Wooden Die Making & Process

Wooden Laser Die Making

Making a design of the box, envelope, presentation folder, Greeting Card, Craft Coaster printing and packaging required a die. To make the special shape of Brochure, Catalogue, Docket Folder, Packaging Material, Envelope, Notepad etc required a Laser Die Making is made through the computer.

To get pinpoint accuracy of printing product is a combination of the same layout of printing file and die making files and during the cutting of paper required marking must be matched to the printing layout.

Fact Behind Wooden Laser Die Making

  1. Highly precised work
  2. The multi-time die can be used
  3. Blade durability enhanced
  4. Error Chance Decreased
Wooden Laser Die
Wooden Laser Die

Specialities of Wooden Laser Die Making

80% of wooden lased die making process is based on the direct computerised layout to laser cutting of wood, blade. 20% work executed manually as well as fixing blade and punch into the wood.

This latest wood cutting technique is applied in only required area and cutting blades inserts on point with very tight as well as no chance to lose and deface we required artwork while die cutting process even any high pressure and carry on a long time.  As another way to make made by saw and manual that could cause inaccuracy.

There are various size envelopes comes as well as different purpose sometimes it may be a very important document when we are dispatching have to keep in mind not to destroy in the way in the logistic.

To get the best quality envelope you must be adopted Laser Die Making registration make will be 100% accurate.

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