Embossed Printing in Munirka, New Delhi NCR India

Embossed Letter Printing

Embossing means something raised from the surface label when we touch and feel it, in this process letters or image come out after getting it embossed and developed,  Point view of quality earlier it was used to do compared to now a day very poor and got a long time to complete it. But as of now modern technologies for utmost quality with CNC machinery produce the best quality die cost and embossed finish letter with 99.99% accuracy look the way you wish. Give a nice look embossed letter printing in visiting card, letterhead, invitation card, certificate etc.

Latest Technology

There are two types of the embossing process

1. Quality of ink with heat printing method as crystal UV

2. Through male and female metal die pressure

embossed letter printing
Crystal UV Embossed Card


Crystal UV Embossed CardFollowing option no.1: Front embossed, and backside remain, technically when a liquid chemical applied on stuff front side (targeted objected) and come on contact with heat, then chemical raised upside and the product became ready looks good and embossed.

Die Embossed Card
Die Embossed Card

Option no. 2. Embossing letter printing through male and female metal dies pressure, these dies are made of brass, zinc or aluminium in this embossing process required male and female for each object you required to emboss, first of all, make two computerized metal raised-die and de-raised-die, and keep an object between the male and female die and pressurized upside then front side embossed and back side became de-embossed. You could have been seen very lovable invitation card you that memories again and again

When we touch and feel it give very imaging feelings as like logo or brand image, logic behind it is the area we want to Emboss printed area or blind made a (zink or brass) metal die set of male (raised) and female (de raised) according to stuff thickness as per embossing height depends on stuff thickness people make inexpensive materials to high light their brand. Whenever printed paper come into contact between the male and female die and pressed then produced embossed letter printing.

Old Method

Earlier it was done embossing letter printing through specific powder and a heat process. In some cause it happens powder adhered to the embossed stuff, quality comes very worse secondly if stuff is not resistant when heats on stuff color turn to yellowish and curled. the other option metal die was prepared by hard acid output accuracy reduced 7-10%. As passing time technology has been changed the quality of embossing have been the computerized effect is quality improved and time saved.

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