Advertising on Sun Board in Munirka Delhi NCR India

 Advertising on Sun Board

In the modern world, all of us are aware of a display Advertising on Sun Board.

A major portion of inside a Public Place, Corporate Office, Showroom and Hospitals etc. covered with small to large Sun Board Display in the way of Cutout Sun Board, Wall Branding, Face Cut-Outs and POS Materials etc. printed on Direct UV print on Sun Board, Vinyl Print and Paste on Sun Board etc

Do you know what kinds of stuff, a Sun Board is made of?

A Sun Board is made of in 3 layers as both side with white color high coated paper and inside polypropylene with a plain surface.

It is very light stuff and easy to paste and print smoothly. A clay coated surface made easy to paste vinyl and direct print on it with error less. so no chance to damage the printing machine head.

Direct UV print on Sun Board, as well as custom big size up to 6’x8′ single pc and any type of shape, required.

This Direct Print Sun Board is cut through the automated machine, as well as Sun Board Designed artwork perfectly.

UV Print & Automated Cut Sun Board Advertising is a long-lasting Solutions.

Where we can advertise on a Sun Board?

1. POS Materials

2. Cut Outs

Wall Branding
Wall Branding

3. Wall Branding

4. Notice Board

Advertising on sun board is done in the way of Dangler, Cutout, Notice Board, Nameplate, Indoor Branding onto the wall in companies. You can see on large-scale branding through this medium advertisement such as in the hospital, educational institution and hotels etc.

Due to the light weight of this stuff easily can be paste onto the wall. Basically, it’s a rigid form with a thickness of 2-10 mm thickness sheet both sides highly coated clay white colour.

Availability of Sun Board Sheet

4’x8′, 6’x4, 4’x10’are standard sizes, having thickness 2mm to 10mm range. It is easy to print the entire sheet on 8’x8′ on flat bed UV printing machine at a time later on it is cut into required sizes easily.

Advertising on Sun Board & Print Process

The several types of advertising on sun board method as

  1. Direct UV Printing on Sun Board
  2. Solvent Print Vinyl & Paste on to Sun Board

Making a color combination of sun board accordingly concept of corporate brand can be applied on wall surface where have to placed sun board easily as per respective available space in various location.

Examples such as metro station, railways stations etc.

Usually, it’s used highly in indoor branding. It’s come very lightweight easy to branding onto the wall.

Direct printing on sun board can be done easily on Flatbed UV Printer.

Eco-solvent print on vinyl and mount on Sun Board.

Required thickness for shape cut out Sun Board minimum 5 mm for sturdy and strong cutout stand.

Advertise on Sun Board from vinyl printing to pasting process.

Vinyl Print On Sun board
Vinyl Print On Sun board
  1. A sun board is digitally printed on vinyl 80 gsm weight white base with back an adhesive sheet by large format inkjet printer, in the form of a roll. it may be print multiple pcs in a single print.
  2. Laminated as per required matte or glossy look and touch
  3. Printed lamination sheet is pasted onto required thickness sun board (2-10 mm)

Make sure before lamination printed vinyl sheet should be dust free, it may cause to produce bubble or get avoid pasting. That help to peel out vinyl easily.

How a vinyl is pasted on Sun Board?

A vinyl is laminated and pasted on sun board through machine with equivalent pressure that make better accuracy. A vinyl sun board laminated with machine make it bubble free.

For large format lamination 110 micron film is used. these lamination is don on cold process, one sided.

Vinyl Pasting Machine
Vinyl Pasting Machine

Direct UV Print Process on Sun Board


  1. Whole 4’x8′ sun board sheet fixed on a flatbed UV Printing  Machines firmly
  2. Data to be printed is directly send to print on direct UV Printing Machine
  3. If you want, you can laminate matte or gloss, basically no required lamination on Direct UV Print on Board, point view of print damage and fade
  4. You can cut it into the required sizes after all print and finish
  5. Laminated sun board make it waterproof and multiple washable.

Per square fit rate of Direct UV Print, Sun Board comes lower than vinyl print on sun board

Errorless sun board print process is the Direct UV Printing on Sun Board.

Cutting Process of a Sun Board

A sun board can be cut manual by a cutter. required highly precise used me method is laser and this process a command is sent to directly computer to automated cutting machine

A. Laser Cutting

It’s a very accurate cutting method no chance cutting error but it leaves a little mark of smoke on edges as sun board burns out. no chance to bend or zigzag shape sun board.

B. Router Cutting

Highly precise cutting, no marking, cutting on demand. Any shape & size can be cut up to 10 mm thickness with zero % error.


Which one is the Best Advertise on Eco-Solvent Vinyl Print or Direct UV Print Sun Board?

Both options are used for indoor branding.

First of all Sun Board Designing is the basic factor even for Direct UV Print or Vinyl Print

Sometimes it happens that an eco-solvent vinyl print releases from the sun board due to unadaptable atmosphere temperature or regular dusting on it.

Direct print on sun board misses out the print in the cause of uneven surface of sun board because the sun board is not too hard to press out some times it happens due to press it became uneven.

Both sun board printing methods are environment-friendly

How to a sun board is installed on to the wall?

Installation depends on the size if it is small and lightweight can be installed with the help of strength double-sided tape.

Heavy thickness and large size sun board branding is done with the help nail and sun board. various product of advertisement purpose.

How much a Sun Board Price per square fit?

Basically, per square fit cost comes with printing comes lamination, cutout etc.

There are several options of Printing Solvent Print, eco-solvent and Direct UV Print on Sun Board, Each method has unique quality itself and price per square fit different

Overall starting per square foot cost Rs. 70 Onward applied price depending on thickness, print quality and work volume etc.

How it is made a Branding on the indoor wall through Advertise on Sun Board?

A sun board is passed through double-sided tape or with the help of a nail. If it is smaller size can hold onto tape even 2-10 mm thickness

How to keep on the stand firmly, a Sun Board Cut Out?

Here are various types of the stand available to keep a Sun Board Cut Out Stand. The Cut Out Sun Board is supported from backside with an iron stand to hold it firmly.

Supporting stands depends on the sun board sizes if sun board cut out is smaller you don’t need to make a metal stand.

You have seen a sun board standing out side showroom, hotels height may be 5-6 fit in height, you need to stand proper metal locking systems.

What kinds of a file format can be print on sun board?

Usually, any kinds of file format can be printed on sun board make sure if you required to get Sun Board Cut Out you need to Create Out Line even that is text or image for Auto Cut Process.


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