Tent Card Printing

Tent Card Printing

Tent card printing is basically used in the front office table. While you sitting behind the reception table, The visitors come into the office to get services before inquiring more they come to understand easily without asking something in front of customer easy to understand services you provide for.

You can use it as well as table calendar single pager. An eye-catchy tent card attracts the prospect because the first impression is the last impression. Printing quality is the major factor as visibility is very near as well as 0.50 meter for from eyesight.

Tent Card Standard Size

Standard Size of tent card is 8.5″x5.5″, 7.5″x8.5″, 6″x6″, 8″x8″ with wide stable base.


How to Select a Best Quality Paper for Tent Card Printing?

To stand out a tent card steady on the table while there is on a fan that should stand firm. It is used usually 250 gsm onward. Even it is used on a table it may cause to wet and low durability if you laminate it is the best tent card printing.

Tent Card Printing Method

Tent card is used in limited quantity so it is can be print in digital printing for an economical price as well as compared to offset printing price goes costly per unit.


While planning to make tent card printing and designing is a very important point of view of high-quality image quality matter because prospects look at one glance to understand to full fill its requirement. So it must be positively stand out proper on the table whether it is Horizontal or Vertical.

Making a tent card on the paper so have to keep printing quality neat and clean creasing should be proper to make it stand proper according to weight. it can be laminated if it required some time chance to be wet on the table. Most of all paper is used 170 gsm and above sufficient to stand properly. Avoid making tent card using more than 300 gsm as hard to stand properly.











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Digital Marketing Company in Munirka, Delhi NCR India

Digital Marketing

There are various types of advertising media for marketing of product and services. Advertisement such as electronic (radio, television, telephone, youtube), mouth publicity, print media, (newsletter, flyer, billboard) and digital marketing etc. All kinds of marketing strategy can be divided into 2 part only.

  1. Inbound Marketing

  2. Out Bound Marketing

There are various types of the strategy of Inbound marketing.

  1. Flyer Printing
  2. Advertisement  in news paper
  3. Poster Printing
  4. Advertisement in magazine
  5. Flex Banner
  6. Standee
  7. Coaster
  8. Bill Board

All these types of advertisement method you can’t count of ROI. Who will read your ad?

So let us come and see the way and how does inbound marketing works?

Marketing through a computer or any types of electronic device used, called digital marketing strategies.

Digital marketing is a concept and strategy implement through an electronic device with the help of internet.

With the help of electronic media to get awareness of the audience about the product, product sale and service etc. 

Since the Invention of the computer and the internet, the trend of marketing has been changed entire the world. Earlier it was used to say that only rich people can do the business but it has been possible to a common person to make a business through it, the way think.

There are various factor and technique through we can reach out to our perspective and clients.

Fund Transfer, Product Sale, Service, Awareness through effective digital marketing has become simple and fast.

Top Most Search Engines

Today Google, Being, Yahoo and Aol are major search engines. Among them Google is the worlds top most search engines, data analysis says that a 90% search on the web did on googles that allow to customer relevant search result on the web, there are more than 200 factors on behalf of google rank your page on the first page and rank 1 of Google.

How to stand out on the first page of each search engine?

There are numbers of strategy to reach out to the customer as well as organic and non-organic way.

1. Organic Traffic

Approach to the prospective client without paid technique called an organic method.

As per google algorithm parameter point view of SEO Friendly, mobile responsive, quality content, meta tag, meta description and title tag optimized website rank fast.

Engagement through a blog, articles, web directory submission, webinar, youtube (audio, videos), the podcast is very helpful tools for the organic result.

Without paid Social Media Platform activity on such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Snap chat and what’s up are organic result sources.

It’s a long stable process.

2. Non-Organic Traffic

SEM, SMO, Google Adwords, PPC, Paid Service on Social Media are a non-organic technique

When to reach your target audience by the paid method called a non-organic

All these types of sources is a part of digital marketing, email marketing, SMS, you can operate your business from an office or home to reach out across the world called digital marketing. it is an inbound marketing strategy.

It is a short process I.E. when you stop paying money you will away from googling the first page. Its temporary solution.

Advantage of paid advertising

  1. Can be target particular area. (country, city, time bounded, age group, gender etc.)

Which is more beneficial method paid advertising vs non paid advertising?

Both tactics is beneficial itself, it depend how well you are doing it. where paid marking is very accurate point view of time, area, gender behavior etc. Non paid is long term solution it depends how technically you are doing it.

Strategy on behalf of google rank on top your web page.

Google policy is very simple to provide relevant data to the user. This is why Google is the best search engine in the world. There is numerous factor on behalf of google rank for. Some major factors are given below.

  1. Responsive Web Pages
  2. Original and Easy to understand content to the user
  3. Proper Indexing
  4. Image Optimization
  5. High-Quality Backlink
  6. Domain Authority
  7. The fact behind to maintain the first page is original data to customer required while searching on the internet. According to google to fetch out their database and present to the end customer.

Unique Content Creator Website

As per google algorithm 2019 Updates, the main focus on Unique content all the website ranked before updates gone downward up to 20-28%. Theses

  1. https://www.dictation.io
  2. https://www.speechnotes.co


How to index your data in google index?

These types of making strategy are digital marketing.


The fastest grown some brand name within a decade through digital marketing is.

  1. Uber, ola, eBay, Amazon, Shop clue, YOYO Hotels, Flip Cart, Ola Cab, Alibaba etc. are world known brand these all brands are born within a period of 10-15 year back and each of brand owner belonged a middle-class family and a common man. Now have been become multi-millionaire and billionaire.

Why we must follow a digital marketing strategy?

You can sell your product online even ready-made or customized such click here to buy online service.

Various types of product and services even that is ready to use the product or customized can be sale online hassle-free with the help of e-commerce portal.

Data analysis says that now there are 40-50% Indians are online for the last 20 year, so can understand that there is a huge opportunity in digital marketing.

India is the second largest internet user in the world after China.

Advantage :

  1. Low-cost, maximum return.
  2. Global reachability
  3. Marketing 24×7 hrs
  4. Targeting audience area, behaviour and age wise
  5. Real-time reporting
  6. Output digitally
  7. Scaleable business
  8. Business activity check online
  9. Reducing office expending method

Basic Sources of Digital Marketing (Inbound Marketing)

  1. Search Engine
  2. Website
  3. SEO (on the page, off the page)
  4. Content Writing Team
  5. Blogs & Article

Inbound Marketing can be divided into two part

i) On page SEO

ii) Off pages SEO

What is on the page and off page SEO?

Know better tips of quora forum there are thousands of tips given people connected with SEO community  https://www.quora.com/

1.White Hat SEO

2. Grey Hat SEO

3. Black Hat SEO

Top 10 Keyword Selection Tool

  1. www.keywordtool.io
  2. google keyword planner
  3. kissmatrics.com
  4. Uber Suggest
  5. Quora

Top 10 Free Email Marketing  tools

  1. Aweber
  2. MailChimp
  3. Vertical Response
  4. ABbulk emailer
  5. Sendlane
  6. Drip
  7. Convertkit
  8. Active Campaign
  9. Infusion Soft
  10. Campaign monitor

Top 10 Social Media Channel

  1. Facebook
  2. Linkedin
  3. Twitter
  4. Pinterest
  5. What’s an app
  6. Google Plus
  7. Instagram
  8. Tumblr.com
  9. Reddit.com
  10. digg.com


  1. Mobile Marketing
  2. SMS, SMO, PPC, Video Ad
  3. Youtube
  4. Affiliate Marketing
  5. Content Market
  6. RSS Feed

Top 10 Digital Marketing Experts.

  1. Niel Patel Digital (http://www.neilpateldigital.com)
  2. Amit Aggarwal (https://www.labnol.org/about/)
  3. Sourav jain (https://soravjain.com)
  4. Harsh Aggarwal (https://www.shoutmeloud.com/about)


  1. For the beginner of digital marketing expert world owned and awarded from the white house in America learned from them it  https://neilpatel.com/ helping from here you can get amazing traffic in your site
  2. Google Adword
  3. blogging (for new blogger helpful tool www.kissmatrics.com, www.buzzsumo.com, www.nielpatel.com
  4. Articles
  5. Display marketing (Third party campaign)
  6. ORM

Digital Marketing Supporting Tools

1. Google Analytics

2. Webmaster

3. Google Search Console

4. Online Designing Tool

5. Keyword Research Tool

Above technique are sourced through we can raise audience and generate a lead for business country wise, state wise, citywide and local area and as well as age and behaviour wise. But before getting the traffic you have to learn how to do smart marketing first step is a make a website SEO friendly as well as following google parameter that helps to display on web page fast and audience get connect to your product or services you render, thousands of people are professionals who help to learn digital marketing. Through digital marketing, there are so many brands have got tremendous development in little time as Flipkart, shop clue, Amazon, uber and ola cab is online shopping portal it is said India is worlds second largest digital marketing workplace the internet marketing.

Why We Do Digital Marketing?

  1. You can start your business
  2. Freelancing
  3. Professional Digital Marketer

Digital Marketing Course Providing Institute

  1. Digital Vidya
  2. Digiperform
  3. DISM

These Institute are well known in India. They have trained a lot of students providing service in MNC and Indian Company.

Some of the marketing is paid and some of non paid



Uber Suggest


Pingdong (Web help for Speed Check)

How to start digital marketing?

To start a digital marketing journey, there are some basic points that we should be following to make viral digital marketing

  1. Register Domain
  2. There are so many companies provide domain registration a hosting Provider among them

1.) godaddy.com

2.) Hostgator


  1. Keyword research

Top 10 Article Title Generator

  1. https://www.SEOPRESSOR.COM
  2. https://coschudler.com

Top 10 Copyright Text Generator

Article Creator



Super Fast Top Ranking Content.

Blog Idea Generator


Blogging, Article Writing and Publishing on Community help more for digital marketing

Top 10 Copywrite Free Image

  1. photoliya.com
  2. pexel.com
  3. canava.com
  4. pixabay.com
  5. stock.xchng

Top 10 Free Blog Submission sites

Top 10 printing blog site

Top 10 Graphic Design Tech sites

Top 10 free copy write video making sites

  1. Biteable

Top 10 Fouram Posting Site

  1. Quora.com
  2. Yahoo.com
  3. Microsoft.com

Top 5 Duplicate Content Checker Site

  1. https://www.siteliner.com
  2. http://www.smallseotool.com

How to make social media advertising viral

  1. https://hellowbar.com

Tools to overcome your competitor

  1. htts://www.herf.com
  2. https://www.semrush.com
  3. https://buzzsumo.com









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Scratch Card Maker, Scratch Card Printer in Munirka, Delhi NCR India.

Scratch Card Printing

Scratch Card Printing is mostly done for the promotional purpose for a new product launch or making a big sale by offering to their dealer and customers when the customer gets more benefit that tries to check new brand easily and promote potentially, so it helps to grow business of marketing company.

On the occasion on festival most of all quickly just click here to get online printing, even it is for gaming, event or product promotional common or variable data, in minimum turnaround each and every scratch card printing you will get unique in minimum turnaround.
It is done through software to avoid duplicity and point of view of security as it is a very sensitive issue. It is printed in the digital printing method.

Scratch Card
Why use scratch card

How to, that must be the scratch card is used for the purpose of business promotion. it helps to user to encourage our business and user get some more benefit.

Basically scratch card is thin or thick with the branding of the product, a card used for making some promotion it is just like a card in which company brand and logos are printed and some part of the printed area is concealed where card value is hidden.

In the corporate world, used in bulk as well as whenever automobile company launched a new product for their point view of marketing they keep one scratch card in each packing with different nomination value for the interest of retailer to sell out more that one brand.

Scratch Card
Scratch Card
Variable Data Printing

The advantage of Scratch Card Printing

  1. Easy To Track
  2. No Chance To Misuse
  3. Scratch card is made of paper card and well design with brand & logo printed with terms and condition of uses backside. is laminated both side and particular text or number is concealed with scratch ink (an opaque ink) after getting the laminated paper card easily scratched off ink and concealed letter comes out. if is found scratched off card it may be fraud.

How Secure are scratch Card?

Each card are individual digitally printed are comes in sequential, no repetition, no miss, each and every card are unique for security reason.

For making it economical you can customise on thin paper to reach more prospectus.

To get the print scratch card free sampling click here








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Carry Bag Printing in Munirka, New Delhi NCR India

Carry Bag

After being a ban of plastic carry bag demand of paper bag and non woven boomed up. Usually, used in retail showrooms, exhibition,

A big brand like big bazaar, wall mart, home shop 18, visual mega mart used in bulk carry bag made of craft and non-woven material for the shake of an environment-friendly used paper bag or non-wooden carry bag, are printed in bulk quantity per unit price come very economical.

Non-woven carry bag can be printed screen printing and offset printing with eye catchy colourful design printing process done through the offset printing method.

and packing of bag done automation machine with hot glued no tension to tear out easily. Earlier it was used in large no. made of plastic due to ban plastic people adopted non woven and paper bag compared to plastic cost goes higher. These brand are sold complete household items quality maintain commonly.

Carry bag demand in the market

Carry Bag Materials:  Art Paper, Craft Paper, Jute, Cotton Cloth, Non-Woven Cloth

Types of the carry bag

  1. Disposable bag
  2.  Multi-time usable carry bag
  3.  Printing method
  4. How much a carry bags leave impact your brand noticed
  5. How long time it takes to make a carry bag
  6. The benefit of making a paper carry bag
  7. How to make a carry bag longer life
  8. Things avoid while making a carry bag

i)  Avoid toxic chemical while making a food carry bag

ii) Check the proper holding capacity of goods before making capacity.

But Brand used in niche product like jewellery, clothing is very particular about branding used high quality as well as they sell their product selection, a coating of paper and clothes, feel and touch, brand promotion, capacity of holding the article, colour matching with their brand etc. To make brand prominent used golden, silver, and specific hot stamping foils with high embossing etc. this process undergoes within a week but some caused making accuracy like clear die making, block for embossing may take time up to 10 days service.

Carry Bag, after the ban of plastic made disposable material as a place stick cup and carry bag etc, The demand of paper, cloth, jute and non-woven has been increased fastly worldwide as well as point view of environment issue government and NGO are very aware of providing help and avoid “not to uses polybag” campaign to the manufacturer and provide fund on the economical rate of interest, equipment and land, because of paper and non-woven paper cost, goes higher compared to the plastic poly bag. Paper bag, Jute, cloth, and non-woven bags are 100% environment-friendly.

Non woven material is technically known in the name of propylene polythene component in the roll form. There are the various size, thickness, colour available of raw materials of non woven as white, green, black. yellow, red and many more. We can customize according to our requirement as per bag’s goods holding capacity even have to make stronger by using high gsm stuff or usually, used non-woven material for carrying bag is made 100 gsm to 150 gsm thickness onward.  Non weaved of the bag as per required space to put items into the bag.

Carry Bag

Cloth Carry bag; printing colour can be optimized single opaque colour as well as your brand colour combination to maximize your brand visual and logo but you do not make it cannot be laminate due to having dust and fibre to make more carry capacity you can get thicker fabric. You can get a print screen print spot one colour, two colours, three colours as well as your requirements etc.

Required to make a computerised die for making for a perfect quality bag.

Paper bag is comparatively high compared to non-woven carry bag it is easy can be made the thickness as well as you want to see and can be printed with the high-quality image with content as well as brands. the best quality carry bag you can select paper 300 gsm art card, printing multicoloured, leaf printing, UV coating,  with lamination, logo & brand embossed letter printed,  that gives you a  huge brand promotion. you may keep up to 10 kg weight hassle free. Paper Bag printing for purpose of maximum brand promotion is the best material option.








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Canopy Printing in Munirka, Delhi NCR India

Canopy Printing

Advertising on the canopy printing is the best outdoor advertising material for campaigning.  A canopy is usually, used for campaigning in the outdoor area, whereas crowded area such as educational, industrial or marketplaces, trade show, exhibition and event hall, etc.

There are various shape and size of the canopy is made such as cubical, hut and pyramid. The canopy’s shape is made for the safety of sunlight, cool wind, rain and with advertising space temporarily sitting for volunteer and salesperson. It’s easy to set up and collapse then pack in an individual bag and carry.

There are various types of advertising material, the canopy one of them is the best visual display medium the structure is made of foldable cylinder iron pipe in 1.5 ” Dia. with ms powder coating metal.

Canopy Printing-Designing 

It’s the most advertising tool so have to make in mind make the design of advertisement materials prominent branding as it is observed visibility from the distance of at least 1-2 meter distance off. To get the best canopy designing option click here can get the ready design of canopy in minimum turnaround, maximum brand display layout and with best quality content and images. There are many panels such as

  1. Bottom left side
  2. Bottom right side
  3. Bottom Frontside
  4. Main backdrop
  5. top left side
  6. top right side
  7. top Frontside
  8. Canopy Printing
    Canopy Printing


Canopy Printing -Standard Sizes and Materials

Overall a canopy standard size comes for advertisement is decided according to space to sit volunteer or salesperson inside standard cubical space such as 7’x7’x7′, 6’x6’x7′, 5x5x7′, 4’x4x’x7′ where each size has 7′ ft. height and other two size is length and width.

Canopy Printing Structure

Usually, all these panels are fixed in 1 dia inch iron pipe, in the form of each endpoint male and female section, each pipe one end male and another female, no require a bolt and unbolt, pinch, to install. So it is easy to install, these pipes are made of 22 gauge thickness so that could not bend easily. This metal has 0.03-0.50% carbon that is very strong material.  It has 7 panels for advertisements among them top 3 sides (left, right and front) and bottom 3 sides (left, right, and front) advertise space is 1 ft x length and width, and full-size backdrop tightened with Velcro.

Canopy Advertisement Materials

Advertisement material is printed of flex 300 gsm thickness, Eco-solvent canopy printing materials with high-lighting brand, logo, product or services in the focused point and stitched on tentron fabric (waterproof fabric) 300 gsm thickness (waterproof, hot sun, cool windproof) fabric materials available color such as red, green, yellow, blue you can select according to company color theme and stitch on for durability and waterproof ability.


The main purpose of canopy printing is making the canopy is the advertising of the product or provides services. We do a print for better quality first print and stitched on to cloth with waterproof, durable and multi-time useable.

Learn how to set up a canopy in few a minute?








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Brochure Printing in Munirka, Delhi NCR India

Brochure Printing is marketing tool, a printed brochure help too much to the sales man as well as all information related to the product is printed on it along with company with information. A well layout and info-graphic brochure give more credit to the company and attraction to the clients. No you can send brochure online design and make *.pdf file to your customer but feel & touch comes up with physical printed brochure.

Shivani Enterprises Brochure
2 Fold Brochure
Z Fold Brochure
Z Fold Brochure

Standard size 11.692″x8.268″ (A4), 16.53″x11.692″ (Fold to A4), 11.692″x24.75″ and custom size. For protection and looks wise better can be made in another application such as Varnish. Lamination, UV and Die-Cut Shape brochure also.

Brochure Artwork Design :

A creative brochure strengthens your brand and leads your customer to the sale points. The first part to make an eye catchy brochure comes to graphic designer’s challenge as well as layout, image, and manipulation of contents and what about product or services brochure is?  maybe impress content or graphics visualization to the reader. It leaves a great massive to your competitor. Now in a digital world, it is said “a picture is enough than 100 of words” no one has time to read entire contents, just want to see at a glance what features product contained in visual. While designing to keep in mind, brochure reader’s age wants to see vibrant color or calm color. It is observed such new age group love to see vibrant color and old age want to see calm color. That’s would be better. Secondly size also a part of the brochure making comfortable to hold and read it. If there are multi-product brochure we must keep size smaller or multi-fold brochure easy and read it,

How to select the best quality of brochure printing paper?

While we are planning to make a best quality brochure printing we should think first of all about design we have made for it. If there are content and info-graphic with the solid background we should avoid texture and grained paper because during printing the depth of color reduce on to paper and finally result produce inferior quality. So avoid solid background on the textured result will be oriented. The design we have made multicolored, with a solid background suggested to selected fine art card, you can get as per according to your budget range from 170 gsm to 350 gsm matte or gloss finished.

Print Process :

Digital & Offset Printing: Usually, brochures are printed either digital or offset printing process, planning of printing is made on the basis of quantity, whether it is small or long run project. The digital process applied in the short run print and offset for long-run project print. Offset printing technologies work lithography technique. Any size of brochures can be print easily in this process wherever some boundary in digital process point view of various sizes of the brochure can be printed in this process. Offset printing is the best and fast printing option for a brochure.

Brochures are printed in CYMK format whereas CMYK stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black and Pantone color (special color). In this process first of all data (text and image) transferred on to 4 separate CTP (computer to plate) particularly cyan, magenta, yellow, black thereafter transferred on rubber blanket, when paper pass between blanket and impression pressure roller then rubber blanket leave impression on paper and print finally comes out.

Post Press and Finish :

Basically, this process is done for making the safety of the product, color and lookswise make better. The aqueous coating, gloss lamination, matte lamination, UV coating, folding, die cut and are made. Matte lamination or gloss lamination depends on it who will see this brochure, done according..

Shivani Enterprises is a one-stop online Custom Brochures Designing click here | Printing | Premium Brochures | Corporate | E-Brochure Design | Prospectus Design company. Shivani Enterprises offers Digital | Offset A5, A4, A3, Custom Size Brochure Printing in Delhi NCR INDIA. We have a skilled and experienced team of creative layout designers and content writers as you know that brochure printing procedure.

To place an online order click here and any query you may call 9213123897, 01146091624

For a custom quotes click here for best quality printing result click here click here


Flyer Printing in Munirka, Delhi NCR India

Flyer Printing

Flyer Printing is a cheap and best advertising medium. Flyers used for commercial and non-commercial advertisement. Usually, it’s a single leaf and standard size it may be A4, A5 or any other size. It is printed on single or both sides with an advertising message and contact details. It’s also known as well as a Handbill, Leaflet, Handout, Pamphlet and Newspaper Inserts etc.

Flyers are often distributed hand on hand or inserted in newspaper advertising in bulk quantity and as handbills given to customers by local retailers. They often accompany a formal letter to expand the information in the letter. For the local retailer, flyers offer market coverage at low cost with little waste and good flexibility. However, flyers have a high throwaway rate. Except for flyer, other promotional advertisements material goes high rate such product materials costly per unit price.

Flyer Printing Design and Papers Selection

Eye catchy design and better content with info-graphic flyer can grab more customers. While we are making attractive design depends, how much quality image and content we have and manipulated in it, as well as required for best quality flyer printing content and image in 300 DPI where DPI refers to Dot Per Inch. Point view of cost, the paper factor is very important to make flyer more economical because overall 80% cost comes on only papers. You can adjust it according to your budget. Usually, flyer printing paper used 75 gsm paper onward, when it comes to participate exhibition or events abroad we must select paper for flyer printing not more than 90 gsm easy to logistic, for economical flyer printing we have option to optimise LWC and HWC paper, multicolor flyer printing on coated or non-coated can be done in the best quality. if you are thinking to make the flyer in a single color and very cost effective you may choose non coated multi colour paper such as yellow, pink, green and blue in 60 gsm also. You want to advertise high quality promotional material you may click here 

Digital and Offset Print:

Print flyer is get done print through digital or offset printing in multi-color or the single color.  We required in low number flyer, click digital flyer printing as there is no setup charge in this process, ultimately per flyer cost comes low. Besides it long quantity we must go through offset printing. If you a small-scale industries easy way to capture your prospective in a nearby area people gather or see each other through handouts. Companies used flyers to increase sale and politicians also used to share their information with their audience in which details of product\information are printed with company info, product, service details etc. It’s very easy way to reach & scatter information to the newly opened company or new product launched, distribution is done through newspaper, magazines, individual, flyers are very cost effective and handy to handle and printed single side or both side according to content.

What We Do :

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Poster Printing

Poster Printing

Sciencetific Poster
Scientific Poster
Rolled Poster
Rolled Poster

Poster Printing is printed material used for promotional and information. It may contain text, illustration or visual. Used to pasted on the wall, pinned on display panel, hold in hand, are the best way to advertisement/convey a message for any group & community to spread out a message.

Point view of sale or brand awareness. Such like in conference, corporate events, seminars, films, exhibitions, public sector etc….you can see there are specific spaces are made in college, university to convey the message through a poster in particular area when related community want to see, get informed at a time.

It’s a very important tool to present to the audiences. Often full-colour poster used for decorating their wall for the effective look and inspirational message.

Popular Poster Sizes

Mostly defined area of poster in the institutions are A4, A3, A2, A1, 12″x18″, 17″x24″, 24″x36″, 36″x48″ and custom size. Paper posters are economical than non-other fabric. The corporate companies use poster at the places where their salesman, whole seller counter and nearby area. providing various types of services know more click here . You can get print best quality collage poster, scientific poster at a nominal price.

Poster Printing Quality

Educational Institute required poster for spread out awareness in the public audience for safety and general messages. The industrial company used the poster to increase their sales, promotion of a newly launched product, distribute their whole sellers and retailers with seasonal offers/services. It offers poster printing high-gloss and semi-gloss in standard size A4, A3, A2, 12″x18″, 17″x24″, large format print & custom sizes with adhesive & non-adhesive, with high quality digital print, Large format Eco-Solvent/Solvent Print, these type of poster you can get up to .5ft to 5 ft in wide and length as you required, most of all large format poster we print 3’x5′, 3’x4, as scientific poster, protest poster, no smoking area, Do and Don’t Do, poster like that. High gloss poster 170 gsm art paper is the best poster.

Synthetic Poster
Synthetic Poster

Poster Printing Material

  1.  Flex Poster
  2. Banner Media Poster
  3. Canvas Poster
  4. Paper Poster
  5. Cloth Poster

How to select material of poster printing?

There are various types of stuff used for poster. Depending quality of printing and convenience how to handle it would be better to decide before placing order

How long poster durability?

It’s a matter before

purpose like as Scientific Poster, Event Poster, Collage Poster, New Product Launch Poster etc.  Media onto print poster such as Paper Poster, PVC Poster, Cloth Poster, some time you required the poster to carry abroad in conference very difficult to safe point view of logistics so we provide very high quality, affordable, any size poster, lightweight multi-foldable, high quality, digitally printed at the nominal price especially for carrying abroad easily.

What we do

Shivani Enterprises do make a design on concept and theme of organization required basic information of topic provide the 2-3 option of each topic we are an experienced and skilled team know the importance of poster to get print and delivery. we provide free of a cost delivery minimum turnaround in Munirka Delhi-NCR India. To place an order just click here

It provides a unique quality poster, while you are travelling abroad facing problem to handle safely from tearing out, or crack doesn’t worry we do on the fabric you can make multi-fold able & best quality digital poster and avoid volumetric logistic charges keep in your travelling bag and no compromise with quality such as printing and wrinkles.

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Standee Printing

Standee Printing

The demand for standee printing is encreasing day by day. Nowadays as it is used outdoor and indoor advertising as well as in shops, events, exhibitions, showrooms to display product, brand, discount offers, campaign etc.

It is Known in the market as roll up banner, x banner, standee printing, stand banner and pull up banner etc. Overall standard standee print size comes 2.5′ wide, 6 ft in height, and 3 ft x 6 ft and 4ft x 6ft, each standee weight comes around 5-6 kg with stand roll.

Carry a bag of standee to carry comes in 5-6″dia inch bag. There are various types of standee stand such as material aluminum, chrome, stainless steel and wooden.

Moreover, customers use two types of roll up banner print quality, solvent, Eco-solvent, and UV printing quality. There is available exclusive stand banner for multi-time use and long-lasting quality.

Standee Printing
Standee Printing

Standee Printing Artwork

During the design of standee keep letter-size bigger as it seen at least 2-3 fit for from standee, do not add more content until it required too much. Use brand tagline and product or services in headlines

Stuff Used for Standee Printing

There are various types of material are used, all are can be used in digital such as Flex, Banner, Cloth etc. These materials are available in the roll form with its thickness 230 gsm-300 gsm, where as banner media is costlier than the flex media.

If we talk, point view of print ability on stuff as Eco-solvent, solvent print, inkjet print and UV print.

UV Print and Eco-solvent print can be done easily even and odd surface. no required for lamination

The inkjet printer required surface smoother for best the quality printing standee banner. it required mandatory to laminate even gloss or matte.

So as we come to know that banner media, inkjet printing with matte lamination is the best standee printing banner.


Standee Printing Quality

Roll up banner print quality depending on what kind of material or stuff you are selecting, according to media, printing applications are done. We prefer company are involved in the medical appliance, cosmetic industries, operates to get print digital print easy to sale clear product visibility.

Used for outdoor promotion perhaps at events, music lobbies, movie theatres & so on, and exclusive standee is used for indoor at the restaurant, five stars hotels, bank, showroom huge nos. of standees used for display promoting of new music/new release movies posters in advance and for business purpose, promoting to their new product launches standees are very easy to carry out for display promoting anywhere.

it is made of aluminium and steel, overall we find a problem when we use standee regularly it bend frontward of fell down. So keep in mind we make use stronger stick and heavy base to solve this problem. Get the best-printed standee quotation and online order click here

Matte or Gloss Laminated Standee

Standee printing
Standee printing


Wooden Standee
Wooden Standee

Standee Printing Turnaround

Basically, any types of printing and installation of standee don’t take more than 24 hrs.

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Table Calendar Printing

Table Calendar Printing

Table calendar printing is a printed form of paper that well organized with an hourly plan, date, day, week, holiday nationwide. even planning

These calendar help us to set a goal and finish your work on time, in which marked off-day, national holiday, banking holiday, religious leave or event etc.. Nowadays there are so much official and personal work as person give commitment on commitment, easy way to plan and organize over commitment and follow schedule, calendars are very important role of marketing, business promotion or personal time management. Point view of marketing when we are making a calendar so many parameters why people keep our calendar in front of him.

Point view of marketing and brand promotion it is the best media to show -off your brand in front of your audience.

Personalized Table Calendar Printing

Now it has been a trend to gift a table calendar to your heart belonging to see in front of you while you are working. so you can put them in each month wise memory calendar with 7 leaves printed or 13 leaves printed in a standard size as well as 6″x8.5″ vertical or horizontally. each page has a separate image and wire bound.

Can be easily made cost does not access more than INR 250-300 each personalized Gift table calendar cost vary on the basis of quantity, size, paper quality etc.

Personalize Calendar to a Boy Friend

Personalize Calendar to a Girl Friend

Personalize Calendar to a MOM

Personalize Calendar to a Father

How to decide table calendar printing design concept?

While we are making a plan to print calendar have to think the concept of making more conversion and branding, to put month wise selling product and services as well as better point view of sale to your audience.

because these calendars are entire the year in front of you, it depends on whom you gift it and your goal want to achieve it. as well as you want to gift in a rural area you must decide what rural area people like to see and what you want to sell them make a combination to make an eye-catching design.

Personalized Table Calendar Printing with your brand in front of the customer

Even personal or corporate calendar due to being in front of wall or desktop visibility it is also a big advertising tool, that can affect the major impact of your business, basically calendars are made for early basis 15 days before starting new year, how good you feel happy if someone gifts you fancy personalized table calendar printing, contains each page your name and address 15 days before starting new year, Wow! Grocery and pharmaceutical item manufacturer company target according to as per their seasonal product sale, manipulate image and content seasonal month wise to maximum consuming product. designing, printing price, with aqueous, lamination or un lamination UV coating, with a covering envelope with 120 gsm printed with self-adhesives peel out and seal. We are based in Delhi near Indira Gandhi International Airport (India). Providing our services domestic and international with in-house facility from design to dispatch through known-ed logistics. Our creative team design customized table calendar as per corporate industries and the personal requirement for gifting for your near and dear with personalized photo table calendar and for you can place an order through online calendar printing services in Delhi-NCR India. Following link








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