Content Marketer In Munirka NCR Delhi India

Content marketer roll is very important in digital marketing. While we are planning marketing to sell a product like making a brochure, catalogue, flyer newsletter, flyer and POS material that attracts more prospects.

It is a strategy of marketing to attract your customers to show your product case and service to the customer through text, image, videos, audios etc.

To show off your product to the prospect to understands it and know your product and turn into profit way even website, social media or landing pages. it is a content marketing. in place of content marking, used it traditional we use to punch to our prospects.

It is said, “content is the king“Everyone has the tendency to get free something as well as get 2 pay for 1 and delivery at your doorstep free of cost.

Great content is the marketing wealth. while making content you are providing services if you add to get 1 free on purchase of 2 pc that attracts to your customer he/she tries to understand what is this then it carries to your landing page where the various product is over there

it may be clients purchase there these kinds of the technique is called content marketing main thing how to take prospect into the landing page it can be through videos, text or infographics.


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Exhibition Materials

Exhibition Materials

Standee printing
Standee printing

While we are making a plan to participate in the exhibition or any event, where various business competitive players gathered to show off their brand, products and services. It required in huge quantity and various types of advertisement materials

“More Exhibition, More Crowd, More Business”

“exhibition means more business”. So your company’s presentation must be “Eye Catchy”. Keep it in mind to make your successful event required a various types of advertisement material such as backdrop, side panel banner, business card, brochure, catalogue, flyer, promotional pen, Tent card, notepad, catalog, standee, sun board, face cutout, poster, large format print, billboard, poster, Advertising on sun board banner, identity card, lanyard, carry bag and many more items for distribution in exhibition center.

Even it may be different kinds of media where i have to fix as well as advertisement material accordingly we have space even backdrop is made of cloth or plastic fibre we have complete solutions even indoor or outdoor promotion. It required some 2-3 day before event going on with relevant supporting materials before start events. We cover all major exhibition and event happen in India to provide exhibition materials. as well as World Book Fair, Aahaar, trade India fair, print pack, each and every item related in the exhibition we provide at the destination.

Half Fold Brochure
Half Fold Brochure
Solvent printing Machine
Solvent printing Machine
pen printing
Pen Printing in Munirka, Delhi NCR India Promotional Pen, Metal Pen, Gifting Pen
Flyer Printing Munirka
Flyer Printing in Munirka, Pamphlet Printing, Flyer Printing
Flex banner printing in Munirka
Flex Banner Printer, Eco solvent Banner printer, Laminated Banner Printer
Advertising on sun board
Advertising on sun board
Notepad printing
Promotional Notepad Printing in Munirka
Wiro Note Pad
Wiro Bound Note Pad


Fabrications are done according to layout provided by event organizers side panel, backdrop material adhesive or non-adhesive vinyl for exhibition materials.

Cloth Backdrop

As well as restriction of flex media advertising company are converting to the polyester material printing wide up to 8 fit and lenght

These are basic requirement for events while making we have a various types of standee, moving display banner,  even quality as per your requirement to full fill your requirement

Print quality we do provide solvent, eco-solvent, and UV printing services these all printing process are environment-friendly as well as the demand of now a day

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Flyer Printing in Munirka, Delhi NCR India

Flyer Printing

Flyer Printing is a cheap and best advertising medium. Flyers used for commercial, political and non-commercial advertisement. Usually, it’s a single leaf and standard sizes come A4, A5 or custom size.

It is printed on single or both sides depending on content with an advertising message and contact details. It’s also known as well as a Handbill, Leaflet, Handout, Pamphlet and Newspaper Inserts etc.

Flyers are often distributed Hand on Hand or inserted in Newspaper advertising in bulk quantity and as handbills given to customers by local retailers.

They often accompany a formal letter to expand the information in the letter. For the local retailer, flyers offer market coverage at low cost with little waste and good flexibility. However, flyers have a high throwaway rate. Except for flyer, other promotional advertisements material goes high rate such product materials costly per unit price.

Flyer Printing Design and Papers Selection

Eye catchy design and better content with info-graphic flyer can grab more customers. While we are making attractive design depends, how much quality image and content we have and manipulated in it, as well as required for best quality flyer printing content and image in 300 DPI where DPI refers to Dot Per Inch. Point view of cost, the paper factor is very important to make flyer more economical because overall 80% cost comes on only papers. You can adjust it according to your budget. Usually, flyer printing paper used 75 gsm paper onward, when it comes to participate exhibition or events abroad we must select paper for flyer printing not more than 90 gsm easy to logistic, for economical flyer printing we have option to optimise LWC and HWC paper, multicolor flyer printing on coated or non-coated can be done in the best quality. if you are thinking to make the flyer in a single color and very cost effective you may choose non coated multi colour paper such as yellow, pink, green and blue in 60 gsm also. You want to advertise high quality promotional material you may click here 

Digital and Offset Print:

Print flyer is get done print through digital or offset printing in multi-color or the single color.  We required in low number flyer, click digital flyer printing as there is no setup charge in this process, ultimately per flyer cost comes low. Besides it long quantity we must go through offset printing. If you a small-scale industries easy way to capture your prospective in a nearby area people gather or see each other through handouts. Companies used flyers to increase sale and politicians also used to share their information with their audience in which details of product\information are printed with company info, product, service details etc. It’s very easy way to reach & scatter information to the newly opened company or new product launched, distribution is done through newspaper, magazines, individual, flyers are very cost effective and handy to handle and printed single side or both side according to content.

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