Portable Backdrop Stand

Portable Backdrop Stand

Used behind the covering entire the stage, with full coverage the printed overall story behind the event called backdrop. The portable backdrop stand makes the fast and hassle-free installation. It takes a little time to install.

Usually. used in the auditorium hall, seminar, open ground, collage festival, student cultural programme celebration, exhibition, wedding ceremony.

Content is printed on roll form media and it is customized according to fold-able backdrop, adjustable up to 8’x8′ minimum 4’x4′ printed, printing, normally used for birthday, kitty party, quality solvent print, UV print for best quality backdrop stand order execution within 24 hrs.

Portable Back Drop
Portable Back Drop

Backdrop birthday or event. It tells us detail about the event is going on sometimes it happens that made a plan in urgently so it gets more time to arrange as well a fabricating print and hardware so very easy to keep ready-made backdrop stand.

Another way to make the temporary backdrop through ms pipe fabrication any size it takes a lot of time and money

Portable Backdrop Stand

While planning a business exhibition event we make a temporary backdrop that is made of flex and MS pipe fabrication as well as required size.

Once upon a time I got a work order from high profile community and was given time to finish within 5 minutes to install the backdrop with no supporting and no digging and interview was scheduled to finish within 35 minutes live screening and completely it was finished to a within 5 minutes from that area.

I remembered how I did it, with the excellent presentation, easy to install and remove the technique process through ready-made backdrop stand. sometimes you are organizing an event in the open air for safety you must use mesh banner as easy to pass air pressure to hold banner proper during the seminar.

Portable Backdrop Weight And Stability

These portable backdrops are high-quality powder coating stuff no chance to get rust and can be used multi times.

Re-Sizable  Backdrop

These backdrops are so userfriendly that can be adjusted as per our requirement from 4.5ftx4.5ft to 8ft x 8ft, within 10 minute

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