Wooden Die Making & Process

Wooden Laser Die Making

Making a design of the box, envelope, presentation folder, Greeting Card, Craft Coaster printing and packaging required a die. To make the special shape of Brochure, Catalogue, Docket Folder, Packaging Material, Envelope, Notepad etc required a Laser Die Making is made through the computer.

To get pinpoint accuracy of printing product is a combination of the same layout of printing file and die making files and during the cutting of paper required marking must be matched to the printing layout.

Fact Behind Wooden Laser Die Making

  1. Highly precised work
  2. The multi-time die can be used
  3. Blade durability enhanced
  4. Error Chance Decreased
Wooden Laser Die
Wooden Laser Die

Specialities of Wooden Laser Die Making

80% of wooden lased die making process is based on the direct computerised layout to laser cutting of wood, blade. 20% work executed manually as well as fixing blade and punch into the wood.

This latest wood cutting technique is applied in only required area and cutting blades inserts on point with very tight as well as no chance to lose and deface we required artwork while die cutting process even any high pressure and carry on a long time.  As another way to make made by saw and manual that could cause inaccuracy.

There are various size envelopes comes as well as different purpose sometimes it may be a very important document when we are dispatching have to keep in mind not to destroy in the way in the logistic.

To get the best quality envelope you must be adopted Laser Die Making registration make will be 100% accurate.

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Book Binding in Munirka, Delhi NCR India.

Book Binding

A bookbinding is a process where printed paper is arranged properly even by stitching, spiral, wire-o, softcover, hardbound with gold leaf printing, glued stapled, or saddle stitched in the form of the group for a long time without damage easy to read and handle for a long time, every paper separately and paper cutting.

This process is the final after that product became ready to use. Due to finish work, it is very important to get the way you want to see it as well as Perfect, Hard, Spiral, Record Binding, Saddle Stitched, Perfect Binding, Thread Sewing Binding.

Bookbinding quality depending on how you want to see in the bundle of paper. Accurate binding you required is also the part of better pre-press work because of only proper margin and bleed printed paper can be made the accurate binding.

Type of Book Binding

  1. Center Stitched
  2. Perfect Binding
  3. Spiral Binding
  4. Wire-O Binding
  5. Soft Binding
  6. Hard Binding


Center Stitched

Bookbinding –Catalogue 

Catalogue Binding
Center Pin, Saddle Stitched Catalogue

of the catalogue under pages 60, we can do it saddle stitched in with stake paper is folded to in half and stapled in a centre in two pins. This types of binding  required pages in the pair of 4 pages to be stepped

Book binding-Bill Book

Bill Book Binding

in this binding, each paper have to keep variable no have to stamp as per in specific areas defined in the paper and opening side either may have to keep on top or left side, keep sequential original copy + duplicate (as well as more copy) then perforated  all copy except record copy or sewed group of paper then pasted top and bottom keep hard cardboard for the safety.

Perfect Binding

Education Book

As well as the educational book contains more than 60 pages it required it can be bind either perfect or thread binding,

Perfect Book Binding
Perfect Book Binding
ii) Normal Perfect Binding

in perfect binding, each page is kept separate with sequential then keep it in hot glued and put in the title page and pressed with the hot process and finally is ready to trim and ready to use couple seconds to use.

ii) Thread Perfect Binding

In this process, all pages must in the pair of 4/8/16/32 …then it is kept sequential and sewed in a bunch then typically keep in hot glued thereafter put it in the centre of the title page and pressed with the hot process and finally ready to trim and ten ready to use.

Table Calendar

Wiro binding
Wiro Binding, Normally Black and White Color

Basically, the calendar is required to see both sides at a time so joint edges will be loose to be separated each side required a ring having space up to 0.5″ spine either it may be metal or plastic to keep all pages in sequential and made a hole (Punching) and hook all pages in the wire-o and wire-o is inserted into the cardboard hold to the base. and you can use each page turn properly. this binding is also known as coil binding.

Now as the technologies have been updated and the world of computer people used to see in the pdf format but the trend of bookbinding will carry on a long time from the ancient time.

Material required for binding cardboard, Threads, Glued, Cloth, Leather, Stepler Pin

There are various types of product required to bind books such as the brochure, catalogue, creasing, folding, record binding, Hardbound with leaf binding golden colour

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Thermal & Cold Lamination in Munirka New Delhi NCR India.

 Thermal & Cold Lamination

Lamination Machine, BOPP Matte Film, Bopp Gloss Film

Thermal and cold lamination; let’s start with the first definition. If you wish to protect a large-format print from moisture, fingerprint oil, and such, you would coat the sheet with film laminate.

You could cover one side of the poster printing run with film, or you could even cover both, the back and front with separate sheets, effectively sealing the custom printing paper completely into a plastic pouch of sorts.

This is what is done with some restaurant menus and plate mats since they receive rough treatment and endure multiple spills. Basically, there are two types of lamination such as thermal and cold film,

Thermal process film adhered to the paper on basis of heat where cold process works on such as one side with adhesive or glued while laminating. the cost per square inch come higher but the best option for quality lamination. for better lamination product is also the part of quality printing as well as during printing job have to control powder in proper order otherwise lamination not adhered to the paper properly.

Thermal and cold lamination Uses

Large Format Print Lamination,

Brochure, catalogue, business card, presentation folder, posters and table calendars and so many business collateral materials.

Thermal Laminated Docket Folder
Thermal Laminated
Docket Folder
Cold Laminated Brochure
Cold Laminated Brochure

Thermal Matte and Gloss Lamination Machine

Thermal Matte or Gloss Lamination
Thermal Matte or Gloss Lamination


Why we do it?

Flat sheet lamination after press applied onto product to protect from printing ink, avoid oily finger, water and enhance durability etc. and give good feel and touch as entire sheet both sides adhered with film even hot or cold process various type film like matte, gloss and velvet etc. in some case if we  the sheet curl on another side due to stretch or moisture come from another side so recommendation is to laminate both sides to avoid curling.

Lamination film is basically high-pressure roll starting 300mm to 1200mm wide roll, length any size from one-sided sticky applied on the sheet oversize lamination on printed area later on trimmed out as per actual required. Hess ale free lamination required 250 gsm if we do less than this always the risk to paper, whereas there are matte, gloss, and velvet depend own as you wish.

Business Cards –  Thermal and Cold Lamination (Matte and Gloss).

What is the thickness of lamination film?

The thickness of lamination film comes in micron, usually theses lamination is used 20 micron onward up to 40 micron on real form and 120 gsm micron on sheet form.

Tharmal Lamination or Cold Lamination which one is the best?

Thermal lamination is always the best option. because of thermal lamination never remove from the object. It takes long lasting solution. Mostly qualitative product are made thermal



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