Business Card Digital Offset Printing in Munirka NCR Delhi India.

Business Card Digital Offset Printing

Basically, business card digital offset printing is done in limited quantity with an individual name with variable data, Now a day people mostly preferred the digital printing process to get it print very fast with info-graphic content.

When it comes to digital printing mean direct print info-graphics on to the business card materials. It is the best for low quantity, economical rate and high-quality printing.

It is very difficult to say either offset or digital printing is the best. Overall it depends on the project that you have to execute, even point view of time, quality, quantity, price, printability etc.

Business card digital printing is the fastest way to get print.

Where from I get to print my business card?

Just click here to get a free sample digital printed card. It doesn’t take more than an hour in working time on standard paper quality, if required a specific paper, feel and touch may get more time than usual.

Business Card Digital Printing
Business Card Digital Printing

How to Select the Best Paper for Business Card Digital and Offset Printing?

Very fast way to print because it takes no time and set up the cost. As well as screen and offset printing process.

Paper thickness 250 gsm to 300 gsm, textured, plain with the best quality easily can be print for the business card best digital printing, use of more than 300 gsm may it causes to show the paper jam in printing machine etc. Avoid high grained paper to get the best result thicker paper may result come low ink density that produces inferior quality.

To get print fastest business card printing click here

Post Press Work on a Digital printing Card

You can apply thermal gloss and matte lamination on digital printing to protect and make stronger to avoid bend business card.

Embossing and leaf printing can be done on digital printing business card to make very attractive and highlight your brand but remember blind embossing is the best on digital printing business card.

Why We Must Go for Digital Printing Business Card

  1. Instant Print Solution
  2. Variable data printing on each print
  3. Low volume business card printing
  4. No time proofing and additional cost in digital card printing

Why We Must Go for Offset Printing

  1. To get the lowest cost on high volume business card
  2. Pinpoint printing
  3. Best result on post printed work on a business card as well embossing, hot stamping etc.
  4. To maximize colour printing accuracy
  5. More Print size and Paper stuff acceptance.

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Business Card Silk Printing in Munirka Delhi NCR India

Business Card Silk Printing

Printing for a business card silk printing technique is used for the short run. Special raised Opaque Color printing and Embossing, De-Embossing work can be done with highly precise, because the basic cost is very low. Any business card stuff such as a paper card, wooden, craft, synthetic etc.

Textured or plain both can be printed easily and economically. Price is subject to quantity, area to be printed and no.of colour printing. Only one colour is printed at a time, to add more colour required more time and new screen.

To get a raised and Opaque Color Printing follows a silk printing method but there is a limitation to be raised printing point view of the area. If required a large and high embossed use embossed letter printing.


Silk Printing Business Card with Embossing
Silk Printing Business Card with Embossing

How to prepare the best artwork for silk printing business card?

To get the best result in silk printing business card use text 300 DPI or vector file, even though text should be more enough to print texture or grained paper. Keep text of the address, tel, email, web etc. use 6 or more point size and avoid cursive it became it looks sharp and legible to read it.

Use Fine Mesh to get print silk print business card

Fine Mesh for silk print business card stands for more fabric use in per square inch when ink passes through a fine mesh it gives a fine result. 140 no. Polyester fabric is the best for silk printing.

Business Card Silk Printing and post-printing works

After getting a printed card, can give the shape you required as a round corner, rectangle or any die shape you wish. using laser die to get the sharp edges. People loved to see leaf printing business card printed.

How much time does it take to screen print business card?

Screen printing is mostly done by manual from making a design to print process it takes 2-3 days, for a best quality printing result required a Negative / Positive that is costlier compared to butter (transparent paper)

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Invitation Card Silk Printing Munirka, Delhi NCR India

Invitation Card Silk Printing

Invitation Card Silk Printing is used for short run and speedy work because the basic cost comes very low. Best quality printing you can get on textured or plain paper. Standard sizes on invitation card 8 x 5 inch, 7 x 5 inch with top and side open envelope etc.

It can be customised as well as you need to see it can be print separated single colour to 3 colour or more. The basic cost of the invitation comes not more than INR 500. Silk printing invitation card priced on volume.

Invitation Card Silk Printing
Invitation Card Silk Printing

How to Select the Best Paper for Invitation Card Silk Printing?

Inks used in silk printing are 100% opaque, as well as depends on the quality of ink as PVC, Gloss and Venoshine. where gloss and venoshine ink glow and gloss ink effected as raised.

If the paper top surface is glossy use either Gloss or Venoshine result would come oriented if it is texture surface follows PVC ink is the best one. For raised letter printing ink are gloss colour it gives maximum raised and glossy looks.

Usually, for invitation card, paper thickness 300 gsm and onward is used. You may get textured, craft and plain, point view of the text, vector /illustrations to be used, must not be too small to saturate ink in grain/texture. Smoother paper made easy to saturate ink.

Custom Shape Invitation Card Printing

Firstly silk invitation card got printed  and then made a wooden die to get cut silk printed invitation card into the shaped required by you

Invitation Card Silk Printing
Invitation Card Silk Printing


Postpress Work on the Invitation Card is Done.

To see eye catchy and amazing silk invitation card get it to emboss printing, lamination, foil printing and UV coating as well as want to see it.

What does a silk printing invitation card with embossed printing?

Usually, embossed printing required a printing block

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Letterhead Silk Printing Munirka, Delhi NCR India

Letterhead Silk Printing

In the Letterhead Silk Printing, the heading at the top of a sheet of letter paper, usually consisting of a name, brand, logo, registration no., address, email, watermark branding at the centre, imprinted with such a heading called letterhead. Overall printing cost comes nominal know more for pricing  click here

Letterhead Silk Printing 3 Opaque Color
Letterhead Silk Printing 3 Opaque Color

It is also known as letter pad. Basically used as well as credit notes, quotation, invitation card, invoice, agreements, purchase orders, so on..

Corporate and government authority used as experiences and promotion or demotion certificate also. Your company’s letterhead is an important part of your paper product line and printing technique. Best letterhead silk printing depends on the various factor as given below

A screen-printed letterhead can be a handwritten or computerised letter formatting.

  1. Designing
  2. Paper Quality
  3. Ink and Concerned Chemical Quality
  4. Screen Printing Quality

How to Design a The Layout Letterhead Slik Printing?

A good letterhead silk printing can give your company a professional look and more business.

A better letterhead might be kept for a long period of time and it can remind the customer about your business over the years. Good-looking letterheads tell your customers that you are an established and renowned company. Letterhead printing can be done in several different ways as a digital and offset printing method

A text added in the letterhead must be 300 dpi for rich text. To get rich text use positive and negative film for making silkscreen printing 100% accurate even text font is very small size.

Paper Selection Letterhead Silk Printing

In this process, paper can be used textured and plain because the ink is applied by silk screen using quality wise cloth depend on font type and size to be printed.

Letterhead Silk Printing Ink Quality Used

There are three major quality ink

  1. PVC
  2. Vinosine
  3. Gloss

All these types of ink can be used any types of paper, each ink has a special quality itself to see over as PVC ink do not glow, and vinosine get reflect ink print and gloss ink leave raised ink print and shiny look.

Make screen there are many chemicals as well as nytro venzyne, a mile, reducer, varnish, medium etc. helps to print letterhead there is a various player in this chemical industries have the re-known brand as SUNGLOW, Rainbow, Kohinoor etc.

Quality of Silk Screen

Well, letterheads are seen very close to your eye while it is used, so text must be sharp, to make the best quality letterhead used a very thin fabric screen as well as 120 no.-140, where 120 -140 stand for “fabric per inch” made of nylon /polyester cloth to get very sharp text, usually smaller font size 6-9 mostly used in the letterhead.

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Letterhead Digital, Offset Printing Munirka, Delhi NCR India.

Letterhead digital offset printing enhances your brand identity, presence in the market and reinforces your marketing message. Usually, It is used for sending an official letter, invoice, quotation, experience certificate etc.

A multicolour letterhead printing with top-notch equipment produces a superior result. An element required to make the best quality letterhead digital offset printing are given below.

  1. Paper Quality
  2. Design Factor (including image and text)
  3. Print Quality etc.
  4. Printing ink and related materials

How to select paper for letterhead digital offset printing?

The letterheads standard sizes come in a letter, A4. A5 and custom size.  Paper thickness usually used between 85 gsm to 120 gsm, stronger than usual paper, hand-writable and laser printable, smooth, white or off-white is the best or full-colour printing with watermark of brand identity. Avoid texture paper recommended for letterhead printing or get very low texture paper.

Letter Digital Offset
Letter Digital Offset

Digital Printing

Letterheads are produced on top-of-the-line in digital that undergoes daily colour calibration, ensuring you receive the best possible letterhead at an unbelievable price. For small quantity in the digital printing process in final outcome in colour, accuracy may be 3-5% may be dark or light to the original.

Letterhead Offset Printing

This process is used for bulk quantity printing, there are set up cost which is high and per unit cost comes very low and colour accuracy come very close to the registered colour. This printing process is very precise printing point view of register colour and pinpoints easily to apply post-press work as well as embossing branding and UV coating on the letterhead. In this process printing color accuracy may be 1-2% light or dark.

How to do the best design for letterhead digital offset printing?


We should be taking care while designing letterhead digital offset printing process and paper quality as well as according to the paper texture design should not be very light colour ingredients and keep bleed minimum 3mm when it comes to flash cut to avoid content cut away. The high-quality images must be used in a letterhead to get the best letterhead printing result before manipulation of the images, check it should be on 300 dpi to get the best.

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Invitation Card Digital, Offset Printing Munirka, Delhi NCR India.


Invitation Card Digital Offset Printing

Invitation cards digital offset printing is usually made at the time of opening new organization, shifting business to a new location, new product launch, on any special activities or doing something new as kinds of a birthday party, festival, organize an event the like that.

People get to print the map on the back side of invitation card also as it helps easy to reach in time at a location to the invitation card recipient.

click here to get the best invitation card digital offset printing.



Invitation Card Digital offset Printing

Standard Sizes of Invitation Card

Usually,  envelopes are made in the size 7”x5”, 8″x5” in single leaf and 7″x10″ (fold to 7″x5″), 8″x10″(fold to 8″x5″) The printing can be done one single side as well as both side printing if required. It can be customized in the size you wish easily point view of costing comes higher compared to standard size.

How to Design Eye-Catchy and Memorable Invitation Card Digital Offset Printing?

For full coloured invitation card printing, there are two main methods as digital printing offset and screen printing.  Colours are used in the form of inks, toner, and cartridge. All Methods of printing are different from each other. Each printing has its own specialities.  Two make more attractive invitation card people get to print leaf printing also some part of it as if the brand name, company name, date etc.

  1. Keep images 300 resolution
  2. Maintain bleed are minimum 3 mm to get flash cut (end-to-end colour print)
  3. Colour gradient according to paper quality point view of paper as per plain, coated, uncoated, grained etc.
Digital offset Invitation Card Printing
Invitation Card Digital Offset Printing

Un-Matched Invitation Card Printing

Papers required just thicker cardboard as 300gsm and above, best printing invitation card for digital printing smoother paper is the best one, want to look grainy paper done after printing.

Content is just more use open standard size 11″x8.5″ and fold to 5.5″x8.5″ is the best one

Eye catchy or memorable invitation card required to do, more application as well as lamination, UV coating, Embossing, hot stamping application are the best that looks very eye catchy look.

Sometimes it comes to color registration follow offset printing to get same/closer color acceptance.


How much time does it take to get a print invitation card?

Usually, it takes a little time in printing, mostly time takes while designing and developing works. usually, it takes a not more than 3-4 days. it depends on post-press work also as well as lamination, UV and hot stamping work.


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Laser Cutting in Munirka, Laser Cutter in Munirka, Delhi NCR India.

Laser Cutting

To get the accurate cutting stuff method used is laser cut, The laser cutting machines can be cut to any object thickness up to 2-3 inch in the depth and more as well as depends hardness of stuff applying more density of laser beam materials is cut either burn out, melt or vaporized and get it very accurate cut. Laser cutting machines come in a different laser beam for different made of material like metal, foam, plastic, wooden etc.

Laser Cut Product

Wedding Card, Acrylic Name Plate, Sun Board, Clipon LED Board, Trophy, Medals, Sign Board, MDF Box, Metal Letter for Making Signage Etc.

This process is mostly used in signage industries.

How did it work?

Basically, laser cutting machines are attached to the computer with support software as auto-cad, Corel draw when it is applied on the object, with the help of moving the attachment that mark only required area.

The advantage of laser engraving

  1. Low cost of manpower
  2. Accuracy maximum
  3. Minimum wastage (scrape)
  4. More depth cutting maximum 12″ on steel
  5. Low time consumption



metal laser cutting machines
metal laser cutting machines


Density depends on the quality of the material to be cut stuff as well as metal, wood, plastic, and foam etc. This laser beam is very little thickness. It’s cutting procedure is used in industrial and commercial used machines used called CNC machines. Now laser cutting and marking are commonly used in Making a Sign Board, Name Plate, Wedding Card, Exclusive Wedding Card, Invitation Card, POS Materials, Packaging Box of Wooden, Card Board, Sun Board, Sun pack etc.

Laser Cutting Wedding Card
Laser Cutting Wedding Card

Future of laser cutting

Previously, the invention of laser cutting was used to do saw that cutting edge was wider than laser, after getting the cut object with more tolerance but in laser come out (+-) 0.5% etc.

To get a free sample of laser cutting click here

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Clipon LED Board Maker In Munirka Delhi NCR India.

Clipon LED Board

To make slim, smart, eye-catchy clipon LED Board everything room decoration like that, stuff now technologies have been the advanced point of view lighting, space, fabrication has been advanced.

The standard size of clip-on led board A4, 1 ft x 1.5 ft. 2’x3′ these boards are made of led light and precise aluminium fabrication, as well as the laser cutting to get sharp.

Usually, used in the showroom, dining room, conference room and much indoor advertising area.

It has been a passion to see things smart and slim even that is living or nonliving when it comes to lighting board.

How a Clip-on LED Board is Made?

1. The maximum thickness of the clip-on LED board comes 10 mm, including complete lighting, frame with section board

2. inside 0.50 mm clear sheet, 5 mm thickness acrylic light spreading and 300 gsm trans light sheet comes with digital printing you can arrange the board looks like very smart and equivalent lighting inside Led circuit light is used that is very slim and high light.

3. To make smarter used nut and screw can be made powder coating, as well as colour accuracy, maximized for cutting machine laser power coated. To fabricate frame and making hole used aluminium as frame black and

These Clipon LED board used a photo frame in the house

How Long it Take Time to Replace a Photo in Clipon LED Board?

It is very easy to replace image time to time as used in promotion in season poster including discount, any offer, new coming product etc. just open clipon upside, remove printed slide and insert a new slide and close down clipon it takes total within 5 minute to change it.





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Things to remember while placing order online printing order.

Designing and printing industries now became very easy in the internet world. keeping some basic information.

  1. How old company you are going to get service from.
  2. Deep information about product you required
  3. How many reviews from google
  4. Persence in social media
  5. Company staff size
  6. Company work profile
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Trophy, Mementoes and Medals Maker in Munirka NCR India

Trophy, Mementoes and Medals

Trophy, Mementoes, Medals are given to the person who achieved the best performance, participated, winner in particular subject or field, best performance, winner of the match like that. Either it may be individual or group it remembers old memories. Basically it is a encouragement of participant

  1. Gold Medals
  2. Silver Metals
  3. Bronze Medal

Technologies have been advanced can be made on 3D on the materials like crystal inside the acrylic using laser rays.

What stuff made of Mementoes, Trophy and Medals?

Usually made of glass, wood, acrylic, crystal, brass, stainless steel, plastic silver and gold look plastic sheet, some trophy is ready made to use having advertisement space are keep blank can be made within time with the help of inkjet printer, golden and silver adhesive sheets using it.

Usually, acrylics available for making momentoes materials are available in the thickness of 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm 18 mm and up to 25mm clear that can be engraved or you can paste a sticker on it.

There are various types of toffee awarded in the sport as well as in football, hockey, karate, cricket, badminton etc.

How many days does it take to a customised trophy?

There is no specific time, it depends on the project, some of the acrylic made product may get 2-3 days, metals may take 5-7 days with brandings. Even though semi-ready made the product take it 1-2 days with brandings UV Print, Laser Engraving, Digital Print Etc.

 Live Memories

These Trophy, Mementoes and Medal keep alive whenever we keep in front and encourage to our duty and do more action.

Printing Process by laser engraving, laser printing, 3D printing and laser cutting.

Acralic Engraving
Acrylic Engraving

Instant Printing on Momentoes, Medals, Trophy

Instant Print on Medals is made through sublimation print process trophy, memontoes and medals golden or silver is made digital print on transparency reverse on it and sublimation print then it is pasted on to adhesive sheet and adhered onto required surface area.

Click here to get a free sample of Trophy, Momentoes and Medals.

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