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Silk Printing Envelope

Silk Printing envelope is usually used in small, medium and big size company. For posting of a business proposal letter, quotation, cheques, invoice and any such small types of document etc. It is imprinted with the company name, address, brand, email and web address etc.

10″x12″ and 10″x4.5″ envelope is very fast consuming envelopes. It usually used in each and every business documentation.

Silk Printing Envelope
Silk Printing Envelope


Silk Printing Envelope

Some irregular size is 10″x14″, 12″x18” and 16″x20″ etc. less used because of the basic cost of silk printing come very economically.

Avoid digital Offset Printing Envelope when required low volume envelope

Usually, these envelopes are ready-made in various colour (white, off-white, textured un-coated and coated), in a packet of 250 each.

Silk Printing Envelope in 3 color
Silk Printing Envelope in 3 color

Special envelope in custom paper and size you required to expend more money to make the die and basic making charges extra.

How to Choose the Best Quality Silk Printing Envelope?

Whenever you are customizing envelope it should be remembered that the paper must not be thicker than 170 gsm. During Creasing, envelopes edge being cracked, and not less than 100 gsm creasing became uneffective envelopes not come accurate size etc.

How to Prepare the Best Artwork to Silk Printing Envelope?

In the silk printing, Only opaque colour can be printed at a time, so it needs to keep in font size between 7-10 points, avoid cursive and very thin, however, size of headings like the name of the company and other title words can be put in 12pt or above.

It would be better not to keep front size exceed prescribed size otherwise it became hauling type and cost goes over as in screen printing cost depends on the basis of colour, size area to be print and quantity etc..

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