soon. All receipt (maybe in advance or final payment) against invoice tells that customer had paid to the seller or service provider. Printing technique is used as a lithography process.

What do we do?

It is a kind of form/leaf between customer and supplier on behalf of making transactions. The outer cover of receipt book keeps standard thickness so that easy to slid to the back or side and easy to open and write down easily 2 plies or 3 ply receipt book. Receipt book printing services get 2-3 business days after approval of artwork if there is some customized unique application it may take little more time. Generally, keep 3mm bleed from each edge for the safety of content trim out. click here

Shivani Enterprises print online custom receipt book as per client requirement, as i have 18 year experience in personalized receipt book printing services knowing how importance of documents related to sequence number and perforation as it has to keep record for a long time in any business time frame what we committed, we give 100% assurance of quality and affordable price in time frame you will be happy when you receive receipt books from us. Free of cost delivery in Delhi and NCR India. We print a single colour receipt book having 2 plies or 3 ply option as per our client requirement. If you have your old copy just send photo on whatsup or email and I will create the way you want. For custom size and same-day delivery, you may click here or call on hotline number.

Receipt Book Printing Turnaround

Usually, it takes 2-3 days from designing to printing and get ready


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